TrailBlazers Gamer style! NBA 2k_/NBA Live(Boo!)

First, NBA 2k_(9 for me currently) is THE best overall NBA game. Let's just get that out of the way first.

Hand in hand with loving my Blazers, I enjoy testing out the various roster combinations and tweaking and editing them to help forecast down the road(which in 2K series you can edit EVERYTHING anytime, not so sure in Live...).

For example I "fast-progressed"(edited) pretty much everyone save Roy because he is pretty much close to complete as they come, sans improving the D a bit. Results were crazy awesome fun:


Oden faster, more athletic, more offense, LMA now played like Nowitzki with better D/inside game, Batum turned into Pippen with better outside shot, Webster continued to be a gunslinger but now quite a beast on D/handle with rock etc etc etc...visions of the future?

Currently using NBA 2K9 still(get current rosters/prospects online via ingame menu, don't have to pay $40 for 2k10) and have a roster of:

C: Oden/Pryz/LMA(*sniff sniff) are obviously AWESOME when healthy so no brainer there. Quite fond of both!

PF: LMA/Pendy/Juwan/Cunningham


SF: Gerald Wallace(*prays*)/Batum/Webster

Traded Blake/Outlaw/Jbay/1st Rd draft pick to Charlotte for G Wallace. (in reality this would be nice, plus cash+picks to Charlotte and they throw in picks/role player). It actually worked ingame for just Blake/Outlaw/Pick which is a bit silly so feeling sorry for the stupid CPU I just dumped Bayless altogether lol.

Crash Wallace is a BEAST. Great on D, always comes up with off ball steals/blocks, lots of hustle plays, full court breakway dunks after thefts-just awesome. He only averages about 10ppg(10min quarters), 5rb, 1.5 assists, 2steals, 1.5 blocks but he's really on the Blazers for two things: Explosive D and Boarding.

Batum should get more minutes and does everything pretty well, and I usually play him off of Webster so there is a good D/Offense trade off there, though Batum is getting quite good at O lately(*note to self adjust offense ingame)

But overall, much more D focused, with more minutes to go around sans Jbay at the 2 and Outlaw at 3.

SG: Rudy/Webster/Batum

Explosivo extravaganzo! Good, TALL, rangy 2's, all getting better with time.

PG: Roy/Miller/Rudy/MIlls

Roy is a ball controling point scoring PG in a SG/SF body. Just put him here and be done with it! True ingame really quick point guards dont cuase him as much headache as say maybe in reality, so I can afford to live this fantasy scenario, but I have heard debates about him staying with the Brooks/Pauls of the league decently enough..


Miller comes off the bench, veteran, scoring punch, runs the uptempo more etc. Possible trade in furture as he really isn't "perfect" but I try and keep the team as close to reality as possible.


Going foward, I forsee possibly fast proggesing LMA, either that or trading him because he's a wee bit too soft for me right now in reality to really get into him. Not really sure on who to get...suggestions for an All-Star PF? I could use to free up some more playing time for Batum/Rudy/Webster

I'l try and keep this updated for the folks who care (*cricket cricket*) to indulge in the world of sports gaming.

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