Mind Left Body Junk - Third Evening of November 2010

So let's turn this junk up a notch.

word of the day: impeccant

The daily Junk Drawer (JD) fanpost is the place for true off-topic conversation and people's random thoughts. It's a place for people to come and chat about all of the "whatevers" that didn't fit with the rest of the site and even be loose in terms of byplay and humor.. with a goal to foster let people who wanted to get to know each other outside of what they could discern from the strictly basketball posts.  We've had happy JD's, sad ones, drawers that looked like a sharing circle, drawers that resembled open mic night at the comedy club... and people have really become a family here.

So if you have a one-off thought, consider posting it here. Everyone else is doing the same, so you will find the JD an eclectic place where you might read something interesting, pointless, profound, or just funny within a few moments. The rules about importance and significance of the topic are suspended in each JD but keep some of these basic rules in mind:

  1. Be mindful that every image posted slows down the JD, so use discretion in how many you post (you can also link to images you want to share so that they will not overwhelm the JD). When you do post images, put something in the subject line of the comment so that the image can be minimized.
  2. Ad hominem attacks and swearing will never be tolerated
  3. Remember everything you write is visible publicly 
  4. Don't use the JD call out or talk about users from other BEdge threads.

As you try and navigate through the junk drawer, remember that you can use 'Z' on your keypad to mark a comment as read and move to the next one and hitting shift-A will mark all comments as read.

People everywhere just love jumping to conclusions; it seems like the thing that people do best. Whether it is about a player and concluding that they are going to be a bust or a star based on a small sample size, or they just assume the worst of people based on incomplete information. When it happens to you, even in the context of jokes, it makes you wonder about why people are so quick to judge others. Makes you look harder at how quickly you jump to conclusions and judge others. Or, at least, I think that it should.

Maybe there is a evolutionary selected trait of prejudice, but it represents one of our worse base instincts. I suppose some decision made fast is better than no decision made, but this just sounds like an excuse to make bad decisions. And making bad decisions about how you choose to treat another person is just disappointing in all regards

Speaking of bad decisions, how many people will wake up regretting a decision they made on election night? Ever wake up regretting a bad decision that you made in some far more personal arena? Ever regret jumping to conclusions about something or someone that you found out you were wrong about?

Finally, did you know that 'ad hominem' generally doesn't refer to a type of an attack, but a logical fallacy where one brings a characteristic of the author or speaker of the claim into a argument about the merits of the claim. Put that in yore pipe and smoke it!

1,182,412 >3∞

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