03. New York's Alright: The view from NYC



Season-ending surgery or amputation?

They had Jeff Pendergraph on "Talkin' Ball" after the game the other night. I was excited and happy when I learned about his appearance. It ended up being really sad.

The business calculation behind Pendergraph's release from the Blazers was extremely logical. No doubt that Mr. Spock would approve. Jeff did his ACL and his meniscus bad during pre-season. He's hasta la vista'd for the year. Pendy is paid either way and formally cutting him clears a 15th roster spot for Patty Mills, who would otherwise have had to be cut.

Pendy's contract is finished at the end of the year, the only thing Portland would have gained by leaving him on the roster would be the right to match an offer tendered in free agency by another team. But realistically: who's gonna be chasing a second round player coming off knee surgery whose horizons in the league seem to be limited to status of a reserve Big and designated cheerleader?

Pendy31_mediumIf Portland wants Jeff Pendergraph back, in all likelihood all they have to do is make him an offer.

All this is very straightforward, very obvious, very rational — yet somehow very cold.

Pendy still feels like part of the Trail Blazer family, yet he's not part of it. One of the Talkin' Ball guys asked him if he'd be attending Portland's home games — Pendy gave a melancholy smile and said he needed tickets.

Think about that.

Dwight Jaynes chuckled and assured him that there'd be SOME Blazer that would leave tickets for him, but all the same, you could tell that there's some sort of unhealthy distance there. Pendergraph hasn't just been cut from the roster as a matter of common sense, he has been amputated from the family.

To what end?

Pendy was engaging on camera and informative about the new technical foul rules, indicating that David Stern's office had unilaterally sprung these changes at the 11th hour without any consultation with the players union. Pendy was the Blazers' union rep, he would know.

I'm sure he'll have other fresh and interesting takes on the NBA and the Blazers' season. He's no Channing Frye, but he'll do in a pinch... The Talkin' Ball guys said they'd have him back on other broadcasts this season. I hope that they do.

I hope also that the Blazers have him back, because he stepped up big when they needed help in the middle due to injuries last season and it would be a bitter twist of fate if his Blazer career was ended by the same Nasty Injury Gremlin that randomly took down Oden and Pryz last season to make his Blazer career possible.

So Blazers — and I mean now the front office, and particularly you, Rich Cho — for god's sakes, do the right thing. Give the man his own seat at the end of the bench. Keep him as a part of the family this year. If he ends up somewhere else next year, so be it. Don't let the formality of the very straightforward, very obvious, very rational cut become a cold dagger to the heart.

There's no need for acting like that.

The man is paid. His roster space is cleared. There's no reason he has to be excommunicated from the family, too.


New York's alright.

New York's alright if you wanna be pushed in front of the subway!
New York's alright if you like tuberculosis!
New York's alright if you like art and jazz!
New York's alright if you're a homosexual!

New York's alright,
New York's alright,
New York's alright,
if you like saxophones!

New York's alright if you like drunks in your doorway!
New York's alright if you wanna freeze to death!
New York's alright if you wanna get mugged or murdered!
New York's alright if you like saxophones!

— Lee Ving, FEAR, 1982


Like many kids of my generation, I grew up on a steady diet of 1970s cop shows. These were invariably urban dramas which definitively demonstrated that Crime Does Not Pay or, at the very least, that one should take heed and Don't Do the Crime If You Can't Do the Time.

Cities were portrayed as frightening, hateful, dangerous, gang-ridden, violent, crime-infested places — unlivable cesspools of humanity saved from complete degeneration into mayhem only by the heroism of the last surviving handful of non-corrupt members of the law enforcement community.

And none of these Big, Scary Places was more terrifying than the Biggest, Scariest Place of all — New York City — scummy, abrasive, filthy, and pornography-riddled.

