40. No Mousse for Me: The View from Milwaukee



Oy, vey, the jackassery continues in the Very Strange Case of Gilbert Arenas.

No, I don't refer to Gilbert Arenas himself. Much like Ron Artest, Gilbert is a damaged dude from his early childhood years. You know, I know, we all know that periodically he is gonna behave strangely and inappropriately. Gil has a few crossed wires and great difficulty grasping boundaries, the sad result of the stunted maturation process of a homeless child who grew to become a pampered multimillionaire jock.

I speak instead of the unconscionable jackassery of those who aren't damaged but who are still acting like damned fools — the people who should know better, the people who are acting like jerks out of avarice or ego. The Washington Wizards organization... David Stern...

Since I flipped a little in the direction of The Commish last time, let's work on Team President Ernie Grunfeld and the Whizz today...



The Washington Wizards organization, working in concert with the NBA, is currently in the process of erasing all traces of Gilbert Arenas. His image has been pulled down from the walls of the Verizon Center, where the Whizz play ball. A TV news camera crew was conveniently on hand to film the removal. Boy, they were sure lucky to be in the area at that precise moment, huh?

You can still make wallpaper for your computer desktop of Javaris Crittenton, the guy who purportedly pulled his own handgun and chambered a round in response to Arena's "practical joke." You want computer wallpaper of ANY of the Wizards, no problems — even the Wizard Girls. You want wallpaper of Gil? Whoops, he's gone. Vanished. Never existed.

The team is clearly acting in concert with the NBA in a coordinated campaign to eradicate every trace of the $111 Million man. As Washington Post sports columnist Dan Steinberg has revealed, a visit to the NBA's online store to create a customized Washington Wizards #0 jersey reading "ARENAS" generates the following FAIL response: "Your current entry cannot be processed. Language deemed inappropriate, derogatory, or profane will not be accepted. Please create a new entry."

But let's say you want a Wizards #8 jersey reading "CRITTENTON," the guy reported by the Post to have not only brought his own gun to work, but to have taken it out and loaded it? Here's what Team Stern says about that fashion decision: "Great choice! To purchase your customized jersey, click on 'ADD TO CART.'" One hundred and eighty dollars, please. Cha-ching!!!

A double standard, anyone? Why might that be, hmmm?

Let's pay a visit to Storyteller's Contracts website for a possible clue, shall we?

  • Washington Wizards: $21.2 Million over the cap — which means they'll be paying a hefty "luxury tax" in addition to salaries...
  • Gilbert Arenas: $16.2 Million contract this year, then $17.7 Million, $19.3 Million, $20.8 Million, $22.3 Million in subsequent years.
  • Javaris Crittenton: $1.5 Million contract, expiring.

Purely coincidental, I'm sure, why one of these guys is arbitrarily suspended without pay by the NBA (en route to an abrogation of his contract, it would seem) while the other one is..................... peachy keen marvey swell with everybody.

Pull a real gun and load it? No problem.

Get photographed making your teammates giggle by pointing your fingers bang-bang style like a 5-year old? Multi-million dollar windfall for the Wizards.

PURELY coincidental...


◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊


Allow me to recommend for you an essay worthy of your interest: "Wizards' Gilbert Arenas was Wrong, but so was Suspension," by Dan LeBatard of the Miami Herald.

LeBatard writes:

"I love anarchists and hate dictators. It has always bothered me that fans wouldn't want to work for the kind of bully boss they seem to prefer in charge of their favorite players. I want more professional wrestling with my sports, not less. Arenas has been one of the most colorful cartoons in sports. But that kind of personality keeps getting scrubbed clean by old people with different sensibilities who make all the rules. * * *

"Stern was going to wait for due process until the Wizards got together in a huddle and almost literally laughed in his face. Oh, to have a picture of that moment, Stern seeing that photo for the first time, emotion raging inside him as he applied his 67-year-old sensibilities to seeing a bunch of his laughing servants urinating on his kingdom.

