Blazers Media Analysis - Conclusion

A few weeks ago I posted, for the first time, a question about a few outlets for Blazers media coverage. It came partly out of frustration from the coverage at times and also from a curiosity what others (mainly those who follow this team throughout the year) thought of that medium.

We rely upon them even more than 20 or 40 years ago since the culture has changed. Players are guarded and understandably so.

This summer I was driving back into town and turned on 95.5 (Canzano's show) and heard the reports that negotiations with Roy had stalled and he publicly was upset at the organization. I was in shock and came home to find out what was happening. The two guys on Comcast 37 were saying the same thing and I heard an interview with Quick and he was saying the same thing. I was upset and perplexed at the same time.

I don't have a computer at home so I heard the interview online the next day and couldn't believe it. That was the last straw for me. I often ignore those reporters who act more like a frat boy than a journalist. That's why it's better just to listen to Barrett, Rice, Wheeler and Harvey.

I called the Oregonian and asked the sports editor why Canzano's a reporter when he's hated so much. He said most of their calls/letters are positive which I'm certain is not true. Later I cancelled my subscription because of Canzano. He is the worst sports reporter I have ever seen and wish he would leave town. 9 out of 10 of my friends, most still play rec ball, despise him as well. If I thought it would do any good I'd organize a boycott of the paper and the radio station until he was let go. He's definitely not an athlete.

How is this possible in a city that doesn't seem to want that type of reporters as found on the east coast, where I'm from. I played basketball in college and one year in Europe. I also covered sports for a newspaper in college when I was injured.

Besides him there are others that are unbearable to listen to, mainly they don't seem to know the game at all and certainly never played. They can only repeat cliches and things they've heard from others and criticize players. I'll take those on the payroll who are homers over the idiots any day.

I know this post has a very negative tone but it's intended to. This team is a major part of my life and I rely upon the media to tell me news of the team but it's too frustrating for me anymore.

I wrote this in hopes of hearing feedback and criticism.

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