42. Where's Gilbert? : The View from Washington



Let's talk about trades today, shall we?

The Blazers finished up the first half of the season 25-16, which projects to 50 wins. EVERYBODY calls me "Mr. Math"... But with the loss of both Centers to season-ending kneecap injuries, one can't help but shake the sensation that the big wins of the Post-Pivot Period have been improvised creations whipped up by Coach Nate with straw, superglue, and baling wire.

Portland was lucky enough to catch the Lakers without Pau and were the beneficiaries of a brain freeze by Orlando Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy, but the Cleveland Cavs have showed the Blazer Brain Trust in stark relief the contours of their playoff future if they attempt to fake their way through the post season: short and flat.

Portland GM Kevin Pritchard is on the case, trying to beat the odds by scoring another Big without giving away half of his painstakingly assembled young roster.

Don't believe me? Here's some KP Speak that the Blazer boss gave to our second favorite member of the local media, Drama Queen Jason Quick of The Oregonian:

"We're going to be active. We are going to look for deals to help the team and to help Nate. I'm not opposed to being aggressive, but I'm not going to hit the panic button and try to do something to salvage today and leverage our whole future. We've done too much to do that."

See? I paraphrased the boss perfectly...

All right, the Blazers need a starting Center — one of the rarest commodities in the NBA. Who might they get?

Let's assume, first off, that no Western Conference team with playoff pretensions is going to help KP with a deal that might end up slashing their own throats. So while the expiring contract of 7-foot Laker third stringer D.J. Mbenga might look appealing, Mitch Kupchak isn't gonna be shipping him to Portland so that the Blazers are better able to kick butt on the Lakers in the spring... That narrows the search a little.

Okay, here is a list of some of the names who might be out there if the price is right...



1. Brendan Haywood (Washington Wizards, starting C, 7'0", age 30, $6 Million expiring).

A timely name here, given the Blazers' most recent opponent, eh? Haywood has been rumored this, rumored that, rumored the other thing. The Wizards seem to be going Chernobyl in the aftermath of the Arenas Affair and Whizz GM Ernie "I Like Coach Chokers" Grunfeld might reasonably be anticipated to cave in to the desire to blow his mess up after yet another sub-sub-standard season.

Of course, the guy he really needs to move is Gilbert Arenas, but given the financial obesity of the deal to which he was signed, Grunfeld is gonna have a fat chance of that... Ernie "I Pay 'Em, You Don't Play 'Em" G. is pretty obviously angling to cash in chips with fellow New Yawkuh David Stern by having Gil's megabucks deal voided... He's already burned every bridge with Agent Whackidoodle and there aren't many options at this point, unless he wants to clean the Knicks out of every remaining garbage contract on their bench or something.

On the big man front, the Whizz have 7-foot second year player JaVale McGee, who is still on his rookie deal and thus cheap. Starter Haywood is a $6 Million expiring contract and it's "move it or lose it" time for Grunfeld. Washington also has 6'11" Andre Blatche and 6'10" Fabricio Oberto on the bench, capable of filling in at the pivot, so there is a surplus of big bodies playing for that hapless franchise.

What does Grunfeld need? Well given the departure of Gunnin' Gil, a shooter or two would be nice. Someone not afraid to pull the trigger, so to speak. Rudolfo is both cheap and good and the Blazers still have a little cap space to make the deal work, last I checked. KP will also be hard pressed to be bring in two more rooks with his draft picks next year, flipping the guaranteed contract of his first rounder for a Wizards second might help sweeten the pot.

Jerryd Bayless would also make a very interesting acquisition from the Washington perspective, although it strikes me as rather unlikely that KP is ready to give up on the standing "PG of the Future" based on a couple lame games. Still, Rex is the kind of guy that would whet the appetite of the Washington types — a scoring guard that can carry the ball as a PG.

Too high a price? Yeah, maybe.



2. Brad Miller (Chicago Bulls, reserve C, 7'0", $12.25 Million expiring).

If Kevin Pritchard were a reasonably intelligent chimp and if that monkey was given the green light from Blazer owner Paul Allen, KP could have had Brad Miller and John Salmons from the Kings last season for the Raef LaFrentz insurance policy and a small bag of shiny rocks. That deal looked really good last year, when those acquisitions helped propel the Bulls into the Eastern Conference playoffs, and not so super this season, with both players taking a very large step backwards. In fact, Salmons has been so consistently awful that he is inducing vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and swollen lymph nodes among Bulls fans. It looks like Nanophyetus salmincola city, baby, get those portly hotdog eaters to the vet...