"Stern will be applauded, of course. The tyrant teaching these damn young millionaire punks a lesson always gets that. But it isn't real leadership. Leaders prevent embarrassment; wardens punish it."

Again: check out the full piece.


◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊


So, hey, let's learn a little about the chief puppeteer of the Washington Wizards, Ernie Grunfeld. The following comes from the official puff biography at, with a little judicious editing by moi:


Ernie Grunfeld is entering his seventh season as president of the Washington Wizards. With 32 years of NBA experience as a player, broadcaster, coach and executive, Grunfeld's vision and leadership have been paramount to the Wizards' success. * * *

Grunfeld triggered the Wizards' ascent in the Eastern Conference with the acquisition of a trio of talented performers in Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler, all of whom blossomed into multi-time All-Stars in Washington. Arenas was signed as a restricted free agent out of Golden State in 2003, and Jamison and Butler were acquired, respectively, via trades with the Dallas Mavericks in 2004 and the Los Angeles Lakers in 2005. * * *

Prior to joining the Wizards, Grunfeld spent the previous four seasons as general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks, where the team's 14 playoff wins during his tenure exceeded its cumulative total in the 12 seasons prior to his arrival. * * *

During Grunfeld's reign as the Knicks' top personnel executive, New York advanced to the Conference Semifinals of the NBA Playoffs for nine consecutive seasons (1991-99). His tenure included five 50-plus win seasons, three Atlantic Division Championships and two trips to the NBA Finals. In eight full seasons of decision-making for New York, Grunfeld's Knicks teams compiled a record of 397-227 (.636) in the regular season and a 61-44 mark in the playoffs.

Grunfeld was named General Manager of the New York Knicks on April 23, 1991, and was later promoted to President and General Manager on February 23, 1996. * * *

Under Grunfeld, the mid-‘90's Knicks completely rebuilt and reloaded to an elite level without missing a beat. Highlighted by trades for Latrell Sprewell and Marcus Camby, as well as the signing of free agent Kurt Thomas, Grunfeld's moves helped catapult the Knicks to the Finals in '99. Three years earlier, Grunfeld acquired both Larry Johnson and Allan Houston on the same day in '96. Under Grunfeld's guidance, the Knicks played in front of a sold-out Madison Square Garden from 1993-99.

Originally drafted by Milwaukee with the 11th overall selection in 1977, Grunfeld played in the NBA for nine seasons. After two seasons in Milwaukee, he played for the Kansas City Kings from 1979-82 before signing with the Knicks as a free agent in 1982. Grunfeld retired following the 1985-86 season with a career average of 7.4 points per game in 693 career games played.

Following his playing career, Grunfeld served as the Knicks radio analyst for the MSG Network from 1986-89. Prior to the 1989-90 season, he served as an assistant coach for the Knicks under Stu Jackson before his promotion to the front office. * * *


Here are a couple takeaways from the official bio above: 1. Grunfeld is the executive who contributed to the NBA's culture of morality and its fostering of NBA players as role models by rehabilitating coach-choker Latrell Sprewell, when he obtained him for his Knicks from the Golden State Warriors. 2. Grunfeld is the guy who first obtained Gilbert Arenas as an RFA n 2003 and who is personally responsible for his megabucks contract extension in 2008.

Delving into Gunfeld's Knicks period, we find from an article by Selena Roberts in the New York Times that Grunfeld was responsible for the team's league-high $68 Million payroll in 1998/99 and that he was demoted to a phantom position on April 20, 1999, apparently for feuding with Head Coach Jeff Van Gundy, with the Knicks on the verge of missing the playoffs. The team went on to make the NBA Finals following his demotion. The Knicks severed ties with him on July 1, 1999, with a buy-out package reported to be worth $4 Million.


◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊


And our Bedge buddy Cablinasian pointed out something that I should have spotted before I ran my previous piece, a Washington Post news account published on Jan. 6 which details the gambling aspect of the Arenas-Crittenton incident, citing two unnamed Wizards players who were present at the time. 

