12. Could Be Worse: The View from Memphis


Timlogo-be_mediumSnips and clips from the Grizzlies camp, plus:

  • World Series of Poker
  • The Brandon Roy Contract Revisited
  • Iverson Update
  • Haiku Game Review
  • Fried Rice
  • Blazers/Grizzlies Recap
  • Popcorn Machine + TBJ



Memphis Grizzlies can't hang on, lose to Portland, 100-99

Associated Press report in the Memphis Commercial Appeal

Wesley Matthews, subbing for injured guard Brandon Roy, scored a career-high 30 points and the Portland Trail Blazers beat the Memphis Grizzlies, 100-99, Tuesday night at FedExForum.

Matthews shot 11 of 19 from the field, including 5 of 10 from 3-point range, in his first start of the season as the Trail Blazers salvaged a win after losing their first two games on a three-game road trip. Portland beat Memphis for the eighth straight time on the road.

LaMarcus Aldridge had 23 points for the Trail Blazers, while Andre Miller finished with 19, 13 in the fourth quarter. He also had nine assists.

Rudy Gay led Memphis with 20 points, while Zach Randolph had 19 points and 14 rebounds. * * *



Getting Frustrated

posted by mid-post to RealGM Grizzlies message board

Grizzlies lose another one at home. This little streak is getting frustrating.

Team's offense looks broke as $%#@! these past few games and they keep making bad mistakes down the stretch. Oh and yeah, the defense and rebounding haven't been to great either.



Substitutions Sucked

posted by MayoisMemphis to RealGM Grizzlies message board

Hollins rotation was **** today.

Vasquez played 8 straight minutes in crunch time were he was overplayed about 2 minutes too much and had a horrible stretch where he got his ankles broken, had a TO and bricked a 3.

Then, Thabeet was finally doing something on the court. He was jumping for rebounds, making proper rotations, having the mythical presence, etc. and he gets zero minutes in the 2nd half. This was one of the 7 games a year where Thabeet looked like he had it, play him some damn minutes especially when Arthur was getting murdered on the post and building a schoolyard.



Zach Randolph Pushing for Contract Extension From Memphis

by Tim Povtak,

Memphis power forward Zach Randolph leaned in close after he heard the question, making sure his answer came with a point of emphasis. Like from three inches away.

This contract extension is something he feels strongly about.

"I want to do it now,'' he told FanHouse Monday before his Grizzlies lost to the Magic, 89-72, in Orlando. "Sooner the better. If we don't do it now, there are a lot of other teams out there who like me.''

Randolph, now in his 10th NBA season, is in the final year of a contract paying him $17.3 million, lobbying for an extension before he becomes an unrestricted free agent this summer. * * *



Can't Get Over the Hump

posted by onekeeper#207110 to Memphis Commercial Appeal comments page

Grizz just can't seem to get over the hump.

With the exception of the Lakers and Dallas games, all the games they've lost have been there for the taking. A play here or there, and they could easily be 8-4 instead of 4-8.

I still think they're on the right track, and a player or two away from being really good. Better times are not far away.



Changes Needed

posted by Aytrain to Memphis Commercial Appeal comments section

Im going to be real and come out and say this, the Grizzlies will only be about a over/under .500 team with the players and staff they have.

1) We need a coach whos a proven winner with more experience.

2) Need a quality point guard, even a vet. to distribute and make things happen for other players

3) Plain out need a new owner to make smarter choices. It's not all on the players' fault that they lose or the coach's, but this team does have support so somebody tell me whats the problem if I haven't already mentioned it.


(7) "Williams has experienced patellar subluxation in both knees in the past..."

Former Tiger Elliot Williams Done for Season

by Ronald Tillery, Memphis Commercial Appeal

Former University of Memphis guard Elliot Williams will miss his rookie season with the Portland Trail Blazers because of knee surgery. * * *

"He's going to have a good future," Blazers coach Nate McMillan said. "After having the surgery, he should be able to come back 100 percent. We feel that he's a young, talent that is going to be able to help us in the future."

