Looking to go to a couple games this season?

Hey there Blazerland, It's been a while. I guess between there not being much going on in the world of basketball and the mods killing the last 2 things I put a lot of work into I guess I started to view this site as quite literally a waste of time (please don't delete this post for saying that). Anyway, I have a problem that I am hoping you can help me out with. You see, I am a season ticket holder. Have been for a while now. However, as I am still not in the Portland region (or the America "region") I am not in a very good position to use them. So, I am offering them up again like I did last year to the Blazers faithful on this site. After I put what I had up on this site at this time last year, I found someone who ended up splitting an entire season with me. Still, being that I have 2 completely different pairs of season tickets, I have far too many tickets, and obviously being out of the country puts a burden on my family if I have to sell the remaining 80 pairs on a case by case basis through the whole year. So I put them up here, save you the cost, me and my family the stress and you guys get tickets that even half-season ticket holders couldn't get thier hands on even when strip clubs and reefer were the only real motivation behind the players being on the floor. Yeah, they're good seats.

Now, all the tickets here are for face value. In case you might have missed my post last year, here's how it goes. I have done my best to try and divide the games up into different tiers depending on competition and date and time factors. You have to match one of the upper tier games with the corresponding lower tier and you get both games at face value. For instance, if you want to see the Boston game you would have to take a pre-season game as well. If you were after say a Spurs game, you would have to match that with say the Bucks game.

Now, I've had upper level season tickets for a while. I have split the season with someone since just about the get-go, know the neighbors and I have more ties to those seats, so they are chewed up pretty good before you get a shot at them. They are section 334 front row aisle, and they are right behind the Blazers bench. They are $49 a ticket and this is what I have left:

Tier A (E inverse)
Utah 1/27,  Utah 2/21

Tier B (C inverse)
OK City 4/12, Golden state 4/14
Tier C (B inverse)
LA Clippers 12/30, Indiana 3/03, Washington 3/19
Tier D (A inverse)
Milwuakee 1/13,

The lower level seats (118 row C) are $75 a piece. The ones I have left are:

Tier B

Denver 12/25, San Antonio 2/4

Tier C

Philadelphia 12/28, Utah 1/27

Tier D

Atlanta 11/03, OK City2/9, OK City 4/12,

Tier E (D inverse)

Detroit 11/18, Miami 12/1, Golden state 4/14

Tier F (C inverse)

Tier G (B inverse)

Memphis 11/27, Sacramento 12/15, Memphis 1/5

This is the Blazers 3D Seat Viewer to check out the seats.

On a side note about the lower level seats, the guy that went in on the half season on these may also be getting his own seats this next season. It's not for sure and he obviously would have first option to keep them if he doesn't get what he wants, but if you would be interested in going in on something like this you could let me know at and I'll let you know what happens after he takes a look around in the open house come the end of the season. Obviously there would be benefits to going in on a half season that I can't give to someone just grabbing 2 games off of me. Anyway, back to the here and now...

As for how the transaction would take place, basically leave the games you want in the comments section. First come first serve (but you have to match it like I stated or it is an invalid pick). Also leave your email address. I would get your address, send you the tickets and then you pay. Of course I can cancel the ticket if you don't buck up by emailing them to someone else. Then, if you try and use the tickets and someone else does as well the cops get called and someone has problems. Everyone who got seats from me last season had no problems (your comments would be appreciated if you liked the games) and I don't see any reason to not offer them up again in the same fashion. I just included that bit for anyone listening to the devil whispering in their ear after reading that you won't have to pay anything until after getting the tickets.

If you want any of the bottom 2 tier games without a top tier, go ahead and take it. You can also take a lower tier than I have matched if that works better for you. I'm sure I messed up somewhere since I haven't seen more than a few games on anything other than a grainy pirated link since Garnett was on the Timberwolves. Anything else, just let me know.

**This list was updated up to Big Swoopa's comments.

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