Be that as it may, Joakim Noah has come on to such an extent that Chicago's negative nellie sports columnists are now eating their previous work about him with sauce. The Bulls also have Aaron Gray and Jerome James on the bench — although neither the youngster nor the oldster have seen any significant burn. The return of Tyrus Thomas does open up Chicago's horizons somewhat, however.

Miller pretty clearly isn't gonna be re-upped in Chicago after this season. While it might seem a stretch to pick off the expiring contract of a rotation player, stranger things have happened. The recent return of the Bulls from the the elevator shaft into playoff contention in the flaccid East definitely reduces the likelihood of a Miller deal, however. All the same, of late the Bulls have been using Big Brad — a certifiable Tough Guy — only about 15 minutes a night.

Ownership in Chicago is.............. frugal. So any deal for Miller would probably need to not only include a replacement Big, but would also have to take bucks off their salary bill. That means somebody like Jeff Pendergraph would need to head out in the trade — and I'm already hating the idea of that, as would, no doubt, KP. 

Never mind.



3. Brandon Bass (Orlando Magic, reserve PF, 6'8", $4 Million + 3 more @ $4 Million).

An off-season free agent signing by Orlando GM Otis Smith, Brandon Bass fits Orlando like a glove. A left-handed catcher's mit, that is. The Magic run a perimeter oriented 1 man low, 4 high attack built around Center Dwight Howard. Their backup is Marcin Gortat and there is no way in heaven or hell that they're gonna be shipping him, as he's instrumental and irreplaceable. Brandon Bass, a power player with a reasonably smooth jumper to about 18 feet, simply doesn't match up with Stan Van Gundy's system.

Are they holding Bass in reserve for special situations that arise in the playoffs? Perhaps. But it is hard to envision Orlando flushing the highly compensated and highly effective Rashard Lewis for more than spot minutes. Bass's string of Did Not Play — Coach's Decisions strikes me as more indicative than incidental.

The Magic have failed to realize their lofty expectations, excellent record notwithstanding, and one would think that the team would be willing to discard a card and take their chances on the draw. And who might that be? Once again, the perimeter stroker Rudy Fernandez would seem like a logical match — and a significant potential cost savings to the luxury tax-embroiled Magic. Vince Carter has been no better than sketchy this season, there would seem to be room for another Guard on that roster...

The real question is whether the Blazers actually need another Power Forward. The need is a replacement at the 5 in the absence of Przybilla and Oden — and at 6'8", Bass just doesn't seem to have the size to pull that off any better than Juwan Howard or Jeff Pendergraph. So what would be the point, really?

I really like the player and he's absolutely gettable — but I don't see it happening since it doesn't fill the fundamental need.



4. Jeff Foster (Indiana Pacers, reserve Center, 6'11", 33 years old, $6.1 Million + $6.7 Million).

Jeff Foster's name has been frequently floated in trade rumors by pontificating prognosticators this season. It's a little bit difficult to see why Indiana would be in such a rush to make him go away, however, the going price of big men being what it is. Then again, Foster has played his entire career with the Pacers — and what has that got them, really? Dude is a 5.1 point per game career scorer, which is Joel Przybilla sort of point-producing prowess, and he's averaging less than 16 minutes a game in just 16 games played this season.

Nobody knows better than Larry Bird & Co. whether the tank is starting to run dry for this guy. If the boss is getting nervous, which he may well be, there is probably a deal to be done. Which of course makes the problem obvious: Portland might have a good use for Foster this season, but they've gotta spend some bucks for next season as well. Ya want to be dumping the better part of $7 Million on a third stringer? Not sure that I do.

The Pacers are thin enough that they can use help at just about every position, making that aspect of a deal comparatively easy for KP. Again, Rudy or Rex would be very desirable pieces for Indiana...

Still, it's pretty hard to rationalize giving up significant value for an 12 year old Ford Taurus, is it not? Would the presence of Jeff Foster — or the lack thereof — be expected to alter the playoff hopes of Portland? Not likely. So why would Chemistry major KP, the man who is so adverse to making in-season deals, pull the trigger on a trade for this guy?

That's a really good question...


There are probably a couple other viable candidates out there, I don't watch the Eastern Conference enough to know more than a little about who's gettable and who's not. Gimme your thoughts in the comments section if you have any.