Williams, a 6-5 Memphian who started his college career at Duke, was taken with the 22nd-overall pick in this year's draft.

Last week, he under went surgery to repair a dislocated right patella in Los Angeles. Williams has experienced patellar subluxation in both knees in the past. * * *


(8) Be sure to read this one. This is the main Memphis game report, Grizzly blogging is basically non-existent.

Game Effort Falls Short as Memphis Grizzlies Lose to Portland, 100-99

by Ronald Tillery, Memphis Commercial Appeal

* * *

"I thought our ball movement was a lot better. I thought our decision making was a tad better," [Grizzlies head coach Lionel] Hollins said. "But we have to get stops. We had opportunities to get stops and we didn't do it. It's just the little things that are hurting us and we just have to keep battling and fighting."

The Griz (4-8) haven't won yet this season in the seven games they've allowed an opponent 100 points.

"As we all know, if you get stops down the stretch, that's the team that normally wins the ballgame," Griz reserve Tony Allen said. "We couldn't get consecutive stops. You have to take your hat off to the team that goes hard.

"They executed their offense. They stuck to their game plan. That's the one thing we lack. We don't stick to the system. Sometimes tend to go off and do our own thing." * * *



Tired of This Bullcrap

posted by Vandygrad to Memphis Commercial Appeal comments section

I was at Redbirds Stadium and, on the first day it was circulated, I signed the petition to bring the Grizzlies to Memphis.

I was a member of the fan group that went to Indianapolis with the team to look at Conseco Fieldhouse to help determine how FedEx Forum should be built. I knew we had no input and that we were simply part of a dog and pony show, but I did it because I really wanted something good for Memphis.

Most importantly, I have spent more than $50,000 on grizzlies tickets. This does not include cost of travel, concessions, etc... It only includes season tickets, individual game tickets, and group tickets. And, I am a working man who is not wealthy. So, this has been a sacrifice.

And, I am tired of this bullcrap. I have watched seven (out of ten) years of bad basketball. We have had, and still have, players who cannot play and coaches who cannot coach. When will it get better?



Reassessment Part Two: The Offense

by Chris Herrington, Memphis Flyer Beyond the Arc blog

In last night's loss to the Trailblazers, four of the five starters shot better than 50% from the floor. The only one who didn't — Mike Conley, who shot 5-14 — happened to be the starter who registered the most field-goal attempts. Meanwhile, Marc Gasol, who is currently ninth in the league in field-goal percentage after finishing as the league's fourth best percentage shooter a year ago, registered only 6 field-goal attempts, only the sixth most on the team last night.

This was a slightly more extreme version of what has been a fairly normal dynamic this season. Conley, who is playing much better all-around basketball but not shooting well (42/29/71 percentages) is putting up 13.3 field-goal attempts a game — more than Zach Randolph, nearly as many as O.J. Mayo, and nearly twice as many as Gasol, who is averaging 7.4 field-goal attempts a game. (Less than Darrell Arthur and not much more than Tony Allen, who is averaging about a third as many minutes.) Foul trouble and the lingering effects of his preseason ankle injury are certainly

This shot distribution is clearly out of whack with what would be most effective for the team, but the issues go deeper than just featuring too much Conley and not enough Gasol. * * *



The Bottom Line:

1. We're actually a basketball town here in Memphis — it's just the Grizzlies aren't the Memphis basketball team we care about. Go, Tigers!

2. Grizzlies have talent but just can't put the pieces together to take the next step. Will they ever?

3. Another tough loss. But who are we kidding? This team might be in the playoffs in the Eastern Conference but chances in the West are near nada.





I finished blowing big blue clouds from my weekly Padilla and came back inside. It was time to flip on Monday Night Football, per usual. Crappy Redskins were on, I hate watching that team. They're not quite as intolerable since they picked up McNabb, but old biases against boredom die hard.  Fortunately there was something that intervened on the way to channel 735 — I got hooked into watching a replay of the final table of the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event...

