8/08 JD - The Hottest Junk Ever

I’d like to thank the 6 people who read my contest entry – I love you man.

You is good people. In a world of revealed identities I put you all in my fab 5, one of you is gonna have to share.

It seems my entry was better served as junk, Here’s a few out of context excerpts, but more importantly will provide the opportunity to put up a poll (polls not allowed in the contest) – So please vote.


I dread to think of an existence where I no longer throw my hands high into the air, fist pumping and yelling
"GO BLAZERS." It’s just too much to bare, to think of life without ever again using the arm of my sofa as a launching pad for a highflying pro wrestling move where I leap over the coffee table landing on my back with my feet and hands in the air, kicking and screaming like a baby, shouting at the referee "Did you even see that play."


When that song (Blazer theme song) is played, I know that for the next 2 hours my hopes and dreams of being part of an empire that will one day rule the entire world is on display. It may not be Alexander the Great in the pride of Macedonia or the mighty Rome of old, but the same spirit lives on. And if you’re from out of town and come to the game on any given night, be forewarned if you don’t bleed black and red. Those are my gladiators in the arena, this is the Rose Garden, and this is Our House – We Will Rock You.


……….Bend time and make it stand still. Swoon me with a Blazer love song. Romance me with that Roy rainbow shot which took flight from way beyond the arc and sailed so high that before it came back down to earth and sealed the victory, it kissed the rafters and said "You're mine baby."


…………………… The way some people carry on is enough to make you think a few of these posters heeded some bad advice and took a few of those "extendo word power pills" right before they posted, hoping that their posts are 25% bigger and 100% more satisfying. Trust me, those pills don’t work. And I should know, I tried one before I wrote this and look what happened Zilch, nada, nothing, I’ve got writers block like never before. I feel like the 10 year old kid who goes to the beach for the first time and wakes up right in the middle of an all girls high school senior tanning party. I’d like to say something romantically eloquent. I’ve fantasized about how cool I would be if these bathing beauties huddled around me and started to sing and dance like a scene out of Moulin Rouge, but the words don’t follow, the moment is just too enormous for me. I’m staggered into silence. 

So without all the fluff you might normally be accustom to in a post like this, I’ll get to the point fast and sweet.


Faster than tih can jump into a phone booth and slip into a shinny gold dog-poop avatar

Faster than blazerfan1 can don high heels and lipstick in hopes of meeting Nic

Faster than prez can dump a hot chick over his mountain bike handlebars
Faster than AK1984 can throw "the cold water of objectivity" into the face of homerism

Faster than brp can say wasssssap buttercups!??!?!


Is the Blazers Theme Song the coolest ever, or what?

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