Two years ago...

...I honestly had myself believing that this team was destined to win a string of championships.   Portland was on the precipice of joining a club that only one, maybe two, franchises can join every decade.  Their names were about to be entwinded with the likes of the late 90's Yankees, the early 00's Lakers/Patriots, and of course the early 90's Buffalo Bills.

Columnists, bloggers, and reporters were going to write stories of how Portland was ruining the NBA.  No collection of talent should ever be allowed to wear the same jersey on the same court on the same night.  Remember that talent?

Brandon Roy - Unarguably the 3rd best player in the NBA behind only Lebron and Kobe.  Mr. Clutch could do no wrong.

LaMarcus Aldridge - A super talented big man who was about to add agressivness and power to his jaw dropping finesse game.

Greg Oden - Was he going to take the crown from Dwight Howard as best big man in the NBA?  Who knows?  That was the question on everyones mind at this point though and boy was it fun pondering such thoughts.

Jerryd Bayless - PGotF?

Nic Batum - Do we have our Bruce Bowen?  Our Teyshawn Prince?  Possibly Brandon Roys Scottie Pippen?

Travis Outlaw - Wasn't it fun watching a few columnists pick this guy as 6th man of the year?

Martell Webster - One of the last high school lottery picks who had tons of upside?!  

Rudy Fernandez - Does anyone else remember how high we were on this guy?  Does anyone else remember how fun it was to root for him?

Kevin Pritchard - Was Kevin McHale, Bill Polian, Scott Piolli, Theo Epstine etc...worthy to even look this guy in the eyes?  When in the same room as KP, was it important to keep their head lower than that of KP's at all times?

Paul Allen - One of the richest owners in pro sports who also had the reputation for overspending on his franchise.


2008 seems like such a long time ago doesn't it?


I am typing this post as my last one on Blazers Edge.  It acts as a resignation of sorts.  Admittedly, I have been a bandwagon fan the entire time I've followed this franchise and it looks like this is my stop.  Unfortunately I thrive on jumping on bandwagons before the national media does and the temptation of Minnesota's ride looks too good to pass up.  Here's to a championship (or string of championships) in the next 5 years. My time spent here on Blazers Edge has been very enjoyable and I've grown to love the Portland fanbase for a variety of reasons.  I just can't love a team who's window is getting padlocked shut for the next five years.  It's too painful.  The benefits to being a bandwagon fan are fantastic so to that end I say join me, join me at  

I will be taking questions after the jump...

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