I've been a fan of poker since it became a televised sport in 2003. I've defended articles on its leading players as "professional athletes" at Articles For Deletion at Wikipedia — they are. I don't follow the results of this tournament or that, but I'm perfectly capable of spending three hours watching back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back episodes of big time tournament poker on ESPN2.

Lemme tell ya though, this year was a surprise. The final table was held in front of something like 1500 screaming, chanting spectators organized into rooting sections. They even filled the "upper deck" of the Penn & Teller Theater. It was more raucous than a Milwaukee Bucks game on $2 Beer Night.

Eight of the nine of those a chair at the final table left the room a millionaire; the winner took home nearly $9 Million big ones....

Crazy action. Wild swings of chip stacks. Big roars. Singing Canadians. What's not to like?

It seems like Poker has the potential of becoming a significant live spectator sport in addition to its established place as a late night TV sport and cultural phenomenon with many of The Kids. That's news to me, anyway.

Norman Chad's line of the night: "I haven't seen French Canadians this excited since  Alex Trebek scored 1420 on his SATs."


*   *   *


The Brandon Roy Contract Revisited

On Friday, Nov. 13, Brandon Roy announced that he no longer has meniscus cartilage in either knee and that he has been playing "bone on bone," news gleefully reported in the Saturday Oregonian by Drama Queen Jason Quick and picked up by the national press.

"[Blazer team physician] Dr. Roberts calls it 'arthritic knee,'" Roy told Quick. "It's just something I'm going to have to deal with for the rest of my career."


With the left knee swelling and in need of periodic draining, a second opinion was sought from Dr. Neal ElAttrache, a Los Angeles specialist, who told Roy (in Roy's words) "There's no curing it." A regimen of anti-inflammatory medication was indicated.

This is the first season of a 5 year, $82 Million guaranteed contract effectively binding Roy to the Blazers through the 2014/15 season.

With the news of the chronic medical condition suffered by the highly compensated Blazer star, a first round of wailing went up across the Pacific Northwest.

The very same day that Quick broke his scoop, the Portland Trail Blazers staggered into The Hive to take its NBA prescribed back-to-back drubbing at the hands of Monty Williams' unbeaten New Orleans Hornets. 

Brandon Roy was, fairly predictably, terrible in the game, showing no aggression and little competitive desire in scoring his two points in 22 minutes of action.

At the 6:14 mark of the 3rd Quarter bad became worse when Roy attempted a mundane cut, grimaced in pain, and immediately left the game for the locker room, not to be seen again.

What had previously seemed to be a chronic condition which might become serious at some unspecified future date suddenly was transformed into a matter of immediate concern for the hopes of the Portland franchise. Brandon Roy, he of the Maximum Contract, the $82 Million man, now couldn't go because of the way his knees would always be...

There has been such an eruption of Monday Morning Quarterbacking about the Roy deal — people intimating that they thought all along that it was crazy talk to be giving Portland's franchise player a max deal — that I thought it would be informative to take a gander at the Blazers Edge sidebar from Contract Negotiation month, July 2009, to see what people were really saying about the Roy situation at the time it was happening.

To reacclimate yourself to the world of the summer of 2009, you may want to first listen to the original BRANDON ROY KJR 950-AM RADIO INTERVIEW of July 10, 2009, a rather bland chat which wound up working Blazer fandom into a tizzy thanks to The Usual Portland Sensationalizers... Brandon's words were measured; he was not sure one way or another whether a maximum contract deal would get done with Portland in the allotted time. No big rip...

On cue, the loathsome Portland Sports Hysteria Station, 95.5 The Game, made Brandon's tepid comments into DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA in order to pump their ratings — which is all they really give a crap about, after all. Blazers Edge FanShots and FanPosts from Blazermaniacs with their timbers shivered inevitably followed:

B. Roy "Very Frustrated and Disappointed" at Contract Situation

posted by pdxrob, July 10, 2009

Just heard on 95.5 that B Roy was interviewed on a Seattle station today and spent a good 2 min talking about the Blazers, free agency, and his contract.