It was, quite simply, a place that any rational person would avoid. Even the muggers got mugged in NYC, so I believed, with the muggers of the muggers likely killed on the way home by a hail of random bullets or as the hit-and-run victim of a rogue taxi driver who was secretly a mass murdering rapist.

Why even go there? Yikes! Yuck!

About the only voice I heard which dissented from the dim vision of terror filed deep in the back of my head was Kurt Vonnegut, one of my favorite authors, who was just tickled to be living in New York City, a place he once called "the capital of the world."

Nyc_mediumDuring the second wave of American punk which blew up in the 1990s, New York City predictably became known as the home of the most violent and aggressive permutation of the music. "New York Hard Core" (NYHC) wasn't even punk rock, per se, closer in sound and sympathy to mid-1980s speed metal, and its aficionados were known to all as muscle-bound, hoodie-wearing jock thugs without the vaguest inkling of the solidarity, egalitarianism, and cooperation behind real Maximumrocknroll.

I started making records and CDs in 1995, helping to carry the banner for underground pop-punk. I was doing mailorder to about 1500 kids around the country and using the incoming cash to subsidize a steady stream of new releases. This required me to pay very close attention to what was going on in the various punk "scenes" around the country, to try to help out the best bands in the best scenes to keep our little world humming.

I made a very strange, altogether unexpected discovery. One of the most vibrant, friendly, cooperative, genuinely nice scenes was in — New York City! The same big scary place known as the home of jockboy thug hardcore...

How could that be?

I didn't think too much, I just knew a good scene when I saw one and left it at that. I put out a couple bands from NYC. First thing you know I was making that the end point of one of my cross-country drives with my dog, staying with the guitarist of one band in his apartment in Jersey City (which is next door to Hoboken, which is what they call the part of New York City on the East side of the river). 

We rode the PATH train under the river into the city and took the subways here and there. I got the tour of the sites and the historic places: Strand Books (a store which pretends to be bigger than Powell's, even though it isn't), the Stonewall Inn (the Bunker Hill of the modern gay rights movement, where the cops made one of their periodic raids to do some Official Business bashing queers in 1969 and the gay community for the first time fought back), CBGBs (home of the Ramones and Talking Heads), parks, pizza by the slice, cool little record stores, shops everywhere, great food, libraries, museums, sunshine, fun.

We even saw a punk show in the office of Vital Music, one of my mailorder compatriots at that time...

It was absolutely terrific! One of the great places in the world!

I ended up visiting again a couple years later and ultimately put out 4 NYC bands on my little label, members of which I still count as friends. And I'll be back again in another year or so to spend a few weeks ensconced in the archives at New York University...

What, you want a moral to this pointless story, do you? Well, friend, I'll give you two:

1. Don't live your life afraid of things. Your fear may well be misplaced and you might miss out on some of the good things in life.

2. The Portland Trail Blazers have just had a day off in New York City prior to playing the Knicks. Rest assured that they came into this game thoroughly distracted.


*   *   *


Now This is How You Write a Game Preview...

    posted by Childs2Dudley on Ultimate Knicks message board:

  • Eddy Curry is still fat and not playing due to a hamstring injury.
  • Anthony Randolph is out with a sprained ankle. X-Rays are negative and he will miss one to two weeks.
  • Kelena Azubuike is out recovering from a knee injury.
  • Greg Oden is still injured.
  • Rudy Fernandez is still on the Blazers.
  • Portland is very good.
  • Knicks must win.

*   *   *

Saturday Math.

Cornhusker football < Tim Burton's Willy Wonka movie < Ducks v. Trojans < Blazers v. Knicks.

Weird, huh?


*   *   *









New Knick from Phoenix

Helpful, but chose the wrong Lee

Lost David, kept Spike






It's time for more insight and wisdom from our favorite color man...


Rice rechristens the Blazers' backup Center calling action on a replay:

"Look at Roberto cut behind..."


In the 2nd Quarter, LMA picks up a foul and Nate leaves him in...

