Junk Drawer 9/15/2009 - Music & Basketball

So, I decided I wanted to write a Fanpost that started with, "So I decided I wanted to write a Fanpost."



So I like music that talks about basketball in the lyrics, but I can only think of a dozen or song songs; all hip-hop-ish. Give me more. 

Skee-Lo - I wish

I wish I was little bit taller, I wish I was a baller
I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her
I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a '64 Impala
I wish I was like six-foot-nine so I could get with Leoshi
Cause she don't know me but, yo, she's really fine
You know I see her all the time -- everywhere I go, and even in my dreams
I can scheme of ways to make her mine cause I know she's livin phat
Her boyfriend's tall and he plays ball, so how am I gonna compete with that?
'Cause when it comes to playing basketball -- I'm always last to be picked
and, in some cases, never picked at all
So I just lean upon the wall or sit up in the bleachers with the rest of the girls
Who came to watch their men ball --Dag y'all!
I never understood why the jocks get the fly girls and, me, I get the hood rats

Kweli Talib - Drugs Basketball Rap

[BEdgers] gettin' caught in the trap for the cash it's the drugs, basketball or the rap

Spearhead - Dream Team

The other day, a friend gave me a call
He said that the dream team was playin basketball
Was so excited - hadda get a witness
The first time the nba was in the 'lympics
Players from the east/ players from the west
And you can bet that they took the very best
("except they left Tim Hardaway at home"
"yeah that was hella [zach'd] up!")
But anyway I tuned in because i was hella psyched
To see Magic on the same team as Mike

Akon - Dangerous

Bad to the bone - everything locked like a two-three zoneI wanted her to make my black snake moan

Spearhead - People in the Middle

I am not professional, but I love basketball, the squeaking of the sneakers, the echo in the hall

Note I was going to add [Eazy-E -  Boyz in the Hood] to this list, but urban dictionary claims that "cold shooting some hoop" doesn't mean basketball. 

Here is a great list of songs referencing the NBA brought up by H-Play

PS We should trade cancer for a backup power forward. That way, we'd kill two birds (getting rid of cancer and getting a backup power forward) with one fell swoop. GET 'ER DONE!!!

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