When asked on that show if he thinks it's likely he'll get the max offer or that things will get taken care of quickly and appropriately, he said "50/50" and really didn't sound confident AT ALL.

The guys from 95.5 then texted him and B Roy replied (this is all of 5 min ago now) that "I'll be making a statement next week, but I can say that I'm very frustrated and disappointed right now." I might have one or two small words wrong but that was pretty much word for word.

If I hear any more garbage about Golden Aura boy or how great KP is I think I'll puke.

This is outright embarassing and pathetic.



These BlazersEdge posts drew a huge wave of breathless PAY THE MAN WHAT HE WANTS comments such as these:

  • "I agree. I'm pretty pissed. GREAT way to crap on the linchpin of this organization’s progress. Good job, Vulcan (if in fact that is who we have to thank)." —ArbyOSU (July 10, 2009)
  • "Let Vulcan know how you feel about the Roy negotiations [+URL for contacting them]." —jlarose78 (July 10, 2009)
  • "No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give him whatever he wants." —tcwoods (July 10, 2009)
  • "Good grief. This should be the easiest negotiation in Blazer history. You have a young franchise player worthy of max dollars — if he wants the max deal length, I see no reason to mess around on this. Even if the cost is just some goodwill from B Roy, is that really the tenor management wants to set with a cornerstone of the franchise?" —blazeraddict (July 10, 2009)
  • "The only thing that the Blazers management needs to do is have Tom Penn quadruple read the CBA to see if we can lock him up for 10 years. That's it." —TheOdenator (July 10, 2009)
  • "What is KP doing? You don't mess with the face of your franchise. There is a time and place to play hardball, THIS IS NOT IT. Keep Broy happy, end of story. This is seriously ridiculous. KP is now officially trying to hard to be perfect. You don't push Brandon Roy around, he is everything to the Blazers. 50/50? That is ludicrous, he should be 100%. He is going to be taken care of. If Roy asks for 5 years and a kiss on the ass from KP's significant other, you do it. End of story." —Rudiculous (July 10, 2009)
  • "Just sign Roy already. Quit screwing around and get it done. A blind monkey with a bad twitch would have done it by now." —Furious Styles (July 10, 2009)
  • "Shouldn't it go something like this? KP: Hey, Brandon. Wanna sign for max money for the max years allowed? BRoy: Yeah, KP, that sounds good. KP: OK. Sign here. End of negotiations." —TTRocks (July 10, 2009)
  • "They finally have people worth paying... and PA suddenly becomes cheap!"  —Escrote (July 10, 2009)
  • "What the conversation SHOULD sound like: KP: Hey, Roy. What do you want? Roy: I want max money for four years, and a player option for the fifth. I also want a gold plated jacuzzi, to be introduced at games by my personal Mariachi band, and for you guys to sign my pet monkey Bobo to a 3 year deal as the new Blazer mascot. KP: I'll fax you the paperwork right now. (GET IT DONE KP)" —Haildablazer (July 10, 2009)
  • "Pay the man. Give him the keys to your yacht as well. Whatever he wants, he's pretty much shown that he's worth it." —koyote (July 10, 2009)
  • "This is completely opposite to all recent max extensions. LBJ, Wade, 'Melo, Deron, CPS — what did all these deals have in common? The teams offered the max 5 years, the players demanded 4 years with an ETO after 3. Here we have the opposite — the player actuall WANTS to sign the full 5 years, and we are balking. Unbelievable." —douglast (July 10, 2009)
  • "Wow. If Roy isn't signed to a max extension by training camp, KP should be fired." —jksnake99 (July 10, 2009)
  • "As much flack as I give GM Kevin Pritchard, I feel this whole debacle falls squarely on the shoulders of Vulcan Inc. Chairman Paul Allen. If Allen is being a stingy, penny-pinching tightwad by instructing some of his underlings (e.g., Vulcan Sports and Entertainment CEO Tod Leiweke) to force Trail Blazers middle management (i.e., the basketball operations department) into hardball negotiation tactics with Brandon Roy, then he's a doltish imbecile." —AK1984 (July 10, 2009)
  • "Dude! KP... I'm sorry, but the only thing holding this up should be waiting on the NBA to tell teams exactly what the cap is for next year. If I'm not mistaken, a max deal is a percentage of the cap. Five years, max salary, that's the best we can legally do, here's the dotted line. A demented clown could do this negotiation for the Blazers." —sagcat (July 10, 2009)
  • "I'm confident he will get re-signed, but come on. It pisses me off that this is even an issue. Pay the man. If Hell really does freeze over, KP screws this up, and Brandon leaves, I will never be a Blazer fan again." —dario argento (July 10, 2009)