My own take is that it's fairly unlikely that there is a deal to be done, from KP's perspective, since the guys most tradable in contract terms — Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw (and their expiring contracts) — are also those least likely to be sought by others. 

Bottom line: I think we'd better get used to the idea that the Blazers are standing pat with Juwan and Pendy — KP's expressions of willingness to roll the dice on a deal notwithstanding.


Here's a blast from the past — a fabulous finish from February 26, 1978, pitting the Portland Trailblazers against the Chicago Bulls. Interesting to listen to Dr. Jack giving the team instructions during the time out...



Kevie Kwiz!!!


Which of the following teams did Blazer GM Kevin Pritchard NOT play for during his 94 game NBA career?


               A. Golden State Warriors


               B. Boston Celtics


               C. New York Knicks


               D. Philadelphia 76ers


               E. Miami Heat


               F. Washington Bullets



Answer at the very bottom. No going Mike Rice on this and looking crap up on the internet!


NFL Quick Takes

Divisional Playoff Weekend, Jan. 16-17.

1. Saints spotted the "World Champion" (sic.) Cards a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage, a run off tackle, and then proceeded to roll over Phoenix for the next three hours like a herd of irate rhinos mushing an egg carton. Saints had a team-playoff record 35 points on the board at the half. That's the team record for a full game, mind you. Reggie Bush ran back a punt for an 83 yard TD to put it beyond doubt and then both teams spent the last 20 minutes of clock time trying to figure out how to get both teams off the field without anybody getting hurt. Drew Brees could have easily rung up 60 points on the hapless Arizona defense if he so needed. He didn't.  New Orleans Saints 45, Arizona Cardinals 14.

2. Opposites Day? Colts opened the game running and Ravens chucking the ball. Each team racked up a 3 spot on their first possession. Things quickly degenerated into a defensive field-possession battle, which is not exactly how Indianapolis had this thing drawn up. The baseball score was still on the board heading towards halftme when Indy Head Coach Jim Caldwell rolled the dice on a 4th-and-4 and won his bet by the length of a football. A touchdown resulted, capping an epic 8-minute drive, Indy's longest of the season. Then the Colts got a quick stop with 1:30 remaining and Peyton ate Baltimore's brains out after the punt, heading to the locker room at half up 17-3. That was pretty much ballgame. Colts pushed it to 3 scores with a field goal after the break while the Ravens surrendered the football a whole slew of ways: via fumbles, picks, punts, and on downs.  Indianapolis Colts 20, Baltimore Ravens 3.

3. Cowboys moved the ball early, but the Vikings scored it, powered by a sweet 47 yard bomb from The Ageless One to Sidney Rice. Home crowds are very difficult to overcome in the NFL, those in domed stadiums the hardest. Cowboy QB Tony Romo coughed up a fumble on a blindside hit when the LT couldn't hear the snap count and was a fraction of a second late getting out of his stance and that cost 'em 3 more points, making it 17-3 Vikes at the half. The second half was all about Purple People Eaters, as the Vikings padded their sack total. Minnesota was the league leader in flattening QBs this season and they munched Romo 6 times in this one, hurrying him many more times than that. Oldie hits Sidney for a third TD early in the 4th Quarter and the Texans might as well pack their crap and head for the tarmac. A little sodium in the sore at the end to make the final result look exactly like the blowout this one was.  Minnesota Vikings 34, Dallas Cowboys 3.

4. As they say on Sesame Street: "One of these teams doesn't belong with the others..." The Jets were the league leaders rushing the ball this year, which might be impressive if your name were Pittsburgh and you had home field throughout; the Chargers a red-hot well-oiled offensive machine. For most teams "shotgun" is an offensive formation — for the Chargers, it's the playoff dismemberment tool of choice. First they blew off half their left foot when Nick Kaeding bricked an easy FG try (!!!). Then the Bolts took care of a couple more of their toes with stupid penalties. The team finally got it moving early in the 2nd Q, capped with a short pitch and catch to an uncovered Chris Wilson for the game's first score. A fired up Charger D stopped the Jets cold for a 7-3 halftime score. After cookies and milk, San Diego started shooting toes on the other foot. A lucky pick. A pick of a dumb throw. An idiotic Red Zone personal foul for a head butt... Way to go, losers! The Jets were essentially gifted a 10-7 lead early in the 4th Quarter. After fumbling the ensuing kickoff (and luckily getting it back), the brilliant Chargers wasted first down on a 2 yard run off tackle. The savvy home crowd booed. Second down was minus yardage, Third and long was annihilated by a Jet corner blitz (and another fumble and fortunate recovery) — and the Chargers were punting again... Next Jet possession ended with a 53 yard run up the middle to paydirt and it was party time in Indianapolis. Down two scores with 4 minutes remaining, another miss by Kaeding essentially ended the Chokers' season. EPIC FAIL by San Diego.  New York Jets 17, San Diego Chargers 14.


