Personal Business vs. Public Team Play

  Last night on the 5th quarter the hosts (Holton) Primarily, were desperately trying to steer the conversation away from Rudys off court problems and focus on only his game performance.

  Now I can understand everyone getting tired of the topic, and I understand that there is a limited amount anyone can say. I also understand that Rudy has had two above average, IMO excellent Pre-Season performances.  So I understand where the hosts are coming from, BUT...


  Regardless of how you feel about the "Rudy Situation" I just can't totally divorce myself from the fact that he is disgruntled and wants to NOT be a Blazer. The suggestion last night was that we ignore all the drama, and the reality of his publicly stated demands and simply enjoy his performance as a player.  Which, on a certain level makes perfect, undeniable sense....but I can't do it.

  In a way? I find myself actually more upset when Rudy does have a good game. Because I HAVE to look ahead and look at the big picture. Yes, you want to enjoy the here and now, but I also look at the future of the team, the future of the franchise.

  And here's the truth. If Rudy doesn't have a Jerusalem Complex change of attitude then basicly we are simply renting him for at best a season..and post season.  A lot of people called in, to stating that they simply thought Rudy was increasing his trade value. Well maybe true. BUT until I hear otherwise I have to take Rudy at his word, which the latest was that he doesn't want to be traded that he wants to leave the N.B.A.. So I can't look at this situation as "good" because it is potentially increasing his trade long as he keeps insisting he wants to be a Euro Leauger and NOT an N.B.A. player? Then he has no N.B.A. trade value to the Blazers.

  I hate to say it Pre-Season, but honestly I don't think this is the season we win a  championship. My hope is this is the season we define a lot about what this team is capable and establish that we are a contender but I don't see this as a season in which we get the trophy.

  So despite Holtons insistence and almost chiding that we are being "silly" to complain or worry about Rudy Fernandez and that we should only focus on what he is doing on the court...I can't do that. Because ultimately if he plays well it just means he's creating a bigger hole that will ultimately have to be filled. As a fan, yes I focus on game to game, season to season....the firepower of Rudy and Matthews? In a second unit rotation? I think looks to be awesome.  2 pre-season game in...I do wish Rudy was happy. I think we are seeing more of the Rookie Season, Pre-Back Injury Rudy...and I think he could help this team...not just this season but as we hopefully become a legitimate contender...

   So is the problem me? Does the fault come from within? I know there are no guarantees with any player. Expiring never know what the long term status of a player might be, or become. But I like the idea that at least I can pencil a guy in....imagine that he will be part of a nuculeus for X amount of seasons. I myself just can't totally divorce myself from the realities concerning Rudy. I can't just be happy saying....he's playing I'm just going to enjoy ONLY that and ignore the fact that he doesn't want to be here and with that attitude you have to believe would leave as soon as his contract expires or allows.....

  Can you focus on only the game performance? Or does the Personal Business realities creep in? Right now Rudy is The Blazer...who'd rather not be wearing the uniform...and I can't just sweep that under the hardwood.

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