Trade Drawer(November 20th)

   I'm sure like myself everybody has some trades in their mind that have been brewing since Roys and Odens knees have scared the crap out of Trailblazer nation. Whether trading Roy and/or Oden is your solution or the expiring contracts of Andre and Joel, everybody has a trade that they feel can help this team.

    Personally, if the goal is to win a championship now we better start dealing. Nobody is satisfied as a Trailblazers fan to see them just make the playoffs anymore. Which they shouldn't be, because the only thing that matters in the NBA is who wins the championship. Being number 2-30 means nothing. If we are not competing for a championship, then even if it will suck for fans to have their best player traded, we must make this roster the best it can be to not just compete but win against the Lakers, Heat, Magic, and Celtics.

   My trade is one of those trades people will hate to give up the players from our side, but it will lead to a championship much quicker.

   My trade idea is:


Trades: Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, Joel Pryzbilla, 2011 2nd, New Orleans 1st

Recieves: Andre Igoudala, Danny Granger, Marc Gasol

Why: We are trading an injured yet still solid Roy and a crippled Oden along with two fairly solid picks and Joel Pryzbilla for our center of the future(Gasol) to fight his brother and please spanish teammate Rudy Fernandez, starting 2 guard(Igoudala) reunited with former PG, and either starting 3 or 6th man(Granger) sharp shooter. Roy and Oden are probably most fans favorite players but the new lineup and consistent blowouts would soon ease the pain. Plus next year both Marcus Camby and Andre Miller will have expiring contracts to work with for another trade(s). Also this team becomes far more athletic and skilled. 


Trades:Danny Granger, Brandon Rush

Recieves: Zach Randolph

Why: Their starting PF is Josh McRoberts. Yes, that former Trailblazer who was the 15th guy. With Randolph next to Hibbert the pacers become a much better rebounding team and improve the starting 5 while  increasing their chance at the playoffs. If it doesn't work out at least they dumped a big contract for Randolphs expiring one.


Trades:Thaddeus Young, Andre Igoudala

Recieves:Brandon Rush, Greg Oden, New Orleans 1st

Why: Thaddeus Young has proven he is one dimensional and Igoudala has requested a trade to a winning team. Igoudala is also playing very poorly this year when he was widely expected to have a breakout year. Getting a restricted free agent in Oden, 1st round pick, young guy(Thaddeus), and cap relief is more then they should expect for 2 players having a down year. 


Trades:Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol

Recieves:Brandon Roy, Thaddeus Young, Joel Pryzbilla

Why: Zach Randolph will be a free agent and Marc Gasol is limiting Hasheem Thabeet's minutes to develop. They recieve a star needed go-to player in Brandon Roy and strengthen their extremely weak bench by adding Joel Pryzbilla and Thaddeus Young.

  Portlands lineup after this blockbuster trade:

PG- Andre/Matthews(may start at 2)

SG- Igoudala(may be 6th man)/Fernandez

SF- Batum/Granger(may start over Batum)

PF- Aldridge/Cunningham

C- Gasol/Camby

Compared to:

PG- Andre/Johnson

SG- Matthews/Roy(when injured)

SF- Batum/Fernandez

PF-  Aldridge/Cunningham

C- Camby/Pryzbilla

Share your thoughts and all the trades you've been brewing up below. Thanks-philthebballplayer

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