Jerryd Baylessless

So I bawled. I screamed. I pulled my hair. I panicked. My sister had to check on me every 5 minutes to make sure I didn't use the cord to my laptop to hurt myself. And I couldn't sleep last night. If you've experienced the pain of seeing your favorite player on your favorite team go, then you know the feeling. You probably didn't find out as fast, as hitting Refresh on Twitter basically broke the news, but y'all get me.


I understand that letting go Bayless means saving millions, opening up playing time for Wesley/Rudy/Armon, possessing an attractive first round pick, and less clanked jumpshots. But I'll still miss him as a player and a person because he brought me a lot of joy.

Now this is, what I figured to be, what I want to say to Jerryd:



I'm just thankful for your time on the court, your charisma, your blogs, your tweets, your interviews, and just your being. Honestly, you really sparked my passion for basketball. I started watching you as a rookie, and cheering for you exclusively was really fun. Although I do regret I'll never have the chance to run into you at Benihana's (which I may or may not have plotted to try), I'm happy that you get your fresh start.


I do admit to praying fervently for Chris Paul and you to be point guards together, but it just so happens that it will be at another city. And that city just might need you more considering all it's been through.

Have fun with Monty. I'll love you forever. I'll cheer for you when you're back in Portland in February. Keep the swag.


P.S. Reasons Why I Will Survive

  • I actually declared yesterday, before any knowledge of the trade going down that “I need to get over Jerryd.”  It was getting obsessive. Really.
  • His facial hair. Hmm.
  • His new tattoo is. Uhm.
  • His lackluster preseason performance
  • Not having to defend his huge forehead anymore when showing people pictures of him
  • I saved the reciept and didn't pull the tags off Bayless jersey. So I’ll be returning that for a backpack and shirt I think.
  • Tip off is on Tuesday
  • Darron Thomas is gorgeous. He is also 6'3".





Also, any happy thoughts on Bayless, I'd love to know!

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