Rice: "I'm a little nervous about LA picking up his third foul out there."

MB: "He only has 1 foul, doesn't he?.... Oh, no, he has two, you're right... No, he's only got one foul."

Rice: "Oh, good, I'm not nervous any more."


Sweet Wesley Matthews hits again....

Rioe: "I do believe his groin was bothering him earlier..."

MB: "You mean his Achilles?"

Rice: "Oh, I knew he had an injury."


Movie tip, a iron-clad lock — Waterworld:

"I've seen it 7 times."


Rice ad libs a segue into the MB postgame interview:

"The referees being ushered out by a lot of uniformed ushers and I could tell you why but, oh, here's my partner..."


Game 3. Blazers 100 at Knicks 95.

October 30, 2010.

Blazers' record is now 3-0, Knicks 1-1.

The game recounted in way the hell too many words...

My pregame festivities involved giving money to the needy. I feel much better about myself now, I'm happy to say. David Stern and Comcast were the recipients of my generosity to the tune of $179 out of my wallet. Although that sounds horrible, it's a pretty smooth deal if you price it out — why pay $189 straight to the league for Broadband if you get it ten bucks cheaper plus three months of free HBO from Comcast? That's pretty easy math no matter what you feel about Comcast.

I've grown to like LPBB. It's not perfect, god knows, but it's an excellent way to keep up with the Lakers. And really, who would NOT want to keep up with the Lakers? (tee hee...)

With the Knicks starting two rookies and Gallinari playing like a rather tall perimeter-shooting turd, a visit to Madison Square Garden II definitely represents a winnable road game for the Blazers. No, let me rephrase that: Portland should be winning this game, unless they spent the afternoon huffing silver spray paint in the MOMA parking lot.

Nic was the hot Blazer out the gate, with Roy adding a trey and Andre a couple of his patented set shots. Unfortunately, Camby drew two quick fouls, which brought Fabricio "Brylcreem" Oberto off the bench and sent thousands of Blazer fans around America off to the baño for an emergency potty break to prevent wetting of selves.

At the first scheduled time out, Blazers led 15-12, with Brandon Roy headed to the line to shoot two.

Amar'e was trying to earn his entire contract in the first half, slinging the ball from everywhere, which was helpful to the Portland cause. Amare sat with the score 24-14 Blazers, replaced by ex-Warrior Ronnie Turiaf. Knicks immediately hit for 3, Rudy missed, and Tony Douglas drove the lane, cutting the lead in half.

Sweet Wesley's first foray as a PG ended with a palming turnover, but the Knicks were unable to capitalize. Next time down the floor Sweetness made amends, hitting a nice little jumper from the top of the key. End of the first quarter and the score was Blazers 26, Knicks 19.

LMA scored the first Blazer points of the 2nd Quarter and did a nice job pocketing a rebound along the baseline on the other end. At the first stoppage Blazers were shooting 56% and the Knicks 35%, which goes far in explaining the Blazers' 33-21 lead, which ultimately proved to be the biggest margin of the game.

Sweetness showed his moxy and hit again. Later Andre was fouled and drew Familiarity Contempt from the Madison Garden faithful, obliging them with a miss to their laughter and cheers. Wilson Chandler hit a rainmaker to cut the Portland lead to 7, LMA answered with a long deuce, and Chandler topped his ringer, bringing a Nate timeout with the lead cut to six.

During the commercial break, Lebron asks "WHAT SHOULD I DO?" and I cast my 33rd vote of the week for his suggestion: "Maybe I should just disappear?" Let's start a petition and send it to Phil Knight, shall we?

I notice, coming back, that Madison Square Garden has started to emulate the Lakers' scheme of lighting the court and leaving the crowd in the dark, sort of like a movie theater or stage show. Interesting. How much longer before the rest of the league starts to copycat? Not long, I'm guessing.

