Magna Res - eleven-eleven-two-aught-ten JD

So, uhh, usually I don't this but, uhh, go ahead and break 'em off with a lil' preview of the remix.


word of the day: entrainment

The daily Junk Drawer (JD) fanpost is the place for true off-topic conversation and people's random thoughts.. with a goal to foster community and people have really become a family here.

So if you have a one-off thought, consider posting it here. The rules about importance and significance of the topic are suspended in each JD but keep some of these basic rules in mind:

  1. Be mindful that every image posted slows down the JD, so use discretion in how many you post (you can also link to images you want to share so that they will not overwhelm the JD). When you do post images, put something in the subject line of the comment so that the image can be minimized.
  2. Ad hominem attacks and swearing will never be tolerated
  3. Remember everything you write is visible publicly 
  4. Don't use the JD call out or talk about users from other BEdge threads.

As you try and navigate through the junk drawer, remember that you can use 'Z' on your keypad to mark a comment as read and move to the next one and hitting shift-A will mark all comments as read. Hitting 'Zorro' will strike the commenter dead. 

Embeded YouTube Song That Has Nothing to Do with Anything Else

I don't know about you all, but I love love songs. EK might say that I am in loving with songs about loving. 


Origin of the ScreenNames

My third favorite junk that I ever made (after my first one and The Junk) was this one about origins. I still think the origin tale is the coolest part of most stories, be they love stories, war stories, hero stories, or fan stories. 

In one of my first fanposts I describe my own origins as a Blazer fan during the 2004-2005 season. I also think back to one of the first comments I made in a thread about screen name origins and how 92 was going to retell his 92wastheyear story next time someone made a thread that asked it. WELL I AM ASKING IT.

We've grown and keep changing around here. Many of us know each other's stories how we found the Blazers (by birth, relocation, or happenstance) or found BEdge, why we chose to identify ourselves with the screenname we chose, and sometimes even about our lives outside of this place. Got a story to share? Got some interesting origins for your screenname choice that no one would suspect?

It's easy to tell these stories. I'll give you two examples:


  1. pg91: "i like portland. was born in 91. i am a girl with two 'i's lol"
  2. LukeBabbittFTW: "Who can have too many pasty white boys on the court?"


Old JD Analysis

In addition to this junk being a retread of my last origins junk, I'm feeling rather retrospective and want to share some summary statistics and a few brief notes of the previous 44 JDs that I have created over nearly 18 months. 

  • Mean Comment 1729.23
  • StDev Comment 1013.65
  • Min Comment 301.00
  • 1st Quartile 1192.75
  • Median 1606.00
  • 3rd Quartile 2176.75
  • Max Comment 6789.00

More fun notes about my past JDs:

  • Two JDs had 9 recs: my first one and The Junk. 
  • 12 JDs between June 2009 and Jan 17 2010 had 2-6 recs (during the age when we bothered trying to rec the daily junk to the top and then unrec back down)  
  • In the over 10 months between The Junk and my first Junk, I posted 15 JDs. Post The Junk, I have posted 28 (29 with this one) JDs in a time that spanned just five months.
  • On Time:
    • Including this one, four of my JDs were posted at 3:33 (2 AM & 2 PM)
    • Seven JDs were posted between 10am and Midnight: two at 3:33pm, one at 3:23pm, one at 7:33pm, two at 7:07 PM, and one at 6:28 PM (posted immediately following "The Decision" and promptly junk blocked by Dave)
    • Six of my JDs were posted exactly at Midnight. 
    • The rest (33 with this one) were posted between Midnight and 10am; 20 of those were posted between 5-9AM.  


Note To Brandon Roy, if you are listening, please just spend a little bit of time really focusing on the health of your knee. Maybe other guys can go on and on and you can't. Maybe you will or maybe you won't fully recover. These are things that scare us as fans, but I have no idea how they affect you as a man. But... please don't go back out on the court until you honestly feel that you can compete with the best. It really doesn't seem that pretending you can play on is going to help you, your health, or your team. We need more than someone to MAN UP; you have to be well enough to help for it to matter. 

Hey, isn't this weird? 


Also, I'm tired of people talking about Lea Michelle. She's not particularly cute, just another 20somethinger pretending to be a teen on a TV show. No one talks about the only thing that stands out about her, which is that her voice is pretty good (if you like that over-the-top Broadway sound  -- Simon Cowell would hate her.). 




I was also thinking it'd be cool to spoof a spoof song. I dedicate this song to all the players who gamble to get those steals and the poor passing teams who feed them turnovers.

Passinlane Intruder

he’s jumpin' in your passinlanes
he’s snatchin' your passes up
tryna front ya
so y’all need to watch yo pass, hide yo eyes
watch yo pass, hide yo eyes
guard yo pass, out or inside
and watch yo alleyoops cuz they stealin' erry ball out here
you don’t have to freak -- overreact he fullcourtin on you
he gon press you
he gon press you
so you can rush an awkward pass,
rush an awkward pass,
leading to a turnover turn, turn, turnover
He got yo inlet pass you done telegraphed it for all
you are so dumb
you are really dumb ... for real
now he got it on the move leading to a fastbreak
then he got hacked by some idiot in the backcourt
so dumb, so dumb, so dumb, so 


In conclusion, I miss watching Greg Oden play. I miss how amazing it felt to draft him way back when. I think that's why I dislike the Durant over Oden stuff as much as anything, and why it is so hard to give up on the big guy. I am just not willing to buy that he doesn't care. All of us deserve his success; him, most of all. And I will be quiet until he returns


Bless ye junk. If you need me, you can find me.

1,171,767 >3∞

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