The André Miller Signing: The View from Philadelphia


Forgive the purple-and-gold logo, I just felt like taking a spin around the neighborhood to keep the carbon off the plugs. This summer is too damned long (especially this week, when we get a little taste of the Las Vegas sun in Oregon, sans all the air conditioning).


We've all been hearing lots of little snippets about the acquisition of 6'2" Point Guard André Miller, mostly from the Blazer side. Nate is happiest, for sure, he's found a Point Guard Coaching Buddy of the first magnitude and finally has somebody to watch crappy 1980s sitcoms with him in the locker room.

And KP is really happy, because the tornado-laced-hurricane-tsunami-typhoon of unmet fan expectations (a [expletive deleted]storm of his own creation) has magically gone bye-bye with a couple strokes of the pen. And Nate isn't pissed at him for dumping more kids on his head anymore.

And the Portland fans are happy, almost all of them, because Mom's 2003 Camry has been replaced with a far more sporty model — something of a classic of yesteryear, sure, but well-maintained, extremely durable, and with a V-8 engine that promises to go-go-go on the open road. Yaay.

But what are our friends in Philly making of all this? Are they happy to see an overrated bag of bones hit the road to Unrestricted Free Agent senility in the West? Or are they sad to see the loss of a playmaker and team leader?

Let's find out after the jump...

Okay, so there's no jump with FanPosts...

So sue me.



Sixers, Andre Miller Were Not on the Same Page

by Phil Jasner, Philadelphia Daily News

In retrospect, Andre Miller was all but gone the day last season ended.

Given the current stance of 76ers president/general manager Ed Stefanski, that would appear to be the case.

Miller, an unrestricted free agent, signed a 3-year contract Friday with the Portland Trail Blazers that could be worth as much as $21 million. By all accounts, the first 2 years are guaranteed at about $14 million, with the Blazers holding an option on the third year.

This was the reality: The Sixers were not offering more than 1 year at the NBA midlevel exception of roughly $5.8 million. Miller and agent Andy Miller were insisting on significantly more money and 3 years. Neither side showed any inclination to change.

The Blazers' reality: They are coming off a 54-victory season and feel Miller's experience and point-guard skills could help their young players improve and ultimately go deeper in the playoffs.

The Sixers' reality: Miller could have meant a handful of additional victories in the coming season, but his presence would have further delayed the development of Lou Williams, starting his fifth season, and first-round draft choice Jrue Holiday. * * *

"We wish Andre the best," Stefanski said after a busy week in which he watched Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young practice in the U.S. National Team minicamp in Las Vegas, then jetted back in time for Saturday's annual Beach Bash in Avalon. "We've moved on. The opportunity is there now for Lou to excel, and we think he will. He's been grooming himself for this for 4 years. At the same time, we'll see what the learning curve is for Holiday." * * *



Miller Says Sixers' Offer Wasn't Fair

by Tom Moore, Burlington County Times

* * *

"Do I think it's a fair offer?" said Miller in a conference call Friday night. "No, I don't. I can't blame that on the organization. I think it was all due to the economy. It was a tough situation. They had to figure out what direction they're going to go in."

In 2 2/3 seasons with the Sixers, Miller never missed a game at point guard and helped the Sixers to consecutive playoff appearances. His consecutive-game streak of 530 is the longest among active NBA players.

"I accomplished my goals there - to help the players and team get better and get to the playoffs," said Miller, who claimed he never had any contact with team president Ed Stefanski "throughout the summer."



Is Having Andre Miller a Good Thing?

posted by "Phillysportspulse" to Liberty Ballers (SBN)

Is having Andre Miller leave a good thing? Lou Williams will now have his chance to be the man at the point. Not having Miller will also force the rookie [Jrue] Holiday into a playing role. We will finally get to see what Lou has and if the rookie has any talent.

Does this train of thought lead to more of what we have seen in the last few years, a team that can only dream to get into the 5th seed of the playoffs?

We shall see...



