Oden legacy


In my belief, it has been increasingly hard to keep following the Portland Trailblazers. The soured expectations of this team year after year have become more than difficult to defend. However, I struggle on!


Arguments over Brandon Roy and Greg Oden's health have been around since they entered the NBA. The Blazers got who they wanted at the time. Risk and reward play a big factor in the draft! We got the best players in the drafts of 06 and 07. Yes, Kevin Durant is the man right now, but he was at the time another great player in that draft.

Listen, life happens! Only a few people have been able to predict events in the future. Yes, you can try to justify your correct POV eternally. But, the fact remains that we are outsider's looking in through a jeweler's loop. My friend say's that you always take the offensive talent over the defensive talent. I can agree with his POV! I can also state that defense creates more opportunity.

Do you get a player based on positional need, or do you go after the best offensive player? I believe that it is always best to cover your core needs first and then take on more talent to deepen the team.

See, Durant would have made this team deeper at the wing positions. Oden was drafted because we needed a dominant big man. He proved he could be that guy for us already. He just has to battle the injuries like most all other bigs in the league. They get hurt and that is a fact!

My friend and I, are both very athletic people. We both excel in sports. He is an offensive minded player, and I am a defensive minded player. He can score in bunches with a shot as ice cold as Kobe! I on the other hand am usually just ice cold in the shooting department. He has a knack for offense and takes over the game until he runs into a good defender, me! While, I can not completely shut him down. I slow him down enough to take his best asset away from him, his shooting! He wants to be the MAN! I want to take care of my men! We are both winners in that we prepare to be at our best when it counts!

Oden vs Durant is just silly, and has brought negativity to this organization. These guys are friends and only want the best for each other. Durant is bothered that Oden is hurt right now!

Also, people say that he does not deserve all that money. Let me ask you this...

If you buy a lottery ticket and win 19 million dollars, do you deserve all that money?

Oden has put in work to get where he is now, in the NBA. He earned that money from his employer based on his resume up to that point. Also, the player is insured if things happen in the future like what we are seeing now, So the organization can take chances on player development and still have the flexibility financially to deal with roadblocks.

Be it no surprise that teams are already after Oden. He is a game changer as is Durant!

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