Genki Drawer - 10-11-2010

So is everyone bright, vibrant, and full of life today? if you can read this then you are impervious to my secret message attempts

word of the day: circumventulate (I actually invented this word in the '90s as a teenager.)

The daily Junk Drawer (JD) fanpost is the place for true off-topic conversation and people's random thoughts.  Its purpose was simple from its infancy; a place where people could come and chat about all of the "whatevers" that didn't fit with the rest of the site and even be loose in terms of byplay and humor.  The goal was to foster let people who wanted to get to know each other outside of what they could discern from the strictly basketball posts.  We've had happy JD's, sad ones, drawers that looked like a sharing circle, drawers that resembled open mic night at the comedy club... and people have really become a family here.

So if you have a one-off thought, consider posting it here. Everyone else is doing the same, so you will find the JD an eclectic place where you might read something interesting, pointless, profound, or just funny within a few moments. The rules about importance and significance of the topic are suspended in each JD but keep some of these basic rules in mind:

  1. Be mindful that every image posted slows down the JD, so use discretion in how many you post (you can also link to images you want to share so that they will not overwhelm the JD). When you do post images, put something in the subject line of the comment so that the image can be minimized.
  2. Ad hominem attacks and swearing will never be tolerated
  3. Remember everything you write is visible publicly 
  4. Don't use the JD call out or talk about users from other BEdge threads.

As you try and navigate through the junk drawer, remember that you can use 'Z' on your keypad to mark a comment as read and move to the next one and hitting shift-A will mark all comments as read.

Sometimes life gives you problems but they aren't problems so much as obstacles for circumventulation.

As far as BEdge matchmaking goes, I'm pretty broken up about DtL and 323 not working out (did he ever even buy her that drink?) and not sure where to go next with matchmaking. There are lots of ways to tell superficially how bad a couple could be and those are always fun.  I'm always amazed when people like this try to hookup.. and they often do. It's harder to know for sure that someone is really going to work out as opposed to if they have absolutely no chance of working out. 

In conclusion, I'm willing to make a matchmaking junk, but someone has to submit themselves for a matchmaking interview first and public analysis, or it's not worth it. Beyond that, enjoying talking about whatever the zach you want to talk about but age ain't nothing but a number and life is a hundred times too short to stifle myself--tminus: 1,216,420

Happy Columbia Day!

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