Who's your "and 1"

Maybe a post like this has already been done, I'm sure some of this has been discussed on the main page and in the myriad of Hedo posts, but I thought it would be interesting to get the "and 1" ideas all together.

Assumption #1 - All this Hedo talk is not a smokescreen. KP would lose all credibility with agents and future free agents. We want him and will get him. He'd like a ring and he isn't going to get it in a Bosh-less Toronto.

Assumption #2 - The Hedo hate is largely a result of feeling that he's going to eat up all the cap space and we won't be able to fill other needs we see as more pressing. There may be other reasons for Hedo hate, but there are plenty of posts for that. This is not that post.

Assumption #3 - We might all like the Hedo move better if we thought something else is coming also.

So let's hear your ideas of how to get Hedo "and 1" or 2 or whatever complimentary move you would want to do if we sign Hedo. Try to keep things realistic. I suspect the strongest push will be a Blake & Outlaw for Hinrich. If that's the move explain why the Bulls would do that now that BG is a Piston. A salary dump is tough to buy. Convince me!

Here's my move... and it won't take anybody by surprise who has noticed the repetitive nature of my posts lately. Before you sign Hedo, convince Milwaukie that you are going to sign Ramon Sessions to a deal that they won't want to match. I think a MLE deal for 5 years (similar to the Ariza signing) or a 4 year deal that averages slightly over the MLE. If they are convinced, perhaps they would sign Ramon to a MLE deal and do a S&T for Outlaw. They lost Jefferson and CV, need scoring punch whether off the bench or starting at both forward positions. If they are not convinced we sign Sessions to an offer sheet. We still move Outlaw in this deal (S&T with the Bucks matching) or another deal (maybe for somebody's trade exception). It only eats up about $2M of our cap space. We rescind all rights to players except Claver. We have to convince Hedo to wait until the Sessions deal is sealed. Why would he wait? Because if Milwaukie matches the offer for Sessions we'll have the cap space to throw Hedo an extra $4-5M. After we land Sessions we still have $7.5M of cap space (I'm hoping, depending on the cap) to sign Hedo to a deal that averages close to $8.5M/year on a 5 year deal.

Why Sessions? This is the case I have made previously:

We need a PG to play decent defense and create high percentage shots for his teammates. If the guy can score that would be great! I don't care if he scores from the inside or the outside. All the talk of PGs needing to hit perimeter shots to space the floor is exhausting. We have other players on our roster that can punish a team if they pack it in too much. If a PG spaces the floor with perimeter shooting the benefit is creating easy shots for his teammates. If a PG creates easy shots for his teammates with penetration and pass... JUST AS GOOD! Put pressure on the defense and create opportunities. That is what we need.

It would also be nice to have a player who fits our window for a title run. Our window may or may not open next year, but whenever it opens it ought to be open for the next 8 years after that.

I like Hinrich. I love Devin Harris. If we can swing a trade that lands us one of these guys... Great! But we have no ability to get them if their teams don't offer them in trade to us. It is out of our control. Make the necessary phone calls KP, but in the end if the offers on the other end of the phone are terrible or non-existant, make a move that you don't have to have another GM sign off on. I know that technically to get Sessions, the Bucks GM would have to decide to let him go. My point is that signing him to the offer sheet is within our control.

If the Bucks decide to match the offer anyway...FINE!!! Then I don't care which of Blake, Miller or Kidd KP decides to settle for, but at least we made an offer to the one free agent that meets our needs and could be available. How does Miller or Kidd fit our needs better than Sessions? They have playoff experience. I guess that's something we need, but I like extending the window. If Bayless doesn't develop, we won't have cap space again.

So who is your "and 1"? Is this Hedo & Sessions option remotely realistic? Would Hedo go to Toronto if our deal starts at $7.5M and averages $8.5M?

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