Part of this article by Post reporter Mike Wise reads as follows:

The dispute between Arenas and Crittenton began on the team plane during a popular card game between players called "Boo-ray." Crittenton lost roughly $1,100 to JaVale McGee, a Wizards center, in the game, according to a player who watched the game and who also spoke on condition of anonymity. Crittenton, already angry over a dispute over the game's rules, became irate when Arenas began needling him.

Their barbs escalated to a point where Arenas, smiling, said he would blow up Crittenton's car, according to two players on the flight, who requested anonymity. Crittenton replied that he would shoot Arenas in his surgically repaired knee.

Walking into the locker room two days after the dispute on the team plane, according to two witnesses, Arenas laid out the guns in Crittenton's locker. Two other teammates eventually sauntered in and, while Arenas was writing the note in front of Crittenton's cubicle, in walked Crittenton, according to their account.

Asking Arenas what he was doing, Arenas replied, "If you want to shoot me, I'd just thought I'd make it easy for you." As other teammates laughed, Crittenton crumpled up the paper, tossed one of Arenas's guns across the room, where it bounced in front of a team trainer, and said he didn't need any of Arenas's firearms because he had his own, according to the witness accounts.

Crittenton then drew his weapon, loaded it and chambered a round, the witnesses said. * * *

Please do click through and read the full story if you're interested. The link is HERE.





All right, time to lighten the mood. Here's a random video I found on YouTube searching the words PUPPET and DRUNK...  Mildly NSW here and there, so consider yourself warned.  But it had me giggling...


◊     ◊     ◊     ◊     ◊


Pottymouth Patrol.


I noticed that Kobe got T'd up on the bench during the Lakers-Bucks game and I was wondering how his Technical Foul total — said by LAL play-by-play man Joel Myers to stand at 10 — stacked up against the other overly intense and/or potty-mouthed personages of the NBA. 


          1. Rasheed Wallace (Celtics) — 11

          2. Kendrick Perkins (Celtics) — 10

          3. Kobe Bryant (Lakers) — 9

          4. Dwight Howard (Magic) — 8

          5a. Carmelo Anthony (Nuggets) — 7

          5b. Joquim Noah (Bulls) — 7

          5c. Josh Smith (Hawks) — 7

          8a. Baron Davis (Clippers) — 6

          8b. Kenyon Martin (Nuggets) — 6

          8c. Lamar Odom (Lakers) — 6

          8d. Amar'e Stoudamire (Suns) — 6

          8e. Dwayne Wade (Heat) — 6


Baddest Blazer was Brandon Roy with 2 Technicals. 

One-game suspensions start with Technical #16, I believe. This data comes from the "Sortable Stats" at


Channel Surfing.

Sunday, Jan. 10.


Milwaukee Bucks (15-18) at Los Angeles Lakers (28-8).

A cynic would say that the officials got the message on the lack of fouls called against the Lakers' opponent following their visit to Portland — it only took the visiting Milwaukee Bucks 2 minutes and 7 seconds to rack up 4 whistles for team fouls. Worse yet, not only were the Bucks incapable of assuming a defensive posture without hearing a referee's shrill tweet, the team also showed signs of Functional Incompetence on the offensive end, going bricky-bricky in between their turnovers. The Bucks opened 2-for-17 from the floor, spotting LAL 18 points in the process. If the Lakers had shot better than 40% themselves, the situation REALLY would have been ugly...

Milwaukee benched all 5 starters with several minutes to play in the opening frame ("Might as well, they're not doing anything," quipped Laker color commentator Stu Lantz) and the red-clad Bucks reserves had it whittled down to 24- 8 by the end of the quarter. Still, these are not exactly the numbers you want to be staring at on the scoreboard when you're visiting Staples Center... It was the worst 1st Quarter by a Laker opponent this year. Yikes.

