Contest Entry: Who's to blame?

He was chosen to represent McDonald's (and their tasty Big Mac) on the All-American team in 1990 and was one of the top recruits coming out of High School. After blowing off offers from Notre Dame, Villanova, UCONN, Duke and THE North Carolina Tar Heels, our guy decided to soar like an Eagle and let the winds take him where he belonged. Though his size allowed him to look like a power forward on the outside, his lack of strength and his keen, sharp-shooting eye told him to play more like a 2/3. After four solid years of college where he amassed career averages of nearly 17 ppg and 8 rpg to go along with 4 team MVPs, he decided to test the waters and enter the NBA draft.

"With the 22nd selection in the 1994 NBA draft, the San Antonio Spurs select..." The commish's voice was like music to our guys ears. Though not in attendance on this momentous occasion, history had been made. Little did he know his impact on our franchise would soon also be heralded as history being made.

When the trade of Clyde Drexler and Tracy Murray for Otis Thorpe, the rights to some guy named Marcelo Nicola and a throw away first round pick (19th, later traded, but we'll get to that) occurred during the middle of the 1994 season, Blazer fans knew a talent like Thorpe could never be contained on our roster. Thorpe was traded less than 8 months later in a package deal along with that 19th pick (A guy named Theo Ratliff) to acquire 2 young, overachieving talents, one of which being Randolph Childress (who?) and the other being OUR GUY!

After never playing an official game for the Red and Black, our guy was then sent packing with James "Hollywood!" (I like to say his name like that of the Oscar worthy performance of Meshach Taylor character in Mannequin) Robinson and a conditional first round pick to Minnesota for J.R. ‘Isaiah' Rider.

Basically, in a Kevin Bacon-esque manner...our guy is linked to both the greatest player to ever dawn a Blazer uni and the most hated villain from the Jail Blazer era and easily the worst character guy our fine franchise has ever seen.


None other than THE Bill Curley.

Throughout his poignant NBA career which spanned over 7 arduous season, Mr. Curley spent time playing with 5 different franchises including 2 stints with the Golden State Warriors. While his career averages of 2.7 ppg and 2.0 rpg don't scream ‘impact player' or ‘unheralded Blazer that should get more recognition' (to appease Dave...), you can now share with your friends the story of the man who nearly ruined Basketball in Portland.

For hate mail, questions, concerns, or just general entertainment purposes, it seems that Mr. Curley now runs a basketball camp in Duxbury, MA while coaching in his free time at prestigious Thayer Academy in god-knows-where, MA. He can be reached at

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