Concerning Matthews & the Big 3

Saw this earlier today and thought you guys might like it if you haven't come across this yet. 

(And to be honest, I have no idea if this should be a fanpost or not- I think it should but am not intelligent enough yet to know how to make it a fanpost, sorry)

First, I came across this on TrueHoop, and my initial thought was, "Welcome to Portland":

Linda Robertson of The Miami Herald: "The announcement was ominous: Dwyane Wade, strained right hamstring. Will not return. That is, the linchpin and soul of the new Miami Heat would not return for Tuesday's preseason opener against the Detroit Pistons. When he will return is unknown. Hamstrings are the recalcitrant divas of the muscle set, and often require extra coddling, stroking and pleading to attain cooperation. Wade could very well be good as new in a couple of weeks, but the sight of him limping off the AmericanAirlines Arena court barely three minutes into the game elicited a murmur from the festive crowd. Panic? No. Concern? Yes. Here, on the first night of the anticipated odyssey to an NBA championship, the Heat and its fans got a glimpse of the dreaded disaster scenario. What if one of the Big Three goes down with an injury? What if Wade, LeBron James or Chris Bosh winds up on the bench wearing a suit and tie? 'Heat fans have seen me play a long time and they will get a lot of time to see the Big Three,' Wade said after the game, explaining that he had a pulled hamstring. 'I'd rather have it now than have it later.' ... What would happen if the Heat's Big Three was reduced to the Terrific Two? What if this amazing coalition of talent and togetherness was derailed by bad luck? What if the sun didn't come up tomorrow or if Santa Claus retired or the Louvre closed its doors? Let's not think about it unless we have to."


Also, concerning Wesley Matthews (and apologies if this has been linked before):

Tim Buckley of the Deseret News: "Until recently, Raja Bell wouldn't have known Wesley Matthews from Walter Matthau. But after Matthews left Utah for Portland as a restricted free agent last offseason, paving the way for Bell to return for a second stint with the Jazz, the veteran swingman became curious. 'The few (Jazz) games I saw (last season), he wasn't fully in the rotation yet,' Bell said. 'I did get a peek at him in playoffs a little bit, and so, more than anything, I've asked a lot of people just how good he was, because he was a prized free agent his summer that I really didn't know about.' What Bell learned was that Matthews' loss last July was a painful one for the Jazz. And with Matthews in town with the Trail Blazers for tonight's 2010-11 NBA preseason opener at EnergySolutions Arena, what was then bad news bears repeating now: Utah very much wanted to retain its prized undrafted rookie, one who became its starting shooting guard by season's end. But the Jazz deemed it neither wise nor financially feasible to match the five-year, $32.5 million offer sheet -- with more than $9 million payable up front -- that Matthews signed with the Blazers. With a void to fill, then, Utah turned to lower-cost alternative Bell."

2 questions:

1- Does the Blazers losing Oden for a year hurt them worse than if the Heat were to lose D-Wade for a year (doubt it happens but go with me here) though they would still have Lebron and Bosh?

2- Do you think Matthews will be considered one of the best 5 Blazers on the team by the end of the year?


Thanks for your time, and, as always, keep making those Game Logs must-reads during and/or after games. 

In Christ,


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