Uncle Phil has said that "NBA games are never won or lost in the 1st Quarter," and that remains a wise statement. Hakim Warrick took the Bucks on his back and got things down to a 5 point game by midway through the 2nd. Kobe was pretty stinky, missing shot after shot and turning the ball over. The Chucker opened 0-for-9 from the floor and finished the game shooting 4-for-21 for just 12 points, with only 1 assist. Fortunately for the Lakers, reserve Guards Shannon Brown and Jordan Farmar stepped up nicely, contributing 19 and 17 points, respectively.

The score was 39-28 Lakers at the half, which set some sort of ugliness record for the Lakers this season. And if you think it was bad for the Lakers, ponder a 28 point half for Milwaukee. And if you think that's bad, that doesn't even start to touch it — they lost shooting star Michael Redd for the season after he re-tore both ligaments in his left knee. Man, baaaaaaaad night.

Ugly to the third power and never close. Lakers 95, Bucks 77.  I want 2 hours of my life back.


Tuesday, Jan. 12.


Los Angeles Lakers (29-8) at San Antonio Spurs (22-13).

All Lakers All the Time with The View, baby...

The 5% of you who don't skip over these game reviews know my song and dance by now: 1. San Antonio are a bunch of overrated, washed up has-beens; 2. The Lakers are not as good as their record might seem to indicate; 3. The Lakers have a very shallow team.

So, coming into this one, you had on the one hand the factoid that the Spurs were something like 3-10 against teams with winning records and on the other hand a Laker crew on the road missing Pau Gasol with (another) strained hamstring and with Kobe Bryant mired in one of his worst shooting slumps of recent memory. NBA-TV had an interview with a Spurs' season ticket holder ahead of the game and he was pretty sure he would be going home disappointed. I think it you asked 50 Laker fans the same question, at least 30 of them would share his sentiments that their team was gonna lose bad.

The Lakers jumped out to an 8 point lead, working the ball down low to Andrew Bynum effectively, but their inevitable propensity to jack jumpers and hope for the best began to set in and by the end of the 1st Quarter it was the home team holding a narrow 4 point lead. Kobe Bryant was seen heading for the locker room while clutching his back with about 3 minutes remaining.

Things began to go south for the Lakers soon thereafter, with George Hill and Timmy "Grandpa Bankshot" Duncan laying a 13-5 run on the Lakers' heads, stretching the lead to a dozen at the break. Still, this seemed to be within the acceptable range for Los Angeles, who had played more than one poor half of basketball this season and managed to live to tell the tale.

Something was wrong with Kobe, however. The guy who had 16 points in the first half, shooting with reasonable efficiency, did not manage to score a single point in over 11 minutes of the 3rd Quarter. The Spurs went on another tear, with Tony Parker leading a 12-2 run that put LAL a big 22 points in the dumpster. At one point the Spurs bench was outscoring that of the Lakers by 30 to 4. And Kobe limped off for the locker room, clutching a handrail, done for the night with back spasms.

The Lakers battled back in the 4th Quarter, getting the margin within 6 points, but then the dam burst and the jumpers started missing. The Spurs made the final score ugly with a pair of late 8-0 and 10-0 runs. LA's loss was their 9th of the season. In the Silver Screen and Roll postgame it was widely agreed that a shallow Lakers team without its two best players (Bryant & Pau) is extremely mediocre. Sorta like the Houston Rockets, minus the scrappiness and depth, which is to say............... the Minnesota Timberwolves. Lakers are on a back-to-back in Dallas on Wednesday and you can write that L on your forehead in blue Sharpie™® unless Messrs. Bryant and Gasol make a sudden and unexpected recovery. Spurs 105, Lakers 85.


Wednesday, Jan. 13.


Milwaukee Bucks (15-20) at Portland Trail Blazers (23-16).

