What Andre Miller Brings to The Blazers

First off a lot of the reason we played at the slow non running pace is we were young. We were efficient on offense but Nate had to reign these young guys in so they did not make mistakes and to take advantage of all the talent as much as possible. The other reason we played slow was the point guards. At the point we were predictable, but once we got past that predictability from the point we destroyed people. Blake and Sergio limited us from letting all these big time talents go and get it.

I would say that if you put either Roy, Aldridge, or Oden on a bad team like say the Timberwolves or 76rs, that team would ride that guy to the guild. If that team had a real legit Nba PG then they would get them the ball most every time down. For us Roy had to work way too hard for his looks, a good PG would have gotten him going much easier and in many more ways. For Oden come on now a real PG would have been feeding the beast. If Lamarcus was the only good player on a bad team that team would go through him every time down on the block. So that leads me to Andre Miller.

With that said, things Miller Brings to this team:

  • Ability to get Roy going (i would say somewhat like Chauncy BIllups gets Rip Hamleton going) Also it opens up Roy to play inside more without having to drive past three players to get there. Brandon will run off ball, off screens and what not. Also Roy will be more fresh throughout a game and throughout his career.
  • Ability to get Lamarcus going. He runs the floor so well and this year we will know the true meaning of the L-TRAIN as get gets easy buckets running down the lane on the break. Also we will get the ball just a bit better on the block and better overall looks inside.
  • Get Oden going. Besides the obvious lob passes Miller will know when Oden feels frisky and get him the ball correctly on the block when the team needs it. This will make G.O. more comfortable with his moves and lead to the passing big man we will see in the future.
  • Easy buckets and fast break points. I would say we were one of the worst in the league at this last season. Now we can defensive rebound and push the ball up and find the quick hitter down the lane or set up for the secondary fast break not having to back the ball out and "play late" in the shot clock.
  • At the point of attack Miller will always have the ball in the right spot. This will lead to a championship type style. If he has and opening he will drive and if he is contested he will find the correct place to pass the ball in a timely manner making everyone better and creating better inside passing on the team.. More easy buckets. Plus he will help space the floor.
  • Team defense will improve. Being a veteran in the NBA Miller will always be in the correct spots. He is a bigger defensive body and a slight improvement in individual defense at the point. He will get the other guys in the right spots on defense as well.
  • Much better communication (talking) on the floor. He will maestro this team with his words and his eyes. He will get the other guys to do the same. Everyone will feel more comfortable and more confident.
  • He is another scoring option with the ball in his hands. In the full and half court Andre will have a good dribble and handle with no nonsense. In fact Miller has quite a quarky dribble he can break his man down score in the mid range or at the basket. Maybe he will pass off or pump fake to find a new opening.
  • 3 pointers wont be too important to us any more which is good. In a way in the past we have lived and died with the long jump shots, which is dangerous in the playoffs. Andre Miller is not a three point shooter. When he gets the ball he will drive or pass inside. When he gets the ball himself on a spot up he can wiggle his way a bit closer to not take a three but a better percentage shot.
  • He will allow Blake to come off the bench. At point guard I always thought a championship team should have a good floor general with the ability to get his own when needed as the starter. Then the backup PG should be a bang bang shooter (Ala steve Kerr) insert Blake. Then the teams should have a young developing potential PG to grooming (Bayless).
  • Miller brings a playoff mindset. He has played so much basketball that the regular season is less important to him the main thing is what happens when we get to the playoffs. It's true too because lets be honest we are going to make the playoffs for at least the next 7 to 10 years. We will be judged by how well we do in the playoff season.
  • Aged experience in general. He will help the guys in the locker room and with all the little things older guys tell young guys.

OK OK Andre Miller is not god so how can he bring all these things to this team? The truth is this team is ultra talented and really we have all the parts needed to be great because Keven Pritchard has set this team up so well. Its young and improving naturally. Really all we need is a player like Miller at the point to put his influence then everything can bloom from there in the Rose Garden.

With all that said Miller is 33 years old. This means we will be good for 2 or 3 more years. This allows the team to grow with him. At the end of those 2-3 years then what? Well I trust that either by then Bayless will be ready. If Bayless is not that guy then I trust K.P. to go out and do his magic, maybe trade a Rudy Fernadez and or a Bayless and get the guy to go forward for the dynasty team we will become.

In the teams reign with Andre Miller it would be great to win a championship and we may be good enough to. But remember it takes all the Dynasty teams of the past time to get going. So this year we may lose to the Lakers in the west Finals. In 2 years we may lose to Lebron in the finals. To me that is reasonable, but after that I want rings. Who know this signing may just bring us a ring for next year. $$$

Before I go I will say it would be great to find the Andre Miller form of a backup veteran PF to add. This would add many of the things I stated early plus more. Lets all hope K.P. can find this guy this off season, if not I like this Cunningham guy too.

Thanks for reading. I hope this read wasn't too long winded, but im fired up and cannot wait for the season and future championships ---- Go RiP CiTY

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