In the next break Comcast brilliantly runs a promo for a rebroadcast of the Ducks v. USC game, instantly reminding about half their viewers to immediately flip the channel. Then the Comcast Halftime Stooges show the Dante pursuit block twice, neglecting to mention that it did nothing whatsoever to alter the game score.

After the break he Knicks crowd came alive and the Blazers brick a long jumper, with the Knicks outhustling Portland for the loose balls. The Blazers were looking flat and tired and distracted and wishing they were somewhere else, like huffing silver paint in the MOMA parking lot.

A pathetic turnover, Portland's 7th, set up a breakaway stuff. Technicolor ugly. Next possession the officials graciously T'd up Amare on a BS technical, allowing Brandon to tie it up shooting the shot. This cued an interesting revelation by MB that the officials have not only been instructed to make these garbage technical foul calls, but that they will be penalized by their supervisors if they don't. The Blazers benefited this time but live by sword, die by sword, etc. Halftime score: 44 each with a footnote reading UGLY.

Flipped 'er to the Trojan game during the intermission. Trojans leading the Ducks 10-8.

Only adjustments Portland needs to make, in my humble opinion: 1. Stop Wilson Chandler. 2. Start hustling.

Halftime stat of note: Wilson Chandler, 13 points and 9 rebounds in the 2nd Quarter alone.

The Knicks were choosing not to respect Andre's shot outside of about 12 feet and he made them pay with an open 15 foot setshot. Still, the Knicks hustled and the Blazers dragged and the home team stepped out a lead. Portland remained sluggish and lazy chasing down long misses, while the Knicks wanted the rebounds more and therefore gathered them in. I've said it before and I'll say it again: rebounding is part physicality, part technique, and part WILL. Blazers were exhibiting none of these attributes, for what it's worth.

Rice opined that the Blazers' flatness was due to previous day New York funnery. MB assured the viewers that "everyone was tucked in their beds by 10."

Yeah, right.

Portland caught a break at the 8:27 mark when Amar'e picked up his 4th foul, tripping Dre. The bad new was that Wilson Chandler was back, playing Power Forward against LMA. He was quickly put on the line with LMA's 3rd personal.

Fortunately, something clicked for Portland with Amar'e on the bench. The Blazers started tightening things up. Ball movement improved. The paint opened up. Shots started falling. The bench started getting intense cheering on the five on the floor, with Patty Mills the cheerleader-in-chief.

But then another revelation was delivered upon Portland fandom from above: "Wesley Matthews is not a Point Guard." He was picked easily trying to carry the ball across midcourt against light pressure. Sorry, Blazers, nice theory but you're screwed. Pass it on.

LMA made a sweet turnaround for his 14 at the 5 minute mark and a 4 point lead and the Knicks turned it over on the other end. Does that sentence in any way enhance your knowledge of what happened in this game? I thought not. Let's summarize the game thus far this way: New York really wanted this game and were playing over their heads, Portland, the superior team, was sloppy.

Brandon started to feel it late in the 3rd Quarter. That's what superstars do, I note. "He's not the quickest guard in the NBA, Brandon, but he knows how to get space." That's Mike Rice talking. "New York has weathered the storm of Amar'e Stoudamire's 4 fouls." That's also, Mike Rice, correctly. End of the 3rd: 74 each, I guess we'll soon see who's better.

K'know, I'm a Laker fan. The really great teams, on the road, look at this situation and laugh. They don't get tight. They don't get worried. They just amp up their defense, start scoring the ball low, and win the game. In previous seasons I have watched the Lakers and the Blazers differently, worrying about the Blazers in this sort of situation, but relaxing and assuming (generally correctly) that the good guys would win in the end whenever the boys in purple were on the floor. This season, the Blazers, for whatever reason, also feel like a Big Money, Title Contending Road Team.

No worries.

But at this point the Knicks were dramatically outrebounding Portland 37-31 and outscoring them in the paint. Yikes. 

