Lighten Up and Tighten Up!

Man, geesh..what's going on? I wake up today to find 1/2 of the Blazer fanbase calling for the trade of Brandon Roy because he says he wants the ball more. Quite frankly I'm astounded and a little shocked.

Other threads are, and have debated the all I want to say here is "Come On Fans!" Let's lighten up a little?

I have no idea how this upcoming season may play out. I could see us being very succesful and being a legitimate playoff finals team...I could see injury to Brandon or continued injury with our bigs transform us back into a lottery team. To me the spectrum of possibilty is that wide and that unknown and undefinable.

BUT....I say let's lighten up and tighten up as a fanbase. Listen, I'm not a Rose Colored Glasses, Rah! Rah! whatever the reality type of fan...I will be critical of anything I see, that I think warrants criticism...but this pre-season has been strange.

The analogy in my mind is like when they load a racehorse in the starting shoots before a horse race. And I feel like The Blazers are a racehorse being loaded in the shoot and then having it's legs tied...and a pit dug right outside the exit...

I do think we need to lighten up. Things need to be discovered, defined and ultimately addressed...that's also what I see this upcoming season as being about...but also at least at the start, could we perhaps  focus a little more on what is right with the team?

Matthews appears to be an excellent addition. Brandon is evidently healthy. So is Batum. We will have Camby available....from the start of the season. Aldridge is healthy.

This can be a good team...maybe a great team.

So even though I'm not normally a Rah! Rah! guy...I say GO BLAZERS...let's not focus so much on twisting or reading into Brandons comments, Pre-Season about wanting the ball more...let's not sit back and wonder why or what Przybilla's apparent quicker return to health means in relationship to Odens rehab....two different people with two similar injuries but even similar injuries can heal differently for different people. I think this comparison of Przybilla vs. Oden in a rehab timeline "race" is ridiculous.  Like Oden, Hate Oden, Have Faith in Oden, or Lost Faith in Oden...I feel sorry for him. He can't escape comparison......even in his own rehab....let's let him breath on this Okay?

I know the squeaky wheel get's noticed...and I know it's not the entire fanbase, and tomorrow I might be a hypocrite and find something that I think needs immediate criticism...but for now? Let's try to get the race that is the N.B.A. season off to if not a Great start at least a start where we are not creating problems or imagining problems that we have no real idea if they exist or not....

Let's give this team a chance..... 

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