9/20 Junking to the Center of the Earth

mY suMmeR vActi0n

I spent about 3-4 hours on a "What I did on summer vacation" post which somehow got deleted – here's a quick redo with far less links, but if you travel the I-5 corridor very often you might want to check these places out..


What did you all do on vacation this year (or are going to do)? Here's some of my vacation which brings to view a couple of recommendations and questions.


Recommendation: Bennett's Honey Farm

Bennett's Honey Farm near Fillmore is a small blue building North of LA, West of I-5 (15 miles?) and on Highway 126. It's pretty easy to find since they have huge signs for it on the highway (126).


Going through the front door puts you in a small room with all the honey and bee themed stuff this place sells. They have books, stuffed animals, candles, beeswax beauty supplies, and (of course) honey. In the middle of the room, there is a container of wooden sticks and tasting jars to sample the honey. The "Canadian red Clover" is to die for. Best honey and most reasonably priced you’ll find. Don’t miss this if you like honey. I bought 5 gallons last year.


Question: I-5 & Fink Road and the 20-foot high fence.

What in thunderation is a 20 foot high fence doing in the middle of nowhere. I’ve been going to LA for about the last 15 years and always see this fence, you can’t miss it. Every fence from here (Portland) to San Diego is 4–5 feet except this one. It’s barren out here way north of Fresno, there is nothing here and If you were dying of thirst they’d give you a stick of gum (think Dune).


Recommendation: The Olive Pit

There are several olive tasting places near Corning. I’ve tried a few and Olive Pit is the best.

You can’t miss this, it’s literally a block from I-5 with signs posted. Even if you don’t want to buy any olives you can taste to your hearts content. Usually about 15 flavors to try with about 30 more behind the glass they will gladly open at your request. Yikes, I spent 262.72 here this year, jalapeno stuffed, almond stuffed, garlic stuffed and tons more.


Question: Le dejeuner, 1873 by Claude Monet

This print was hanging in my hotel room.

I’ve seen this painting (print) before. What in the world is the "black monkey/court jester" looking thing, hanging from what looks like something out of The abyss??? I’ve googled this to pieces.


Portland Bedge restaurant recommends:

Right before vacation there was a restaurant post on the main page. I was packing at the time of the post, but here’s what I could get for easy cut and paste for those who would like a more printer friendly version.





LeRoy’s Familiar Vittles

SE 11th and Division


Podnah’s Pit BBQ

1469 NE Prescott St


Mio Gelato

838 NW 23RD AVE, and other


Le Bistro Montage

301 SE Morrison St


London Grill

309 SW Broadway


Nicholas’s Mediterranean Grill

318 SE Grand Ave


palomino grill

1203 NW Glisan St



828 SE Ash St



801 Ne Broadway St


A Real Taste of India

5th and Oak

food cart

Hawthorne Food Pod

SE 12th and Hawthorne

food cart

Potato Champion

SE 12th and Hawthorne

food cart

Whiffies Fried pies

SE 12th and Hawthorne

food cart

Le Pigeon

738 E Burnside St


east india company

821 SW 11th Ave


Salvador Molly's

1523 SW Sunset Blvd


Old Spaghetti Factory

0715 S.W. Bancroft Street
other locations



215 SE 9th Ave



930 NW 23rd Ave



200 SW Market St Ste 105

Japanese sushi bar


413 NW 21st Ave



1203 NW 23rd Ave



10566 SE Washington St



5507 NE 30th Ave


la bonita

2839 NE Alberta St


La Sirenita

2817 NE Alberta St


Toro Bravo

120 NE Russell St # A


apizza scholls

4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd


Bella Faccia

2934 NE Alberta St


Dove Vivi

2727 NE Glisan St


Ken’s Artisan Pizza

in SE, corner of 28th and Pine


Mississippi Pizza

3552 N Mississippi Ave


Old Town Pizza

Location226 NW Davis St



3220 SE Milwaukie


Pizza Fino

8225 N Denver Ave

Pizza (thin chewy crust)


621 SE Morrison St


taste tickler

1704 NE 14th Ave


Fire On The Mountain

4225 N Interstate Ave, and
Burnside location


chart house

5700 SW Terwilliger Blvd


Jake’s Famous Crawfish

401 SW 12th Ave Portland


Screen Door Café

2337 E Burnside

Southern cuisine

pok pok

3226 SE Division Street



4309 SE Woodstock Blvd # 140



These are all from the main page except for a couple pizza joints which I threw in ‘cause they looked interesting, and I know you all like pizza.


You’re good (sort of) and imma let you finish Apizza Scholls, but Pizza Factory in Shasta Lake has the best pizza of all time…of all time.


4432 Shasta Dam Blvd
Shasta Lake, CA 96019-9418
(530) 275-4455


Shasta Lake borders the North end of Redding CA. A must stop if you like pizza. Drop in on a Thursday night for karaoke.

Last but not least: The Tarzana Inn.

I stayed 10 days in this quaint little Hotel in Tarzana CA (wait a sec if you follow the link and several shots of the place will rotate in). Lots of nice shrubbery around a small pool. Call ahead and ask for a poolside room. Goes for over $100 a night but they gave it to me for $89.

The owner is nice and lends his books. He likes adventures. If you can’t finish it, you can just take it home with you, free of charge. I’m finishing the Clive/Dirk Cussler's novel Artic Drift right now at home.

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