I felt all that calmness about the outcome and then the Blazers wet and got beat again by Amar'e on the boards, continuing a night-long theme. At 9 minutes Andre picked up a low IQ charging foul and had to sit with his 5th. Knicks scored and Wesley did his best Jarret Jack imitation to turn it over with a sideline stomp, and the Blazers were down 2.

Roll call:

Blazers rebounding = pathetic.

Rudy Fernandez = pressing and out of sorts.

Blazers = in trouble.

The Blazers were down 7 with 5 minutes to play, Mr Bill "Whoever the hell he is" Walker missed over the backboard, but Brandon bricked the lay in dodging Amar'e on the other end. Turiaf got fouled on the other end but obligingly missed a pair and Andre cut it to 5. Amar'e bricked with LMA playing good D and LMA scored off an Andre pass, cutting it to just 3 with over 3 minutes to play.

The final exam was approaching.

Blazers and Knicks were tied with 1:23 to play. It was a coin toss.......... HEADS!

Brandon passed to a wide open LMA who missed a long jumper on a set play. Knicks rebounded. Against the shot clock the Knicks missed a chuck and Nic rebounded. Roy missed and LMA was fouled by Turiaf on the tip. LMA hit 1 and bricked the second for a 1 point lead with 24.5 seconds.

LMA was sitting 3/8 from the FT line. Goat horns were at the ready in Portland.

Rice was calling Stoudamire all the way to take New York's final shot... A blast from the past, the "LET'S GO KNICKS!" chant was revisited. Gob Bluth music played on the house organ. Felton was BLOCKED (all caps, bold type) by Nic, LMA grabbed the ball, and a quick time was taken. Just 18.2 seconds remained, Blazers up one with the ball, and the Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop" cranking in the house... Things now looking up for Portland. 

The inbounds pass came to LMA, who was fouled at the 14.8 mark. LMA was looking uncomfortable from the charity stripe; he drained one but missed YET AGAIN on the second try, leaving the door open for a New York win.

With 14.3 left, Knicks inbounded to Amar'e, who drove the lane. Camby blocked the ball off Amar'e's thigh with 6.5 seconds showing. The ball was ruled to New York but it upon further review the call was overturned, which was essentially the ball game.

A few clutch FTs by Portland and the crowd went home sad.

It was a 17-3 run for Portland down the stretch in the 4th Quarter — THAT'S what we're looking for, people.

Portland 100, Knicks 95.



Let's take at this thang graphically, shall we?


Ya gotta click THIS-HERE LINK to see the swell graphs, that's the way these things work... Ready? Set??? GO!!!

Now here are a few observations about the Popcorn Machine material from me to you:

A. Portland owned the first half and a good part of the 3rd Quarter, but they just about choked it away in the final frame, before coming back strong with a game-winning 17-3 run.

B. Brandon had only 2 points in the 4th Quarter. Andre had 8 and LMA had 6. Just sayin'...

C. Knicks put a 21-6 run on Portland in the 2nd Quarter to make a close game possible. Chandler was the big stud for New York during that period, of course, but it looks like all 10 Blazers participated in the mess.

D. Plus/Minus king? Nic Batum at +16. The kid is gonna be a legitimate star. Here's a bad thought: not only Oden's second contract but Nic's second contract is coming up here... My prescription: Trade Oden, sign Pryz, sign Nic, bring back Pendy.

E. Amar'e finished with 18 points, LMA (who looked bad again for much of the night) had 20.


Now the real point of the exercise, snippets and links to the other team's press...



Postgame Thread: Blazers 100, Knicks 95

by Seth, Posting and Toasting (SBN)

Heartbreaking. I'm gonna go put on my cat costume and mope. Recap tomorrow.



Tough Loss

posted by ChiaCrack to Posting and Toasting (SBN)

Basketball is always about runs. Teams go on runs, teams go cold, teams go hot.

That 9-0 run really determined the game, and free throw shooting.

Am I mad with another loss? NO.