Rumors, Notes, and Tweets

by Philadunkia (True Hoop)

* * *
Most of the rumors involve who will play point guard for the Sixers in 2009-10 or at least who will back up Louis Williams. One name we are not hearing that we'd like to see given some attention is former UConn star and current NBA disappointment Marcus Williams who just got finished tearing up the NBA Summer League. Also we are not hearing Ramon Sessions name connected with rumors surrounding the Sixers and that's very disappointing as well. * * *

Former Sixer point man Eric Snow interviewed former Sixer shooting guard Allen Iverson on NBA TV. Right now we'd take either one at point tomorrow over the Sixers current situation. * * *



Sixers Searching for a Veteran Point Guard

by SixerBlogger, Philadelphia 76ers

Recently waived Jamaal Tinsley may be considered by the Sixers to fill the void for the much needed point guard position. Tinsley who has talent but has a history of being injury prone and getting into trouble, will be looking to revive his career as the Indiana Pacers were more than happy to get rid of him.

Nothing is confirmed that the Sixers will pursue Tinsley but it appears their options are Tinsley and C.J. Watson.



Miller Time No More in Philly

by Rando, Sixers Journal

* * *
Go ahead Andre. It sounds like a good deal for ya. Portland has some amazing talent, but was sorely lacking in point guard experience. No disrespect to Jeff Blake ... the former University of Maryland graduate has down well with the limited skills he has, but he lacks the veteran savvy that Miller has.

I have a great appreciation for Andre after watching him play here. Like many I mistook his quiet demeanor for a lack of intensity. But I learned to appreciate the adroit passing skills, the high basketball IQ, the heart that he possesses. He has put on some spectacular shows in a Sixers uniform.

I will miss him, but I'm happy he is gone. Because of his unbelievable streak of consecutive games played ( 500+ games) there is little time for other guards to play the point. And his pride and will to win were so large that he would force things. Try to take over games when the Sixers needed it. * * *




posted by "Boulder Eagle" to PhilaPhans message board

Surprising. You'd have thought they would have done this sooner. It was looking like he was going to have to settle for very little.

Better in Portland than in NY. Sorry to see him go; he added a lot these past few years. God help us all with Sweet Lou at the point....



Stefanski = FAIL

posted by "PhilsFanSince79" to PhilaPhans message board

So they lose an asset and get nothing in return. Great management by Stefanski considering he had his entire tenure here as GM to make a decision on the Miller situation.

The roster the day they fired Billy King would beat the current roster Stefanski has put together. This guy has been a huge failure.



The Problem: Dalembert Immovable

posted by "Salvistine24" to PhilaPhans message board

I also think that the Sixers game plan to start the offseason was to sign or trade for a veteran PG but that was contingent on them trading Dalembert. The problem was the team really thought someone would bite on sammy but no one will. His contract is immovable.

Also, there was no shot of Miller coming back from the middle of the season; the team wanted to move on but didnt trade him at the deadline because they thought getting to the playoffs again would drive up season tickets for this year. The feeling was that if the fans saw the team go back to the postseason for a 2nd consecutive year, the fans would begin to believe this team has a chance for 2009-10 (which obviously didnt happen).



Old Point Guards

posted by "Old School 76" to PhilaPhans message board

Nobody was beating down the door to take Miller at the trade deadline either. Especially when they knew they could get him for nothing after the season ended. Like many, I thought Miller would be at least a lukewarm (if not a hot) commodity, and teams just weren't as interested as I thought they'd be. I'm having a problem seeing where that's anybody's fault.

Jason Kidd didn't even get many suitors. Both are looked upon as old PGs, but Kidd has a better resume.

As for saving money, with the cap going down next year, every team is being very cautious about what they do. Not just the Sixers. It wouldn't make much sense for this team to get anywhere near the luxury tax with a team who obviously has no chance at winning the East, let alone a championship. I don't even think we stand a chance to win the division.

In this case, I think they did the right thing.



A Golden Oldie from June 21st for Comedic Effect for Those of You Still Paying Attention

Por-Phi Trade

posted by "Walbelbm" to's 76ers message board

Miller (Sign and Trade), Dalembert, Thad Young


Blake, Outlaw, Rudy, Przybilla

Here's how I see it value wise

Miller = Blake + Outlaw

Przybilla > Dalembert (similar production, Joel costs less)

Thad > Rudy (but at the same time, helps both teams because Iggy and Thad are both natural SF's)


The Bottom Line:

1. Good bye, André, hail fellow well met.

2. The departure is no surprise, what is surprising is that our Sixers got nothing for the expiring contract they were shopping at the deadline.

3. Howzabout a little planning for this year's PG situation, Stefanski, ya bum!!!

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