A Game by Game Review of the 2009-2010 season

Not content with predicting a mere number of wins, and being the Visionary1 (er.. now 2), I feel I have the obligation to give more.  After all, what good is a gift like predicting the future with uncanny accuracy unless you share it, right?

So please join me as I take a futuristic look back at our Blazer's conquests this year...

(Game by game details of the thrilling playoffs, with 3 7 game series, to follow the 59-win regular season... 

Game/VS/W? Notes
1) vs Houston , W (10/27/09) Is there any doubt this team will avenge our playoff exit last year with a resounding win against the rebuilding Rockets?  Broy starts with a 30+ game
2) vs Denver , W The Blazers "B" season ticket home opener will supply enough new fans to pick the team up after a slow start.  And we rarely lose games I attend…
3) @ Houston  , W I'm telling ya, the Rockets are from now on the Blazers bitches…  Broy goes off again for 30+ (no Ron), and is named the NBA Player of the Week for week 1.

4) @ Oklahoma City  , W (11/1/09)

There may be a time when Durant and co. can outshoot our guys, but it's not this November.  First blowout of the year, first minutes for Jerryd.
5) vs Atlanta , W A great 5-0 start with a win over a team without a single person anybody wants to go see play…  Another blowout, first 10+ point game for Bayless.
6) vs San Antonio , L In OT, Duncan blocks a shot with such ferocity that it goes all the way across the court, and in for the winning hoop, and most amazing shot ever.
7) vs Minnesota , W Rudy scores 25 just thinking about being on the same court with Rubio…  Another blowout.
8) @ Memphis  , W Blazers first 30+ point blowout of the year.  Bayless leads Blazers with 21.
9) @ Minnesota  , W Team sets a club record by outscoring last 3 opponents by 86 points…  Blazers PR analyst fired after focusing on this instead of 8-1 start
10) @ New Orleans  , L A hiccup in New Orleans, as Blazers shocked while CP plays entire game.
11) @ Charlotte  , W Batum puts Blazers on his back on this tough back to back victory after being in New Orleans (just the air in that city gets you high)
12) @ Atlanta  , W Blazers continue dominance against East.  Atlanta calls Dominique out of retirement to try and drum up any fan interest whatsoever.
13) vs Detroit , W Blazers obtain league best record, 11-2, with another blowout.  This time, GO leads the way with 27/13/3.  Cowherd (traitor) calls him best Center ever.
14) @ Golden State  , L Turiaf avenges French defeat to Rudy and the Spaniards, scoring career high 37, mostly on putbacks from Curry misses…  Oh, and Curry gets 48…
15) vs Minnesota , W Oden and Pryz eat the Twolves big men for dinner, Blazers roll in yet another blowout…
16) vs Chicago , W All Blazers guards, even Bayless, outscore Heinrich…  Talk about 'something to prove to KP'?
17) vs New Jersey , W New Jersey leads by 21 before remembering they want to lose to get better draft pick to entice LeBron… Rudy gets 39 with Broy ill..
18) vs Memphis , W Travis goes off for 20+ with the game being seen at home, Blazers roll to league best 15-3.
19) @ Utah  , L Travis forgets he's not young enough to do it two nights in a row, his 3-13 night tonight leads to his benching.  DC plays.

