Knee Junk: 11-14-10


I’m staying on the bright side here.

We had a few glimpses at what Brandon looks like when he's driving and kicking. He was doing that a lot in this game (a sign?) and there were some times it was looking good. In fact, I was liking the way it looked to the point I was starting to think this team could evolve away from the dreaded ISO play I hate so much into a team that keeps moving with all parts working together – and who knows where the points are going to come from, because we have a lot of guys who can score on this team - and we're definitely going to score.


Assuming Roy gets back on track, whether or not MF surgery is involved, I think Roy in this drive and kick could be devastating.

1st: He will still be far more athletic than Andre. Which means he’ll still be able to take it to the hole, even if not like before. 2nd: Although likely hurting and slowed tonight, even before he left with injury, Roy looked good doing it (driving and kicking) and I'd like to see a lot more of this.  3rd: Roy’s jump shot will still be there and He’s an assassin with that shot. With ball movement this team looks good and there will be more of those deadeye 15-footers he knocks down.


I could go on here but I’ll sum it up: I thought this team had a style that looked promising with a slowed Roy (anyway, I thought he was slow before he went out). So if he gets on track (knees he can play with) and keeps the same mind set of a motion offense - I like it.


Word of the day: introspection.

in·tro·spec·tion  [in-truh-spek-shuhn]   –noun

1. observation or examination of one's own mental and emotional state, mental processes, etc.; the act of looking within oneself.

2. the tendency or disposition to do this.

3. sympathetic introspection.



1670–80; < L intrōspect ( us ), ptp. of intrōspicere  to look within (equiv. to intrō-  intro- + spec ( ere ) to look + -tus  ptp. suffix) + -ion


—Related forms

in·tro·spec·tion·al, adjective

in·tro·spec·tion·ist, noun, adjective



1.  self-examination, soul-searching


Use introspection in a Sentence/Paragraph:

Idol invited us over for some Monday Night Football. At halftime he was in deep introspection and began to pontificate, which was really gross. There must have been something in those chili corn chips he served up because everybody started to pontificate.  Which was REALLY REALLY GROSS. We all drank much brew so we could unpontificate. There was much rejoicing.

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