2010 "The View" Index

Here is a set of links relating to my stuff published on Blazers Edge during 2010.

48. Whatever...  [Jan. 29] (deleted) — Brandon grins while the Blazers sink and I'm heading back home to Wikipedia and book research. Thanks for reading.

47. Pants Down: The View from Utah  [Jan. 28] — Sex Sells; A Mammoth Compendium of Greg Oden Penis Jokes; The Basketball Jones 506/507; Punk Rock Videos: STIFF LITTLE FINGERS x 5; In memoriam Howard Zinn.

46. Blazers Edge Night: The View from New Orleans  [Jan. 25] — Reactions to Oregonian fare featuring comments by Marty Webster and Steve Blake and on stories filed by John Canzano and Jason Quick; Patrick Mills NBADL video; NFL Quick Takes from Championship Sunday; Channel Surfing: Hornets/Blazers; The Basketball Jones 504/505; New Orleans clippage; Punk Rock Video: BOOMTOWN RATS x 5.

45. Ford Escape: The View from Detroit  [Jan. 23] — Google Auto-Suggestions for Blazer players and other worthies; Detroit Rock City (video); The End of MVN; Channel Surfing: Blazers/Pistons; Brickowski on Tough Guys; Panic in Detroit (video); Detroit clippage; Punk Rock Videos: ELVIS COSTELLO x 5.

44. Jackasses Win: The View from Boston  [Jan. 22] — Is the assertion that Portland has been having more difficulty putting away bad opponents this year correct? Yes. Fortunately, the victories are sweeter, however; Channel Surfing: Lakers/Cavs, Blazers/Celtics; The Basketball Jones 503; Boston clippage; Punk Rock Videos: XTC x 4.

43. Common Plecostomi: The View from Philadelphia  [Jan. 20] — Timbo's Western Conference All Stars (Starters: Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowitzki, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul. Reserves: Tim Duncan, Zach Randolph, Amar'e Stoudamire, Kevin Durant, Brandon Roy, Steve Nash, Deron Williams). KG Taunting Rex (video); Channel Surfing: Blazers/Sixers; The Basketball Jones 501/502; Philadelphia clippage; Punk Rock Videos: RAMONES x 5.

42. Where's Gilbert? : The View from Washington  [Jan. 18] — Will KP Trade for a Big? (Brendan Haywood, Brad Miller, Brandon Bass, Jeff Foster); Blazer Fantastic Finish video from Feb. 26, 1978; Kevie Kwiz: Which team did he NOT play for?; NFL Quick Takes: Playoff Round 2; Channel Surfing: Jazz/Nuggets, Blazers/Wizards; The Basketball Jones Live Episode 500; Washington clippage; Punk Rock Videos: DEAD KENNEDYS x4, JELLO BIAFRA interview x 1.

41. Half Way Home: The View from Orlando  [Jan. 16] — Professor Timbo grades the Blazers for the first 41 games (Roy A, Howard A, Webster A-, Aldridge B+, Pendergraph B, Miller B, Blake B-, Cunningham C+, Bayless C, Fernandez INC.); Patty Mills interview videos x 3; Channel Surfing: Magic/Blazers; Orlando clippage; Punk Rock Videos: GENERATION X x 4.

40. No Mousse for Me: The View from Milwaukee  [Jan. 13] — More on the Gilbert Arenas Affair; Meet Ernie Grunfeld; Drunk puppet raises havoc at a scotch festival (video); Pottymouth patrol of technical fouls; Channel Surfing: Bucks/Lakers, Bucks/Blazers; The Basketball Jones 497/498/499; Milwaukee clippage; Punk Rock Videos: SHAM 69 x 4.

39. ESPN Crew Smitten: The View from Cleveland  [Jan. 10] — In Defense of Gilbert Arenas (anti-Stern rant part 1); Jeff Pendergraph interviews Jeff Pendergraph (video); NFL Quick Takes (Wild Card Weekend); Channel Surfing: Nuggets/Kings, Cavaliers/Blazers (with ESPN parody); The Basketball Jones 496; Cleveland clippage; Punk Rock Video: Punk Rock Video: BUZZCOCKS x 4.

38b. Haiku Game Review: The View from Laker Land  [Jan. 9] — The Laker/Blazer game as haiku poetry; Laker/Blazer official highlight video; The Basketball Jones 495; Lakers clippage; Punk Rock Video: THE JAM x 4.

38a. Revving Up for LA-LA: The View from Laker Nation  [Jan. 7] — Interview with Dexter Fishmore of Laker blog Silver Screen and Roll; Channel Surfing: Rockets/Suns; Lakers/Clippers; The Basketball Jones 494; Lakers pregame clippage; Punk Rock Videos: GANG OF FOUR x 3.

37. New Kids on the Block: The View from Memphis  [Jan. 6] — Interview with A.J. the Kiwi, Part 2 (Blazers); Snippet from a 1984 New Zealand tour diary; Link to Spanish Pro Basketball video streams and archive (with assessment of Victor Claver); Channel Surfing: Grizzlies/Blazers; The Basketball Jones 493; Memphis clippage; Punk Rock Videos: LOU REED x 5, BOWIE doing Lou x 1.

36. Clipped: The View from Clipperland  [Jan. 4] — Interview with A.J. the Kiwi, Part 1 (1980/81 OSU Beavers); Snippet from a 1984 New Zealand tour diary; Channel Surfing: Mavericks/Lakers, Blazers/Clippers; The Basketball Jones 491/492; Clipper clippage; Punk Rock Videos: DAVID BOWIE x 6 (1 of which subsequently removed).

35. Nothing to Lose: The View from Oakland  [Jan. 2] — How the Western Conference powers really aren't Clown Knives; Feeding a Clown Knife (video); Western Conference Power Rankings 3.0; Channel Surfing: Kings/Lakers (with video), Warriors/Blazers; Warriors Come Out To Play (video); Oakland clippage; Punk Rock Video: DEVO x 4.

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