Channel Surfing.

Sunday, Jan. 17.


Utah Jazz (23-17) at Denver Nuggets (25-14).

This remains, without question, my favorite matchup in the NBA. Both teams are evenly matched, both clubs are sort of fun to watch, headed by very different coaches who have been around the block a few times, and best of all — somebody's gotta lose!  No matter what happens whenever these two teams take the floor, the Blazers are gaining a half game on somebody...

It's lucky that my rooting one way or the other is not decisive, because I can't decide. On the one hand, the Blazers are chasing the Nuggs, with the same number of wins but 2 games in arrears in the loss column. Do you believe in miracles? On the other hand, Portland is just two nips away from the dog pack chasing them — and a little distance between them and the irate pit bulls on their heels would be welcomed.

No matter...

The 1st Quarter was played evenly, per expectations, with the home team Nuggets maintaining a narrow lead until the last minute. All Star Deron Williams was nursing his right wrist ouchie on the bench during rest time, apparently icing it under a discrete white towel. The game was knotted at 28 after 1.

Utah went cold at the start of the 2nd Quarter, missing their first 6 shots from the floor as Denver dropped an 13-0 run on their skulls, including two AND ONES at the rim and a monster dunk by Nene. Utah withstood the charge, finishing the quarter on a 12-2 run that reduced the Nugget lead to 60-53 at the break.

The 3rd Quarter was all Denver until it wasn't, with the home team's double-digit lead vanishing in the closing minutes. A Deron Williams jumper with 0.6 remaining cut the lead to just 4 points heading for the final period. Melo, Billups, and Nene accounted for 55 of the Nuggs' 85 points at the close of the quarter; D-Will lead the Jazzmen with 18 through 3.

It's a pretty simple game, really. In the 4th Quarter Denver got it to the rim with greater frequency than Utah. Utah's horrific pick-and-roll defense had the ESPN announcing crew shaking their heads. That's show biz. Utah got it down to 4 points in the closing minutes, but that was all they could muster. Anthony finished with 29 second half points, 37 for the game. Nuggets were 41-for-49 from the free throw line. That's all you need to know. This made 3 wins in 3 tries against the Jazz for George Karl's crew. Denver Nuggets 119, Utah Jazz 112.


Monday, Jan. 18.


Portland Trail Blazers (25-16) at Washington Wizards (13-26).

This was early action on MLK day for Portland as a 5 game road trip was begun... The big news was the bad news: Brandon Roy would be missing his second consecutive game with a strained hamstring. That meant it was once again time for Jerryd Bayless to step up...

Portland started en fuego, with Rex hitting a long jumper and dealing two quick assists, the Blazers hitting 4 of their first 5 shots from the field and forcing a quick Wizards time out. Both teams shot very well throughout the first half with this important difference: Washington was getting their looks in the paint and getting fouled going to the rim; Portland was knocking down jumpers. And we all know how that strategy plays out over the course of 48 minutes, eh? Blazers shot 56% and trailed by 3 points at the break, thanks in large part to a couple dumb Blake TOs.

In the 2nd Quarter the Blazers went stone cold, too inept to get to the rim. Miller continued to ride pine with 2 fouls (thanks, Nate) while Binky clanked on one end while watching and waving as pint-sized speedburner Earl Boykins blew by him to the rim on the other. It was ugly. And sickening. Sickening and ugly. Washington took a 7 point lead with about 8 minutes on the clock and Nate mercifully called time out and went to the first aid kid. Andre was back and Blake went to the bench and the bleeding was staunched. But the Blazers still were stuck shooting from the perimeter. "Holy cow, nobody can hit anything from the perimeter this quarter," intoned Blazer play-by-play guy Mike Barrett. True, dat. Blazers finished the half with just 38 points on the scoreboard, fortunately down just 5. Yuck.

