A Burning Question and Another Reason to be Optimistic

Hi Everybody,

What a great day it is.  SI did it's 20 Burning Questions for the upcoming season ( and #8 is the following:

8. Will Portland make a move?

By acquiring a first-round pick from the Hornets for Jerryd Bayless, the Blazers have put together a nice war chest of assets: two 2011 first-round picks, a pile of attractive young players and future picks. There might not be a team better positioned to pounce if an impact player becomes available.

I tend to think yes but the looming lockout could change everything. 

I also wanted to share another reason to be optimistic:  The San Francisco Giants. 

Yes, the Giants, a team which I am an enormous fan of.  I have often drawn parallels between the Giants and Blazers over the last 5 years, and the Giants currently find themselves in the World Series.  Both teams were changed forever with the drafting of young, but doubted, UW products (Lincecum and Roy).  Both have turned over their entire rosters since 2006 (Matt Cain and Joel Przybilla being the longest tenured players for each club).  It's hard to draw too many parallels because the sports themselves are so different, but the Giants, like the Blazers, entered the season with promise and major question marks after coming off of a solid year that many characterized as an overachievement.  Midseason moves addressed some of those question marks for the Giants, and their strengths have put them in position to win a championship. 

Now the NBA is more predictable than the MLB or NFL (see San Diego Padres/Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, KC Chiefs, etc...) but things could come together for this Blazer team.  They have the pieces to make the "right" move, they have impact players who could return to full health (one especially), and they have veterans who are in it to win it.  This last one has been vital to the Giants, and I think it will be for the Blazers as well. 

So as we embark on this journey, look no further than our friends down in the Bay Area for hope that the Blazers, like the Giants, can "overachieve" this season and reach new heights.  Catching lightning in a bottle is a rare and magical thing, the Giants have done it and I believe the Blazers can too.  Sports is the greatest reality show there is and I'm very much looking forward to this episode.

GO BLAZERS!!!!!!!!!!!  Stomp the Suns!!!

(also, GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!  Don't throw this opportunity away like we did in '02!!!)

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