Even those who came out against 95.5-induced Henny Penny handwringing assumed that Roy would be the beneficiary of a maximum contract:

  • "I think everyone needs to chill. The signing period started three days ago. Give it some time. I'm sure Brandon Roy will get whatever he wants. The hit the panic-button [moment is] sometime in September." —BlazerTag (July 10, 2009)
  • "That's part of the negotiation game! Take it easy. It will happen." —22baylor (July 10, 2009)
  • "They're posturing so they don't have to max out LMA. This is not about Brandon at all." —timbo (July 10, 2009)
  • "Do you really think KP, PA, and Vulcan need to be reminded how valuble Roy is? I am pretty sure he was the only player who sold jerseys outside of Oregon. Trust me they know how much he is worth and they will pay him. These things can take time. I think Brandon is a little frustrated that it is not happening sooner but this is really his first contract negotiation besides the inital rookie contract. I think he will be fine They will make a deal with him some where in the neighbor hood of 5 years $80 million and it will happen in the next two weeks." —RipCityRoyCity (July 10, 2009)
  • "Will you all stop panicking???? This is spend-your-free-agent-dollars time. Right after that will be give-Brandon-whatever-he-wants time. I'm pretty sure Brandon understands that. If you're really so panicked, do you want to send KP an e-mail that says, 'Make sure you don't bring in any players that would improve the franchise this year'? Because that's what you're saying. Roy is going to get taken care of very quickly AFTER that." —Kaboomm (July 10, 2009)
  • "No way Roy leaves. Everyone is overreacting. He is the cornerstone of this franchise and everyone knows it from the fans to the management. He'll get his money, but I don't see anything wrong with having negotiations between the team and his agent. I'm really not that worried, BRoy will be in a Blazers jersey for a long time to come." —rice'sdisciple (July 10, 2009)

To my mind there is one — and only one — Bedger who can puff up his chest for having correctly read the tea leaves and given serious and sufficient consideration to matters of Roy's health. Do note, however, that even HE thought Brandon merited a max deal, albeit as a means of minimizing the financial impact of the worst-case scenario:

There was a caller in that segment who was saying that he thought it was the group at Vulcan. Wheels didn't confirm, but said that he thought the caller's perceptions were very astute.

So the Vulcans are trying to jerk Roy around over one year at the end of the contract, which makes no sense to me. I may be off-base on this, but the following scenario comes to my head when I think of Roy not being signed over that one extra year:

Roy becomes an RFA at the end of next season, and team X offers him a 5 year, max money contract (Is five years the longest you can offer?). The Blazers have the opportunity to match any offer, and yet they would be putting themselves in an even more precarious situation — assuming they deem committment to an extra year now as risky — simply because dragging it out means essentially an extra [year] committed to Roy beyond what they [would have to] commit to him now, just to keep him then.

If they're all skittish about giving him five this year, what are they going to do when it comes time to matching any offers Roy is given next year?

Regardless of whether or not there are concerns regarding Roy's knees or his foot or ankles, the smart thing to do is just give him the max contract now and eat a year later if things go drastically wrong, rather than have to deal with the possibility of Roy leaving and being forced to give max money and years next summer.