In the 3rd Quarter Portland did a somewhat better job of getting to the rim. Unfortunately, Antawan Jamison did a better job, opening up with the first 9 points for the Wizards. Portland's shooting percentage continued to plummet, down to 42% and falling faster than the price of condos in Phoenix. Fortunately, Portland stayed within shouting distance: a sweet lob from Dre to Rex, a 3-point make for Marty, and it was Washington calling the time out to attempt to change momentum. Washington initially reasserted itself, opening up a 7 point lead, but Andre Miller got red hot and the Blazers caught 'em from behind in the last minute of the period. Marty drew a foul on a 3-pointer with time running out and Portland went to the final frame with a real live lead, 73-70. Portland ended up scoring 35 in the quarter, amazingly, astoundingly. Thanks, Andre!

Andre opened the 4th Quarter on the bench. Nate went with his Binky at PG, which had Blazer fans running for the Pepto. A turnover by Blake here, a made jumper there. I'll bet Blake is glad that Nate has confidence in him, because I sure as hell don't... Gimme Rex as a PG any day of the week and twice on national holidays over Blake... Refs gave a couple kind gifts to the Wizards, subtracting a Pendy dunk and adding 2 to the Washington total with a pathetic foul call on Rudolfo. There were makeup calls granted in each case, but the damage was done on the scoreboard.

Midway through the 4th, it was 81 points all and anybody's game. Who wanted it more?

Answer: not Portland. Nobody wanted to take the big shot, so they got to watch Andre Miller clank a 26 footer with 1 second on the shot clock. Caron Butler bucket at the other end put the Whizz up 4. Rex ended the 7-0 Washington run by going hard and drawing a foul, hitting a pair to cut things to 2. Then, pivotally, Caron Butler missed point blank but had strong position underneath and made his second tip, restoring the 4 point advantage. Rex went hard again and got the whistle, but he left the first free throw well short, which is something he just can't be doing in that situation... With less than 24 seconds remaining, Andre had to foul himself out putting Randy Foye on the line at the 18.9 mark. Foye hit a pair and the lead was 5 — dagger. Washington Wizards 97, Portland Trail Blazers 92. Blazers are 8-10 against the lowly East this year, Washington is 3-11 against the West. What's that tell ya about missed opportunities? Yuck.


When it becomes available we will pay a little visit to the Popcorn Machine for their GAME FLOW SUMMARY to see what we can see....



Live from Toronto, it's J.E. Skeets and Tas Melas... (A little NSW language today...) (And some NSA singing...)



Wow, you skim good! You've made it all the way through the blabber to the real point of this dubious exercise, a fine personally selected sampling of the writing of the bloggers and journalists of Wizard land...


(1) But first there's this... Gee whiz, why has there been such a rush by the NBA and the ownership of the Washington franchise to erase Gilbert Arenas and the salary liability associated with him from the Wizards' books, I wonder???

Deadline Nears in Sale Talks for Wizards

by Thomas Heath, Washington Post

Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis is negotiating against a Wednesday deadline to buy the Washington Wizards and Verizon Center from the estate of sports entrepreneur Abe Pollin, a deal that could put him as lead owner of the region's biggest sports and entertainment empire.

The outcome could have far-reaching implications for the Washington sports scene, determining whether Leonsis — or someone else — will run Washington Sports & Entertainment, the sports holding company Pollin built over five decades before his death on Nov. 24.

Since buying the Capitals from Pollin a decade ago, the former AOL mogul has transformed the franchise from a National Hockey League also-ran with a niche following into a marquee team and the hottest sports franchise in the Washington region. * * *



On Blowing Things Up

posted to Bullets Forever gameday open thread

I'll be really dissappointed if we trade Foye
by FNFWizardsFan on Jan 18, 2010 12:26 PM PST

as long as he doesn't ask for too much
by Fundefined on Jan 18, 2010 12:27 PM PST

something tells me that if we get to .500
the team won't be blown up (at least not in the strictest sense).

by Pryme on Jan 18, 2010 12:27 PM PST

13 games
Well there are 13 games before the trade deadline, and if the Wizards go 13-0 they'll be 27-26.

In any case it's good to see these guys playing well and hard. Butler seems to be turning things around some.

by Johnnie Futbol on Jan 18, 2010 12:35 PM PST



Wizards Defeat Blazers in First Meeting

by George Panagakos, Washington Wizards Examiner

On today's special, early afternoon MLK schedule, Caron Butler (18 points, 9 rebounds) led the Washington Wizards in a 97-92 victory over the visiting Portland Trail Blazers. Mike Miller returned for Washington with 13 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists while Antawn Jamison scored a game-high 28 points.

