Portland owns Rudy´s heart

Via (free translation).

"I write from home, just having come from the game. As you know, I´m playing again after 19 games being out, since I had surgery on my back. To be back is always special, but today has been incredibly exciting.

When I went into the court, the entire pavilion (the crowd) has stood up and has chanted my name. My mother was in tears. I have no words to express how the Blazers fans have treated me. I´ve always felt it was very special, but this time it was the last straw. They are incredible, the best in the NBA."

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"I think our fans can only be compared to Utah ones. But our fans push more. They also put more preassure against the teams they dislike and they clap to the teams that deserve it.

I might tell a lot of stories about things that happen to me every day on the street. Basketball is the main sport for people from the city of Portland, no great football or soccer teams, and everybody follow the Blazers. I don´t know why, whether because of the Olympics Final or because the Spanish Connection with Sergio last year, but they´ve liked me right from the start. You should see the team´s Store: it sells shirts with 'I Love Rudy', another with my photo and the legend 'Rudylicious', playing shirt for girls, a cup, a banner, pens ... And a bobblehead, one of those dolls that nod, but enormous. All kind of things.

I've seen people in the stands wearing my Spanish National Jersey and others with my Penya Jersey (Rudy DKV Joventut Jersey). I approached sometimes to talk to them and they tell me that they buy them on Ebay. In addition, someone translates this Marca blog into English. I do not know if it´s read by a lot of people.

Apart from that, I have to tell you something that happened with Pau Gasol. The other day Pau came here with the Blazers (literally, Rudy usually writes like this, you may think we trade for Pau) and we went out for dinner to a Japanese restaurant, the same one I went the other day with his brother Marc Gasol . You have to eat Japanese food when you meet Gasols, because they love it.

Anyway, we moved in my car and I parked it in a parking lot. When I was going to pay I found there wasn´t anybody to charge, so I told Pau that we had to wait. It was cold and raining so, even though I didn´t like the idea, I listened to Pau: "If there´s no person nothing happens. Let's go to dinner."

In the restaurant we find a table next to the window, so I could watch my car and could pay when someone came, but you know: dinner, chat, a litle glass of wine ... And I got distracted. At one point, Pau looks at me and says, "Hey, there's a guy there giving you a ticket". I ran toward the car, but I was too late: I had been fined with $ 35, which is not much, but it's my first fine in Portland and I feel bad. I told Pau that he should pay it, that it was his fault, but it didn´t work.

So people here loves me, everyone in the streets knows me, and all what you want, but nobody will take my fine away."

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