When things don't go my way I try to take a step back and look at the big picture and I usually realize in retrospect that I am thankful things didn't happen the way I had hoped(a.k.a. Adam Morrison). I always liked Hedo going back to his days in Sacramento, but I wasn't crazy about signing a 30 yr old guy to a 5 yr contract and using up all our available cap space.

I loved this season. Watching them grow onto what they have become is special and amazing. Let me make a few points about this team where they are at so far.

1. The last month of the season when they were blowing out a lot of teams by 25-30 points who were trying to secure playoff positioning was simply amazing. Not just blowing them out but how they were playing the whole game, they were finally starting to figure themselves out. They were evolving right before our eyes.

2. There were 2 factors I believe hurt us in the playoffs. Nobody has addressed this but I believe having the rally downtown and really making such a big deal about the Blazers making the playoffs actually hurt them especially for the first game. Remember the first game of the season and how bad they played against the L*kers in LA. They had a deer in the headlights look. They were tentative every which way. They played horribly. Well that is exactly what I saw the first playoff game. So we may not really need another player but a better, tougher psyche. I think experience will really help more so than anything else, or maybe PA can pay someone to slap Travis upside the head before every game and piss him off. The other factor was we needed another scorer to help LMA and Roy with scoring. So I would have started Rudy instead of Batum. As much as I Love Batum we needed more scoring against Houston.

3. We still have Martell and Batum and both have incredible upsides. If Martell can comeback healthy he could be that scoring option. Batum, man I love this guys game. Mark my word he is going to be one of the best payers we have. All he needs is confidence offensively and a few more offensive moves and he will be our SF for the next 10yrs. Think Scotty Pippen and Tayshun Prince had a kid it would be Batum. I would have started him against the Lakers if we had met them in the playoffs.

4. We won 54 games.If we had won just one more ( Orlando(now Hedo has screwed us twice), Clippers, Phili etc.) we wouldn't be having this conversation. If we had met L*kers in the WCF we had a very good chance at the upset. We already match up with them very well. And dare I say Orlando as we should have beaten them twice.

5. Do we really NEED another point guard. Blake takes care of the ball, can hit open 3's is a good passer. You don't have to have a penetrator at the PG position. Just look at Derek Fisher. Does ever penetrate.

6. We don't have any glaring needs. We have young guys who are going to get better. When we lost James Jones last year  I thought our 3 point shooting was going to suffer but it actually improved. Even LMA started making 3's.(please don't become Rasheed LMA, you are so much better than that).

7. Greg Oden. He is going to come back so much better. I know he is working hard and I think about half  way through next season he is going to really bloom. I takes a good year and a half to two years to really recover from micro fracture surgery. Just look at Amare Stoudameire and how long it took him to fully recover. He was just horrible when he first came back from his surgery. I used to watch a lot of Suns games and their progressions are very similar.

Well I have more points that I could make, but the big thing is:DON'T FIX IT IF IT AIN'T BROKE. I think the biggest need this team has is getting a banger at the 4 to back up LMA. Be patient we may already have that one piece to put us over the top.

Well this is my first post so let me know what you guys think.

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