(12/1/09, g. 20) vs Miami , W

BRoy over DWade in epic battle of 2 guards with nicknames involving their first initial and last name…
21) vs Houston , W Houston evidently didn't get the message the first two games.  Greg has individual career game high 9 blocked shots.
22) @ New York  , W Blazers ahead 72-49 at halftime, Knicks fans raise white flag, Juwan Howard scores season high 10 points on season high 15 assists from Bayless
23) @ Indiana  , W Broy scores 50 and adds 12 boards, 8 assists, 4 steals.  Still fifth in All-Star voting for guards..
24) @ Cleveland  , L LeBron only scores 24, but Shaq fouls Oden out in the third quarter as Blazers humbled in their worst defeat of the year.
25) @ Milwaukee  , W Luckily, they have the Bucks to get healthy on the very next night… Much better plane ride home after LMA's 30/15 night.
26) vs Sacramento , W Early Christmas present (in Santa's Sac) for Rudy (30+ points), Bayless (28 minutes, 20 points, 8 assists, 3 steals)
27) vs Phoenix , W Oden gets first triple double of his career: 27 points, 17 rebounds, and 10 blocked shots. Blazers roll by 20, 108-88.
28) @ Orlando  , L Bad weather on the cross country flight makes the Blazers lethargic, and gives Orlando the win..
29)@ Miami, W Dwade goes off for 42, but Broy's 22 and Rudy's 17 (3 at the buzzer) enough to eke out a thrilling come from behind 1 point victory
30)@ Dallas, L Tough road trip takes a turn for the worse, as LMA pulls a muscle early, Blazers behind all game for one of their worse losses of the year
31)@ SA, L Spurs clicking on all cylinders, tie Blazers in the standings for the first time all year.  
32)Denver, L No Christmas joy in Portland, as reeling Blazers suffer only 3 game skid of the year.
33)Philadelphia, W Dre leads the troops to victory with a 20 pt, 15 assist game against his old team.
34)LA Clippers, W No contest, as 10 Blazers reach double-digits in points for the first time since… forever..


