As usual, sorry for the bad translation.

-We've seen a special warm-up with the physios before the game. Would you say you're okay?

R: Yeah, honestly I'm fine. Except that hit with Brandon Roy in the last game, which made  some 

damage in my knee and pubis, I can say I'm fine. I felt some pain but not anymore. I am well 

and very comfortable in this team.

-McMillan said that you (the Blazers) are lacking consistency. Although it is still early into the 

season, it´s true that you look a little irregular, right?

R: Yes, it's early, but in this league, every game is important and especially if we want to 

achieve our goals. What coach says is true. We're not consistent. We have very good 

moments during games, but after a while we let them go. It happened against Utah, Denver, 

Oklahoma and today against New Jersey. We must learn from what´s happening to us to 

succeed. And we, these who are here, have to do it. Because there´s no day we do not have a 


- I guess you mean to injuries. No one can speak about Portland without a mention to them. 

And above all, Oden´s injury. How does this affect you?

R: It's been a hard blow. Because besides being a good player, Oden is a great person. He has helped me a 

lot in my time here. There has been nothing but bad luck. It is clear that it hurts him and hurts 

the team. He is someone who could give us a lot. He is having a bad time. And we have been 

affected, the dynamics we had. I do not want this to sound like an excuse because it is not. 

We here have to pull this off.

- But Brandon Roy is also injured.

R: Brandon has some knee problems, but physically he looks fine. He can not play the time he 

would like or what he played before, and the coaching staff handles these minutes.

- How do those minutes affect you?

R: Well, it is supossed to be good for me because there are more minutes available. But the 

best thing is to have Brandon hundred percent ready. When he is on the court he guarantees 

both good play and good results for us.

- You looked good for three consecutive games (Lakers, Pistons, Thunder). Then not so much. 

Ups and downs and it shows in your minutes. On what does it depend that we see the more 

desirable version of you?

R: It depends on  my play, whether I´m doing well or not. If I have a successful start is easier for 

me to continue on the court. And if I fail it´s a lot harder. It is the role I have. Of an outside 

player and I have to basically exploit that. I take the minutes that I have and if I have the luck 

to be successful I will be more on court. And if I do not, then another player will enter.

- When you´re passing the ball you look much better, and this year you have had 

brilliant passes. And your team looks better too. Do you feel that too?

R: Yes, I like it a lot. In Spain I was also recognized as a passer. It's something that makes me feel 

at ease. Being able to have the ball in my hands, and move the game is something I can do. I 

do not like to label myself as a shooter. Yes, it's what I do. But because I fulfill the role that I 

have. I also like to pass the ball or go straight to the basket.

- The latter is what Matthews does, and it explains his role and minutes. But, for example, why 

Cunningham? Why does he come into the court before you in that rotation?

R: I do not know.

- What does McMillan like about you?

R: I think my attitude. My positive attitude. I'm helping the team as much as possible, either 

from the bench or on the court. I have improved my communication with my teammates a 


- Because this team deserves it.

R: Yes, very much. The atmosphere is fantastic. I have been lucky enough to come to a team like 

this one. I recognize that the first year the presence of Sergio helped me a lot, but then I have 

learned to live without him as well. My best friend here is Patrick Mills, from Australia. I have 

a very special  'feeling' with him. But in this team we all try to help each other.

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