These Vulcans don't think logically. —Seijeff (July 10, 2009)


The bottom line is this: I don't wanna hear ANYBODY claiming that they knew all along that Brandon's knees were crap and that they never would have offered him a maximum contract in the summer of 2009. Anyone pretending such omniscience is either misremembering their state of mind or lying outright. From the fans' perspective, without access to Brandon's medical records, a maximum contract or something closely resembling it was THE ONLY POSSIBLE OPTION.

Now, what did the Blazers know and when did they know it about the condition of Brandon's knees? That's another matter altogether — a valid query worthy of further exploration and commentary. On that tangential matter I will leave you with just one little tidbit which may stoke your imagination:

"I've seen Brandon get his knee drained and then go out and score 30. I told our guys not to buy into that... Watching him struggle like that, that was tough. I think he's at a big-time crossroads right now."

—Former Blazer assistant coach Monty Williams, now head coach of the New Orleans Hornets.

Postgame comments, November 13, 2010. Reported by Joe Freeman in The Oregonian, Nov. 15, page C8.


*   *   *


Iverson starts with "I" for Idiot


Just a brief note to pass along the dramatic doings of one of my least favorite humans — Allen "Franchise Player" Iverson.

This past off-season the NBA General Managers' Pipe-and-Drum Corps marched our favorite tattooed weasel out of the NBA and into the waiting arms of Besiktas Cola Turka of Istanbul.

Why Besiktas Cola Turka, you ask? Elementary, my dear Watson — Besiktas Cola Turka is the one team on Earth never to have heard the old saying "Fool Me Once, Shame on You; Fool Me Twice, Shame on Me; Fool Me Three Times, I'm a Complete Moron with Four Million Dollars to Flush Down the Hizzy Shizzy Because I'm Too Freaking Stupid to Comprehend that Allen Iverson is a Freaking Headcase."

Actually, the saying is a little more earthy than that in my usual telling, but you get the point...

Iverson put up a smooth 15 points in his debut game in Ankara, Turkey, with his Cola Turka falling to Hemofarm Stada, 94-91.

For me the best part other than the loss was the chant that the Cola Turka faithful were rocking: "ALLEN IVERSON, THE SON OF BESIKTAS COLA TURKA!!!"

No, seriously, that's what they were chanting!

You go, A.I., you Son of Besiktas Cola Turka!



*   *   *








Twenty and ten man

Rare gem, but acted the thug

Sad salary dump





Gather round, disciples, for more alternative-reality instruction from our Uncle Mike...


Verbal economy is important for an announcer...

Rice: "I was on the Minute Rice for a minute and you really can't, ummm......... expound upon anything in a minute...... and uh, ummmm........."

MB: "You should go on Casey's show on Blazers-TV, he gives you an hour..."


Rice knows all the refs and their tendencies...

Rice: "Eric Stafford — and I'm sure he usually makes the right calls — but when he makes a call, he always looks over at the coach that he's making the call for."

MB: "No he doesn't, you're dreaming..."

Rice: "Yes, he does. He'll look at Nate and say, 'Hey, Nate, you owe me one.'"


Colorful commentary, anatomical correctness a bit sketchy...

"Zach is great at getting position, he'll put that big rear end of his in your chest."


The forthcoming Nuggets game will be on TNT, leaving the Mikes out in the cold. They turn the knife...

MB: "TNT won't even let us broadcast — they're afraid of us."

Rice: "TNT may not even let us in the building — it's a ratings WAR!"


Rice makes use of announcer ju-ju against the opposition...

"Zach's getting a little tired. We've been saying that for ten minutes. Come on, Zach, get tired!"

Game 12.

Blazers 100 at Grizzlies 99.

November 16, 2010.

Blazers' record is now 7-5, Grizzlies are 4-8.

1. Four 1st Quarter turnovers for the Blazers. Blazers shot like crap, Grizz shot worse. PDX 22, MEM 17.

2. Sloppy play with idiot turnovers kept Memphis alive. Wesley Matthews' 22 first half points fueled Portland.LMA was good, Nic and Andre didn't show up. Marc Gasol was neutralized by fouls. PDX 51, MEM 45.

