Thoughts on "Turning Back the Clock"

A couple days ago the preseason schedule was announced.  One of the most exciting games, for me at least, was the "Turn Back the Clock" game against the Suns.  I can't wait to experience the feel of the Coliseum one more time.  I mean seriously, how many teams actually have the opportunity to return to the building where they spent their glory days?  Not many I'd guess.  Regardless of what you think about the MC, it does seem like a truly special way to honor where the team's history.

That being said, I am interested to hear some ideas for the game to complete the picture and, for just one night, bring back the memories that so many of us have shared.  Here are a few of mine...


1.  Ask the Schonz to call the game on the radio.  I don't think there is a single person who doesn't wistfully remember the nights spent listening to non TV games.  "Bingo Bango Bongo"  "Lickety brindle up the middle..." "You've got. To make. Your free throws."  "RRRRRip city baby!"  And my all time favorite, always after the first opponent basket..."Nobody said it was going to be easy folks". 

I personally think it would mean a lot to the man to have one more opportunity to bring back the magic, and I know it would mean a LOT to Blazer fans of a certain age to get to hear that voice just one more time (not schilling refigerators of course).  I might even muster up a watery eye at the prospect.


2.  Play some of those "so cheesy they're great" Bob Miller songs from the early 90s.  Don't remember any of the names but I think "Takin' Care of Phoenix" was one of them.  I'd love to hear those again.  Mix in some of the newer ones they play on the Game too!  Nostalgic fun AND a nice tie to the past.


3.  Find Blazer Bill and bring him back for one night.  I never really appreciated the guy, but it was one of those elements that I always think about when recalling the late 80s/early 90s.  If you don't remember him, he was a big guy with a bushy beard and overalls who would storm the court during timeouts and lead the crowd in cheers "GO...BLAZERS... GO BLAZERS!"  Silly yes, but for all you Blaze haters, it'd give you a peek at what we had beforehand.


4.  Have a Blazer alumni game before tipoff or at halftime.  We've seen plenty of Blazer greats in street clothes over the past few years, but none in unis chugging up and down the court.  Wouldn't it be great to see Jerome Kersey attempt the 18 footer again, Brian Grant pull down a rebound, or Chris Dudley shoot a free throw (ahem.)  That might even be a bigger thrill for me than the actual game.  Find Jeff Judkins, Find Audie Norris, Find Danny Young.  C'mon it'd be a blast!


So... with that I ask you... What say you about these ideas?  Are there other Coliseum experiences I am missing?

  BTW - Please no snarky 'tear it down' comments.  There have been plenty of opportunities to do that already.  That is not the point of this post.  Let's consider intead the best ways to honor the team and pay respect to the great memories that we share.  Thanks for your time and GO BLAZERS!

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