Washington went on a 7-0 run early in the second quarter, which could have given the Wizards a huge push on the Blazers. However, Washington was unable to beat back a competitive Portland squad which rallied 35-27 in the third quarter despite an absence of Greg Oden (season) and Brandon Roy (day-to-day, hamstring).

The fourth quarter went back and fourth, but in the final two and a half minutes, Caron Butler turned on the "Tough Juice." His 4 points and 3 rebounds down the stretch gave Washington their 14th win of the season after 40 games. * * *



Free Gilbert!

posted to Gilbertology website




Good Win, huh, KP?

posted by "Yungal07" to Real GM Wizards message board

Good win. Any game that makes our players more enticing to other teams is a good game. Portland's GM is going to be salavating at the thought of Butler/Jamison/Haywood/Miller being available.




posted by "Hands11" to Rea GM Wizards message board

Sure nice to have [Mike Miller] back. Makes the bench a bit better having a vet like him there.

Looks like Dray [Blatche] contributed some which is nice. Hopefully he can build on this.

And then you got something from Boykins.

There ya go. Three player off the bench that helped. * * *

Now if we can get Nick [Young] worked in so MM can play some SF in relief of [Caron Butler]. And find 5-7 minutes of energy minutes from McGee to give Haywood a rest.

That's something I can get excited about.

We were a half of a hair away from a 3 game winning streak. * * *

I'm telling you. This team is geling. They just shot 51.5% against Portland and held them 5.5 under their average.


     *  *  *  A  D  D  E  N  D  A  *  *  *


Truth About It  (True Hoop) asked Wizard players today what Martin Luther King means to them...



Wizards 97, Trail Blazers 92

by Michael Lee, Washington Post Wizards Insider blog

* * *
The Wizards have won two in a row, again. It's the fourth time this season that they've won consecutive games — and first since Dec. 22-23 — and they have yet to win three in a row. So that's why Brendan Haywood wasn't exactly ready to throw a parade after back-to-back wins over the Sacramento and an injury-ravaged Portland team playing without Brandon Roy. "It only counts as two in a row and we've got a lot of ground to make up," Haywood said.

But he did admit that the Wizards are playing better basketball of late. "We're playing better team basketball and better defensively," he said. "I definitely feel more guys are trying to make a concerted effort to make the extra pass. I'm sad it took this many games to realize it -- no one can do it by themselves. Hero ball won't win it for us."

Haywood credited the return of Mike Miller for helping the Wizards focus on moving the ball more. Miller was back after missing 25 of the past 27 games with a strained right calf. He has missed 28 games this season, but have to wonder if he would've made a difference had he been healthy for more games. * * *



Michael Lee of the Washington Post's video blog after the game...



The Bottom Line:

1. Woo-hoo!!! Two game winning streak!!!

2. Gilbert who?




One of the greatest American punk bands of the first wave was DEAD KENNEDYS from San Francisco. The band formed in 1978 and were hot stuff from 1979 to 1985 or so, officially breaking up the following year. The band featured ultra-political left wing lyrics with more than a dash of Abbie Hoffmanesque performance art street anarchism, including a run of their front man, Jello Biafra (née Eric Boucher) for Mayor of San Francisco in 1979.

The band straddled the boundary between punk rock (ultra-hard pop music) and hardcore (unpop punk music), generally landing in the former camp rather than the latter. Biafra, sole proprietor of Alternative Tentacles Records, later went on to produce a number of multi-disc spoken word pieces and toured as a spoken word artist.

Jerry Brown's New Age Yuppie Centrism as proto-fascism...

"California Über Alles" (live version, 1979)


Here's a really good interview with Young Jello about Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables...

(Interview, 1980)


My favorite DKs song, live in England... Some NSW lyrics, be advised.

"Halloween" (live version, 1982)

Because your role is planned for you
There's nothing you can do
But stop and think it through
But what will the boss say to you?
And what will your girlfriend say to you?
And the people out on the street they might glare at you
And whadya know you're pretty self-conscious, too...


Live at Mubahay Gardens, San Francisco. Jello is wearing a NSW T-shirt...

"Let's Lynch the Landlord" (live version, 1980)


Here's a video of snippets from the film adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas over one of the best songs the DKs ever recorded... Play it loud!

"Viva Las Vegas" (studio version, 1979)



The correct answer to the Kevie Kwiz is C — Kevin Pritchard never played for the New York Knicks.

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