g. 35) vs Golden State , W

New year continues the way it ends, with another blowout.  Bayless, Outlaw, and Rudy all begging for more time on the bench.
36) @ LA Clippers  , W Blazers only send 6 players in a cost cutting measure, they still get the job done.
37) vs Memphis , W Travis again torches his home town team with 27, most in the fourth quarter cruise to victory.
38) vs LA Lakers , W A double-OT thriller, with Broy and Oden combining for 78 points, 27 rebounds, and 16 assists.  Kobe goes 0-6 in the OT's.  Loser!
39) vs Cleveland , L Tired Blazers and tired Sunday crowd watch Shaq and LeBron dominate.
40) vs Milwaukee , W Fortunately, the Bucks are good cures for what ails, well, any real professional team..  LMA returns with monster double-double, 17/17.
41) vs Orlando , W Payback for the earlier loss, Blazer guards score 80 points!   Blake 5/6 from 3 point line.
42) @ Washington  , W Arenas shut down by Batum, Blazers in yet another blowout, Webster hits 6 threes.
43) @ Philadelphia  , W Dre again plays like a man possessed; gains starting assignment and Blake doesn't see another start until 2012, as he prepares to backup JB to defend our back-to-back titles.
44) @ Boston  , L Celts prove difficult matchup; fans rock the Garden in anticipation of possible finals matchup.  KG shuts down LMA.
45) @ Detroit  , W A grinding win on a back-to-back; Broy puts team on back with 4 clutch isos in the 4th.
46) vs New Orleans , W CP3 shut down by terrific D by Bayless; Nate named coach of the month (again) on his way to the CoY award.
47) vs Utah , W LMA destroys Boozer and Millsap, hitting 12 shots in a row in another Blazer double-digit victory.
48) @ Houston  , L Blazers continue to have trouble in Texas; let one slip away to the pesky Rockets.
49) @ Dallas  , L Back to backs in Texas result in ugly first half; Rudy heroic in comeback effort with 23 (3 3's in a row in 3 minutes), but falls short.
50) vs Charlotte , W (2/1/2010) Batum scores season high 23 to lead Blazers in balanced attack, featuring 39 fast break points and 15 assists from Dre.
51) @ Utah  , L Refs steal one from Blazers in Utah; Broy again hot with 37 on 15 assists from Blakey.
52) vs San Antonio , L Back to back again vs. the Spurs - what gives, scheduling office?   No fear, this is our last loss to them this decade…
53) vs LA Lakers , L Another thrilling contest, this time the bad guys come out ahead…  Kobe still a major loser….
54) vs Oklahoma City , W Durant scores 50, but Oden's 25 / 18 and 6 blocks prove decisive.  Cowherd lauds Blazers for 'picking that great franchise center, Greg Oden
55) @ Phoenix  , L Back to back against running attack catches Blazers flat footed, lose by 15, even with Rudy's 27.
56)LA Clippers, W Clippers destroyed by best running game of the year for the second unit, 45 fast break points, 22 by Martell.
57) vs Boston , L Tough OT loss as Pierce goes unconscious.  Another 27 by Martell, who is traded after this game for the big enforcer we need and some draft picks, who turn out to be key to title 4.
58) vs Utah , W Another monster game by the frontcourt, as Oden, Pryz and LMA combine for 60 and 30.
59) @ New Jersey  , W Another good start to the roadtrip featuring great balanced attack, 7 Blazers (GO, LMA, Rudy, Travis, Roy, Dre and Blake) all score 15+
60) @ Toronto  , L Damn, this is a long season…  Another tough back-to-back loss, although Pryz has season high 15/10.
61) @ Chicago  , W Bulls destroyed by determined Blazer squad, run up 30 point lead, 10 of it by our third stringers..
62) @ Minnesota  , W Minnesota wishes it had picked even more guards after the Blazer 1/2/3 men account for 90 points, Travis and Rudy with > 20
63) @ Memphis  , W (3/1/10) Blazer starters play a season low 88 combined minutes.  Rudy and Travis again with more than 20, Dre again with > 10 assists
64) vs Indiana , W Blazers come from behind to win a crazy one, 4th straight game over 105. Blake's three threes to open 4th quarter put us over the top.
65) @ Denver  , L Feels like the 7th game of a two week roadtrip as Melo goes off, Blazers still only lose by 6. Rudy again hot in the 4th with 3 bombs.
66) vs Sacramento , W Blazers entertained (by Sergio's 10 assist night), but not challenged.  Rudy white hot, hits 7/7 3's.
67) @ Golden State  , W Blazers survive a scare, are able to run with GSW and win the highest scoring game of the year, 132-128.  Clyde had 40 last time this many points scored.
68) @ Sacramento  , L Blazers 8th road game in 10 games, and back to back, gives Sac their only victory this year, Travis with 28, but not enough…
69) vs Toronto , W Tough game, but Batum's D on Hedo gives Blazers the edge.  Oden and Dre combine for 16 pts on 8 pick and rolls.
70) vs Washington , W Batum's D, on Arenas tonight, is again a game changer, 80-79 squeaker
71) @ Phoenix  , W Blazers remember previous loss, Rudy's 32, Roy's 27, and Dre's 17 / 12  pace Blazers.
72) vs Dallas , W Blazers finally beat Dallas with great team D, 106-82.  Nate puts the B team - Bayless, Broy, Batum - on pressure D all over the court to break Dallas
73) @ New Orleans  , W Blazers use new found D to pound NO in another rout, 98-77.  Oden with year high 27 rebounds in 38 minutes (32 pts) with just 3 fouls.
74) @ Oklahoma City  , W Durant blanketed by Batum (well, OK, held to 27), as Oden outscores him for the first time.  Cowherd proclaims Oden best center of all time.  Gets fired.
75) vs New York , W Knicks run ragged into season opponent high 32 turnovers, as Blazers great D and running game makes this a laugher early, 109-70.
April Fools Day 76) @ Denver  , L Blazers mile high, but lose a tough OT battle when they just run out of gas late.  Two Blazers out sick, Bedgers complain about lack of depth.  Dave deletes all posts as Foolish Ones...
77) @ Sacramento  , W Rudy again goes crazy with Sergio on the court, and Sergio did pass three to Rudy (OK, they now count as steals), Blazers 107-78.
78) @ LA Clippers  , W Clippers destroyed again by Blazers board control and running attack, 50 for Roy and Rudy, point guards with 26 assists.
79) vs Dallas , W B team's D again fuels rested and aggressive Blazer attack, all 5 starters, and Rudy, above 13 points.  Blazers clinch second seed in West!
80) @ LA Lakers  , L Final late season test a disappointment as Blazer bigs get in foul trouble, Roy and He Who Is a Loser both get 30, but not enough.
81) vs Oklahoma City , W Back to back proves to make this a close one, but Oden too much for OKC again.  Blazers up 12 when he fouls out with 27/15/4, coast to victory.
82) vs Golden State , W Fan Appreciation Night a huge success with another entertaining fast breaking game, a no defense tuneup with 11 Blazers in double figures, 130-120.
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