Nate Unveils: Ten Set Plays...


Nate has come down from the mountaintop with 15 <crash> I mean 10...  Ten Set Plays...

Nate then addressed his players to unveil this year’s Blazer Offense:

“OK guys, gather round…  I have the Set of Plays for us this year…”

BRoy gets all excited “the new playbook is here, the new playbook is here”

Nate says “OK, Brandon, of course, Thy First Play is for Brandon.  The ISO.  Because 1 is all you need when you have 7.

Thy Second Play is for LMA, because he is big and has the prettiest shot 2…

Thy Third Play is for Dre, so he won’t sulk and will keep passing the ball to Brandon.

Thy Fourth Play is a fast break!  We’ll practice it, and I’ll yell at you to do it, but don’t ever do it, OK?

Thy Fifth Play is… there is no play number 5  (despite Nate’s best intentions, sometimes you turn it over…) (OK, so I stretched to get a Monty Python reference in… sue me..)

Thy Sixth Play, ooh, we’re really going wild here, is an attempted pick and roll…. 

(Nate at this time gets all animated, and says “Let me show you how to execute this play Blazer style:

First, big man: decide too late to make the pick, and move too fast and set too wimpy a pick too far away from the defender to truly be called a pick…


Guard, be sure to move before the big man is set, to test the big man’s ability to not draw the offensive foul…  excellent…


OK, now big man, roll to the lane with your left arm way up so everybody can see you’re guarded by a man 150 pounds and 15 inches shorter than you...  That’s right…  Keep wavin…  Hi Joel…


OK, guard, ignore the big man.  You can wave back, but under no circumstances do you give him the ball...  Concentrate on how you can school the big man who just switched off to you…  Let’s all assume that everybody plays our switch everything D, OK, so we don’t confuse the new guys…


And then of course, if you don’t have an open shot, get it to Brandon and we go for play #1.


Thy Seventh Play, of course, is for number 7.  Here Brandon, the 1-4 flat.  You just have fun.

The Eighth Play is to reward our nicest foreigner, Nicola…  OK, so we fake the #7 play, and kick it to you in the corner…  Yes, the corner Nic…  Go to the corner…  Sit Nico, Sit…  Good boy...

The Ninth Play is….  Oh, Greg, I almost forget, let’s give you one… OK, Brandon, try to toss it to him… OK, not quite, Brandon, the idea is to try and throw the ball so Greg can catch it...  What's that?  Yes, I suppose Greg could have jumped the 7 feet necessary to catch your pass, you're right...  OK Greg, maybe we'll try to put that in the playboook next month.. Keep practicing…

The Tenth Play, of course, is the BRoy iso.  Only not the 1-4 flat, no this time, let’s be bold and do the four corner squat…

OK guys, now let’s go scrap out there!”

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