Well, what do you say about this one? We got dressed and went to dinner in the best restaurant in town. The appetizer was sumptious — how do you do that to cheddar cheese, anyway? And that salad dressing? WOW!!! Soooo good! The steak was perfectly prepared, succulent and tender; the side dishes divine. And the wine was a fabulous choice, too, just the right amount of dryness and a lovely bouquet. A perfect meal! Seriously!  

But then came dessert. There's no way to put this delicately so I'll tell it like it is: there was a maggot in the chocolate mousse. A big one. And it was still alive. Even though the server apologized profusely and rushed it back to the kitchen, to be replaced with deep dish marionberry pie a la mode, just getting a fly larvae in that first scoop of dessert, almost eating that — sorry, that completely spoiled the whole meal. Yuck.

Blazers had Milwaukee bumped, thunked, and left for dead. They laid 65 on their skulls at halftime. They were up 33 points in the 3rd and finished the quarter with a TWENTY-SIX point lead. They very nearly had EIGHT, count them, EIGHT players into double-digit scoring. Yet the plucky Bucks put an intense collegiate full-court press on the 3-guard Portland team and these multimillionaire NBA professionals looked like they didn't have a clue how to handle it. Only Andre Miller had a grasp — but he couldn't hit a foul shot to save his grandma from a freight train. Brandon Roy was on then bench then in the locker room with a tight hamstring — the light on the Bat-Signal was dysfunctional.

Dumb passes and worse shots for Portland, followed by hit 3 after hit 3 on the other end of the floor. Milwaukee laid a 21-3 run on the hometown favorites... The Blazers, quite simply, did their best amateur rendition of the world famous Vinny Del Negro 35 Point Fold.™® The young, hustling Buck benchwarmers had the game down to 11 with 5 minutes to play before Portland finally pulled it out — so to speak. Kudos to Andre for his floor generalship during the critical moments.

The Bucks bench outscored Portland's, 49 to 34. Blazers outscored the Bucks overall though, and that's what really matters. Blazers 120, Bucks 108.

Welp, whip out the tool box and let's take a gander at the Popcorn Machine GAME FLOW SUMMARY, okay? Click that link, por favor...

Observation 1: Okay, I'm takin' names on the 4th Quarter disaster club, who let Milwaukee have a 16-3 run and who caused me and Mr. Snake to soil our armor: Blake, Fernandez, Bayless, Pendergraph, and a tag-team of LMA and Howard.

Observation 2: The bleeding was staunched when Andre Miller returned in the game.

Observation 3: The game was put away with a 7-0 Portland run with about 5 minutes to play in the final quarter. And here are the superheroes who were on the floor that interlude: LMA, Howard, Marty, Miller, and Blake.

Observaton 4: Milwaukee ran 3 bench guys for the entire 4th Quarter, when they made it interesting. Ridnour was +5 and Jennings -16 on the +/-...

Honorable mention for Dante Cunningham for racking up 5 personal fouls in 4:55 of action. That is difficult to achieve.

Moving on...


Now please gather up the family and all the neighbor kids, sit around the computer holding hands, and join me in watching the latest installment of THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD:



In case you missed it, here's Wednesday's installment for your viewing entertainment...


And here's Tuesday's episode, too...


I congratulate you on your fortitude — or, more aptly, on your skimming ability. You have now made it to the real point of this disastrous melange of yuck and muck, that being clips and snips from the journalistas and bloggarios of Bucksville...



The Hurt Just Keeps on Comin': Portland latest to make trip out West miserable

By Tom Enlund, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Portland, Ore. - It was another slow start and another loss for the Milwaukee Bucks, who were defeated by the Portland Trail Blazers, 120-108, Wednesday night at the Rose Garden.

The Bucks, who led only briefly in the opening minutes, have lost the first three games of their six-game Western trip. Portland led by as many as 33 in the third quarter.  * * *

"We let them drive the middle so much in the first quarter," Bucks coach Scott Skiles said. "(LaMarcus) Aldridge was catching it wherever he wanted to catch it and was shooting right over us.