We are growing, it's not gonna happen overnight, but we got the right players and cap space to continue to grow....

We have a key nucleus and great coaching. What is really encouraging is that we are playing defense, yeah we are and its paying off. * * *



We Were Better

posted by Moose35 to Posting and Toasting game thread

We were better than Portland today.

So call that a moral victory I guess. We lost the game with our awful free throw shooting. Other than that, and the fact that Amare has sporadic point guard moments, I'm happy with this team.



7 Things I Learned About the Knicks Tonight:

by Aaron Hodges, Knicks Fanatics (Bloguin)

1) Free Throw Shooting cost them the game and will probably haunt them again. 56% just won't cut it.

2) Amar'e Stoudemire can not carry this team if the defense collapses on him....

3) At this point Danilo Gallinari should not be a starter....

4) Raymond Felton is way better than Chris Duhon....

5) While the defense has been much better, there are moments when the Knicks either don't communicate or aren't aware of open players on the wings....

6) Inserting Landry Fields in the starting lineup was a great move by Coach D. The kid can play.....

7) The crowd at MSG was somewhat subdued. They remain skeptical even though change is in the air. * * *



Rapid Reaction: Trail Blazers 100, Knicks 95

By Chris Sheridan, ESPN New York Knicks blog

WHAT IT MEANS: A humbling, excruciating loss. There were definitely some positive vibes going through the Garden, especially when the home team went ahead by nine points with five minutes left. But it was a choke job for the Knicks from that point on as they were outscored 17-3 the rest of the way.

Two things were particularly worrisome: Amar'e Stoudemire almost never touched the ball in the fourth quarter, scoring just two points. * * *

The other negative was Danilo Gallinari's continued struggles. He shot 2-for-9, missed all of his outside shots, including three 3-point attempts, and was benched for the final 18½ minutes. *  *  *



Recap: Blazers 100 Knicks 95

by Tommy Dee, The Knicks Blog

* * *
Give D'Antoni credit for calling Bill Walker‘s number and the forward responded with 2 rainbow 3s that brought the house down. The key stretch of the game, however that could have lost the game for the Knicks was a 5-point swing that saw Ronny Turiaf miss an and 1 opportunity and the ensuing free throw that would have stretched the lead to 10. Portland came right down and scored.

Bottom line is they shot a wretched percentage from the line 14-25 (56%) and from 3 (7-27) and were in the game until the last possession, one that looked to me that Amar'e got grabbed on.

Brandon Roy led the Blazers with 29 points.



Knicks drop home opener at Garden as Trail Blazers lock down Amar'e Stoudemire, Wilson Chandler late

by Frank Isola, New York Daily News

* * *
"We were right there," Amar'e Stoudemire said.

Everything was perfect except the ending as the Knicks self-destructed and allowed the Portland Trail Blazers to rally in the closing minutes for a 100-95 victory.

"We just didn't score," D'Antoni said after the Knicks fell to 1 -2. "Some things went against us and we just didn't put the ball in the hole."

The Knicks made just one of their last nine shots after taking a 92-83 lead and got nothing from Stoudemire, who was playing his third game in four nights. Stoudemire finished with 18 points and five rebounds, but he had six turnovers including two in the last three minutes. * * *



Blazers Guard Fernandez loves NYC

by Marc Berman, New York Post

Rudy Fernandez enjoyed Manhattan last night, having a business dinner with his agent Andy Miller.

The Knicks play their home opener tonight against Portland and the Blazers' Spanish-born shooting guard still would prefer to make New York City his home. According to a league source, Miller plans to meet tonight at the Garden with Blazers president Richard Cho to discuss Fernandez's future.

"What Rudy wants is irrelevant," one person familiar with the situation said. "It's what the Blazers want." * * *




posted by NYCBaller to Knicks City message board

Amar'e has to understand he is just not that good when he puts the ball on the ground. He reminds me a lot of No-Sharrington who used to think he was a SG and would dribble the ball and almost always lose it going to the hole. I guess the NFL equivalent would be Tiki Barber.