3. Mayo came out on fire for the Grizz, LMA carrying the load for the Royless Blazers. I'm starting to get used to the idea that watching Wesley Matthews every night just might be more fun than watching Roy plod along. Camby twisted his ankle and left with 12 rebounds showing. It was small ball for the duration. PDX 71, MEM 70.

4. Camby made it back, which was good news. Matthews lost the range from the arc, as would be expected. The teams played back and forth, evenly matched, with Andre having trouble with his shot and LMA picking up the slack. The low post monsters Andre Miller v. Marc "Porky Biker" Gasol battled down to the 3 minute mark, with Portland nursing a tiny lead heading for the home stretch.

Tied up at the 1:15 mark, Blazer ball. Andre missed a jumper against the shot clock, LMA missed a try at tipping the miss, and then Nic cleaned up the mess banking the ball off the glass for a 2 point Blazer lead. Memphis called time out. Memphis couldn't get a shot, however, with a big Blazer steal. Andre with a 12 foot turnaround J, 21.1 seconds to play. Memphis called time again, 4 point Blazer lead.

Mayo was cut off with some tough D, he dished off to Conley who threw up a contested runner that only drew iron. Camby snagged the rebound and called time out with 9.8 seconds remaining to advance the ball. Andre Miller took the inbounds pass and was immediately fouled. He hit both shots to extend the lead to 6 points, with Memphis essentially drawing dead, 9 seconds to score two treys but with only one time out remaining in the bank.

To their credit, the Grizzlies continued to fight, with Gay hitting a slop ricochet trey from the corner to cut the lead to 3. Portland called time out once again to advance the ball. Andre caught the inbounds pass and was immediately fouled. Andre missed the first FT, keeping things interesting before hitting the second for the DAGGER. Conley padded his stats with an uncontested 3 at the buzzer to make it PDX 100, MEM 99.

This makes eight consecutive wins for Portland in Memphis.


Let's take at this thang graphically, shall we?


And here's the LINKY-LINKY for the svelte Popcorn Machine pictures. Ya gotta click the link to see, so do it, okay?

Here's what I'm seeing:

A. Blazers won the 1st Quarter handily and flushed it away in the 2nd. The third was played evenly with Portland maintaining a razor-thin lead, with momentum shifting back and forth in the final quarter.

B. Sean Marks may be officially declared to be out of the NBA for keeps on Nov. 26. 2010. He should have been gone today in favor of Pryzzy. Don't get me started.

C. Rudy was terrible, scoring 3 points in over 23 minutes and missing some wide open looks from three. Matthews was, of course, the big horse in nearly 43 minutes of action, ending with a career-high 30. There will be no second-guessing of Nate's decision of whom to put at starting Shooting Guard tonight.

D. Dante's minutes came spelling bigs — Camby and Aldridge. I still see a Small Forward when I look at him, but Nate is absolutely using him as a big.

E. Rudy Gay had a nice game, scoring 20 points and showing a +5 in plus/minus. He's scoring over 23 points per game this season and would be widely regarded as a major star if he played someplace other than the Memphis Mausoleum.

F. One of Mike Rice's off-the-wall "Keys to the Game" was that Portland would win if they shot 46% from the field. They shot exactly 46% from the field and won.

G. Hasheem Thabeet is one of the worst draft picks of the past decade. He was on the floor for five-and-a-half minutes and Memphis went down 8 points in that time...



Finally, let's gather round for another installment of THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD, eh?


Here's a pretty comical bit in which the Raptor Boyz take a chunk out of Chris Bosh's tush...

Here's Tuesday's show, in case you missed it...

The Basketball Jones is a NBA blog and video/audio podcast, written and recorded five times a week by J.E. Skeets, Tas Melas, Jason Doyle and Matt Osten. Assume that there will be a couple Not Suitable For Work words used in any given episode.



Photo Credits: Padilla Signature 1932: Courtesy David Hall,  Knee: Gray's Anatomy, via Wikipedia. Public domain. All images heavily tweaked in Photoshop by Tim Davenport.

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