"We didn't have a lot of resistance and that coupled with the fact that we went through some periods of the game where we didn't make shots as well and they got a big lead."  * * *



Ready to Move On: West Coast journey continues minus Redd

By Tom Enlund, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

* * *
"The one big thing about Scott is he doesn't throw pity parties," said Bucks assistant coach Kelvin Sampson. "He doesn't sit around and get inside a tent and light candles and have séances and talk about, 'Woe is us.' It's not his deal.

"The only thing he said (after Redd was declared out) was, 'Charlie (Bell), you're going to start for Mike, you'll be matched up with Jason Richardson,' and that's it. Then we started talking about our scouting report and moved on."

Skiles, who was back on the job Tuesday and feeling fine, said, "The ultimate goal is to have Michael healthy and playing well. Obviously, that's not going to happen. We've got to move on. We don't have a choice. We have to move on. Other guys have to pitch in and do a little bit more. Guys need to know that Michael is done for the year. They know that now. Again, it's unfortunate, but it's what we have to deal with." * * *



Bucks Haiku

posted by "Superelkman" to Brew Hoop gameday open thread

Take care of the ball

Attack in post Bogut, please

Hit some frickin' shots



The DVR is My Friend

posted by "Unklchuk" to Brew Hoop gameday open thread

The DVR is my friend

If I couldn't fast forward through all the commercials, the long stagnant periods when the Bucks' score moves like the hour hand on a clock, and the halftime, games like this would be major punishment.

I stop to watch a little Meeks action, to observe Ridnour continue to outshine Jennings, to find satisfaction in Ersan's hustle, to watch the scrubs play with much more energy than the starters. But I don't need to see all of it.

Fast forward is my friend too. Get the game over with. Erase the recording. Forget it.



Interior Defense

posted by "Southern Marxist" to Brew Hoop gameday open thread

Interior defense

I was at the Rose Garden tonight. The Bucks interior defense seemed lacking this evening and no one could stop Brandon Roy. The offense did not terrible, but it did not seem like the Bucks had anyone who could create their offense like B Roy and L Aldridge.

About all I can say in the Bucks defense is the Rose Garden is a hard place to play and the officials did not do use any favors. Meeks did seem to play well even in the first half.



Trade Bogut!

posted by "Verticalhops" to Real GM Bucks message board

God, please trade Bogut out of this woeful team and into one that has people that can actually play alongside him. I feel sorry for the guy and myself that I continually log onto ESPN to watch loss after loss and nobody that can actually back him up or shoot.

Jennings is freaken useless.

I've never said this before, but please please trade Bogut, this team is holding him back.



Just Faking

posted by "Steve Scheffler 06" to Real GM Bucks message board

I threw in a few ooooohs and aaaaaaahs tonight but I wasn't feelin it. I think my chewing gum and constantly checking my watch gave me away.

The sad thing is that I'll be back for the Warriors game like addict needing a fix.

Ground rules for you Bucks. My safe word is frankenberries and don't even think of trying to kiss me. Let's not pretend it means any more to me then it does to you.



Should Broke Jumper be Demoted?

posted by "Pumping Iron Mike" to ESPN Bucks message board

Who feels that Brandon Jennings ("Broke Jumper") should be demoted to the second team?

Do you think that if the Bucks did just that, it would give off the IMPRESSION of what we already know...that Jennings is just NOT that good...and that there is a very quaint possibility that he was YET another BUST in the short history of our NEW GM John Hammonds?

Look at Detroit right now, looks like they are on there way to GETTING a top 5 pick!

We are losing but our GM is in denial! I think Joe Dumars knows how to manage a TEAM and Hammonds got this job ONLY because he was on his way out in Detroit?


     *  *  *  A  D  D  E  N  D  A  *  *  *


A Long Night for the Bucks

By Tom Enlund, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Bucks blog

* * *
Brandon Jennings had 12 points on 4-of-11 shooting with seven assists. He struggled against the bigger Portland guards such as Andre Miller.