Part of why Amare was so dominant in Phoenix was because he had Nash would set him up perfectly and in such a way as to avoid having to make him dribble the ball.

Are you guys seeing much of the 7SOL? Because i'm not. I don't see the guards pushing on every single play. Where's the PnR? Where's the fast break?



Tough Loss

posted by Hueyhog20 to ESPN Knicks message board

I'm proud of our guys. We've been in every one of our games, and could very well be 3-0 at this point if we had some of the breaks go our way. But hey, we are playing some good teams and it won't get any easier. Not to mention....Gallo has been pretty damn bad, and AR has been out.

We've played some good D, and have made some efforts on both sides of the ball that i didn't see last year. I'm very confident of this season.



Blazers 100, Knicks 95

by Mike Kurylo, KnickerBlogger (TrueHoop)

It only took 3 games, but New York has a losing record again. The Knicks dropped their home opener to Portland, 100 to 95, leaving their record at 1-2 on the season.

To say it was a winnable game for New York is an understatement, as the Knicks were up 92-83 with 5:32 left to go. * * *

Wasn't replacing David Lee with a scoring superstar supposed to prevent these fourth quarter meltdowns? * * *



Star-Studded Premiere at Garden Is Spoiled for Knicks by a Rerun

by Howard Beck, New York Times

The air was filled with smoke and lasers and Michael Buffer's booming baritone - the obligatory theatrics that accompany opening night at Madison Square Garden. The show was ultimately stolen by a flat-screen video monitor.

The Knicks battle the Portland Trail Blazers down to the wire Saturday night, then fell in the final seconds because of missed shots, unforced errors, and one critical replay.

With 6.5 seconds left in a 2-point game, officials overturned an out-of-bounds call and awarded possession to Portland, which held on for a 100-95 victory, spoiling Amar'e Stoudemire's official Garden debut. * * *



Knicks Drop Home Opener at Garden as Trail Blazers Lock Down Amar'e Stoudemire, Wilson Chandler Late

by Frank Isola, New York Daily News

Maybe it lacked the buzz that LeBron James would have generated had he decided to wear No. 6 for the Knicks and not the Heat.

And yet, the Knicks' home opener provided something true supporters of the orange and blue haven't felt in years: hope. You could hear it inside Madison Square Garden when Bill Walker's 3-pointer gave the Knicks a nine-point lead with 5:30 to play Saturday night. At that moment - dare we say it? - the Garden had a playoff-like feel to it. * * *

Everything was perfect except the ending as the Knicks self-destructed and allowed the Portland Trail Blazers to rally in the closing minutes for a 100-95 victory. * * *



So They Lost...

posted by KnickLegend83 to the New York Daily News comments section

So the Knicks lost to the defending Eastern Conference champs by 4 and a consistent playoff team by 5 and for both games were in it til the end and everyone already is jumping ship.

Did everyone think 10 new players and 2 rookies starting would have us undefeated right now? It's a process and it's not how you start but how you finish. Talk to me in a month. * * *

I'll say this though WTF did gallo do this offseason? No defense, shoots only where the ball finds him no boards free throw attempts assists etc. Donnie can't draft. Other moves ok but drafting, wow....


The Bottom Line:

1. Well, that certainly sucked...

2. Still, ya gotta understand, after the last few seasons of crap that was marketed as Knicks basketball, it's possible to be disappointed, but not mad about this loss. This team has a lot of promise, both this year and especially next. Things are turning around finally and we've got space under the salary cap to make another big move.

3. This was a winnable game for us, but we didn't capitalize at the end. Bad free throw shooting sank the ship.


I'l bet you wanna see another installment of THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD, eh?




To borrow a line from Robert Plant: "This is a song of hope..."

NSFW lyrics alert.



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