This Women's Junk - 01-23-2010

[alternative title] A Woman's Junk Is Never Done - January 23rd, 19902010

So today is my birthday! Yay!! and I wanted to make sure that everyone here knew how they could spend their hard earned (or other wise acquired) money in honor of my birthday. Go here for some ways to make my birthday a brighter day.

I really like this song right now.  especially the chorus..

Keep your head up
Cause a new day will come
And look towards the sun
Even when the darkness shall come

So I had a few ideas for what I would do with my bday JD... but the best one will take more time than I have left.. I wanted to make a massive playlist with a song associated with every single JDer... I even spent like 30 mins just imagining songs for people.. and trying to even remember people (esp. those who aren't around.. whatever happened to sexual trex for instance?) and knowing that i would leave people off and that's always delicate.. but maybe someday I or someone can try to do this.. but I will mention one song.. this one will always remind me of sweet meow-chan whose return to yesterday's JD made my pre-bday ;)

So the last JD I made was deleted... I'll try not to make that happen again.

So, here are five things you may or may not have known about me...

      the g to el-oh-ve-ee.. 


baby,        now u got me

but it ain't easy see

    to understand how to be

   how to be really happy

i know you missing sleep lately

 BEdgers rock around the clock - daily

and                  ya know this ish is so craaazy

ahem.. 5 things..

1. I am in Syracuse now because my mom got sick. She's had two surgeries and several intense treatments since November. Yesterday morning, we found out that she is showing great signs of everything being gone. Pray (or just think positive thought) that this good news holds. These months remind me of this beautiful dance and the song with it  inspired this JD's title.

2. I have requested all of my gifts this year to be of the type I mentioned above. The only exception I am making is the "surprise party" that my gf and my mom are planning for me for later today. It's so cute when they think they are sneaking around behind me ;) 

3. I'm starting classes on Monday here in syracuse.. at the same community college i went to during my senior year when I took a lit class there. I am considering a double major in Criminal Justice and Behavioral Science now and think I want to be a FBI special agent or a cop when I'm done. This surprises a lot of people, incl. myself, as I'm not a pro-law enforcement girl.. nor do I have faith in the system. But I believe I was forged by my Creator to be tougher and faster so that I could help people who wouldn't otherwise be helped. I've been warned that I'll grow to hate it and my own ideals will crush my career.. but it's still where I'm at right now :)

4. My GF is a beautiful lady named Kathryn who I have been dating just over a month now.. she is almost 25 and a surgical resident (she started med school when she was younger than me!!) who will be a orthopedic surgeon when all is said and done... she's the most serious gf I've ever had :D but I make her go very slow because I never wanted to start something serious while I was still in school.. but she has been perfect and patient about it..

5. My dad is the one who taught me everything I know about being a fan and player of the game of basketball, and he learned a lot from Coack K (who deserves a big woooot for his induction last month into the Army HOF) when he attended West Point and played with Army under Coach K during the 78 and 79 season.. my parents got divorced in 2003 and my dad moved to San Diego that summer.. I spent most of my summers with him and was practicing 100+ hours a week during those summers prior to my junior and senior year.. because I need to improve my driving and finishing and my shot making. I probably took an average of 700 shots a day every day for the two months in summer.. he had to work a lot during the days.. but he would have me film myself so we could study my form and make corrections.. this was also the same summer that we watched the 2006 Worlds games when I fell in love with the amazing play of one of our favorite Spaniards. :) I was a tweenercombo guard.. and starting SG as a senior...

so.. is this a worthy JD topic or a "drama queen"'s efforts grab more attention? (Special Sauce, you are my sunshine!) Discuss this! or tell us five things about yourself that we may or may not know! :D or just tell or email me you love me and wish me a happy birthday! i might be around briefly later..

update 1

Last night, my gf took me out to dinner and then to see the Blazer-Jazz game. UGH! The plan was to go dancing after that, but I wasn't sure if I'd be in the mood. When Young Money "Bedrock" came on, I smh'd until I got to this line.. which made me hold her close..

She like tannin', I like stayin' in
She like romancin', I like rollin' with friends
She said I'm caged in, I think her conscience is
She watchin' that oxygen, I'm watchin' ESPN
But when that show ends, she all on my skin, lotion,
No emotions, roller coasting like back, forth, hold ito me..

Hold it.. I said.. to which she looks right back at me, smiles, waits until the chorus comes back around and looks me in the eyes and says.. 

oohhh baby , I be stuck to you like glue baby
Wanna spend it all on you baby
My room is the g-spot
Call me Ms. Flinstone
I can make your bedrock

and i thought to myself.. every Blazer fan needs a good woman to help them keep perspective on what is important..

PS I'm taking requests for my next update!

PPS She made my bed rock..

update 2

i've been pissy lately.. blazers losing.. fighting with family.. the only thing that's been ok has been my dr. gf

she looks a lot like Doctor Girlfriend from Venture Bros..


she's sweet..

I think everyone needs a good woman to help keep the bad days a little bit lighter.. -glove out

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