Asked what he would like Jennings to do against bigger guards, Skiles said, "Compete.

"But a lot of it is learning as well. They would throw it to Andre and they would throw it back out and they'd throw it back in and Brandon was still behind him. He's got to compete right there. He's got to compete for that spot. But he's 30-some games into his rookie season and that never happened to him at Oak Hill and it didn't happen to him (in Europe). So he's got a lot to learn from that standpoint." * * *



Recap: Blazers 120, Bucks 108

by Frank Madden, Brew Hoop (SBN)

The Bucks just seem intent on disappointing everyone on their current road trip, don't they? For the Bucks faithful, that part is obvious: start by showing up incapable of stopping the other guys and get crushed in the first quarter. Tonight it was a 31-16 deficit, which believe it or not is the best margin they've had in any of the three games on the current trip.

Then, salvage some dignity by getting back into the game once the other team is feeling good about themselves--thank you, Luke Ridnour (12 pts, 8 ast), Jodie Meeks (21 pts) and Ersan Ilyasova (24 pts). Meeks especially provided a ray of hope in the aftermath of Michael Redd's injury, showing off both the outside touch expected of him as well as a surprising knack for finishing around the hoop.

But in the end...well, you lose. Sorry, but 30 point deficits just aren't overcome (unless you're from Sacramento visiting the Windy City obviously). * * *



Schedule Rape: Where do Bucks Find a Win on West Coast Road Trip?

Justin Malaise, We're Bucked (Fansided)

I am just gonna come out and say it, the Bucks got schedule raped with this west coast trip. The highlights of a trip that includes @Lakers, @Suns, @Blazers, @Jazz and 3 games in 3.5 days.

There is no shame in losing back to back games on the road against the Lakers and Suns, but an 0-6 road trip could really put a dent in any serious Bucks playoff talk. The Bucks currently stand in 9th place in the East with a 15-20 record, they are only a 1/2 game behind Chicago. But, if the Bucks lose another four games on this trip they will likely fall behind the Knicks, Wizards and Pistons. Mathematically they would still be right in the race for a playoff spot, but an 0-6 west coast trip could be devastating for a young team to over come.

Which brings me to the question, where can the Bucks get a win on this west coast trip? Even if they only get one win, that would still be huge. The Bucks need to do everything possible to get one of these games, it could be vital to long term confidence for this season. * * *


Bucksketball (True Hoop) is running late with the recap and it may be added later — or not.


The Bottom Line:

1. Another crappy start. What is up with this team? They bury themselves in the first half and that's all she wrote.

2. Great effort from the bench. Is it too much to ask whether the right guys are starting?

3. Lottery, here we come...




This next band is regarded as one of the British Oi ("Street Punk") movement, SHAM 69, formed in Hersham in 1976. The band's name derives from football grafffiti spotted on a wall by its frontman, Jimmy Pursey. 

Here's SHAM 69 at their absolute peak doing what's for my money their very best song at the Reading Music Festival in 1978. A note on the lingo: "borstal" is the name of a British youth prison intended to incarcerate and reform hardened juvenile delinquents.

"Borstal Breakout" (live version, 1978)


Man, there's quite a bit of good Sham 69 video out there. I'm impressed. Here's a 7 minute section of our chant-along faves from the height of their banditude... "Ulster" is British-occupied Northern Ireland, by the way...

"Rip Off" + "Ulster Boy" + "Borstal Breakout" (live versions, 1978)


This marks the first appearance of a punk rocker on television in a bow-tie, I'm quite sure... Hilariously lame lip synch, I  particularly dig the piano solo, ha ha...

"Hurry Up Harry" (studio version, 1978)


Here's SHAM 69's doing their biggest hit — a sing-along anthem later famously covered by RANCID. Not sure of the date of this one, sometime prior to their 1987 reformation suckage, it would seem.

"If the Kids Are United" (live version, circa 1980)


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