Another annoying Hedo post....

1. In my opinion, the biggest need the Blazers had last year was a consistent third option.  On nights when Roy, Aldridge, and someone else on the team had a good game, we seemed virtually unbeatable.  Hedo will be that third option.  

2. Hedo is a point forward.  Adding Hedo will immediately take more pressure off of our point guard position and make it less of a need.  

3. Everybody is knocking on Hedo's defense.  Is it just me or did Hedo make some of the biggest defensive plays of the postseason (Kobe Bryant block among others)?  If Hedo was not white, would these concerns still be there?

4. Fans are unreasonably expecting the Blazers to either draft, trade, or sign a free agent that is  

A) An all-Star

B) Under 25 years old  

C) And fearless

5. I have news for everyone, you can't have five Brandon Roys on one team.  Five don't exist, we can't afford them, and they would fight incessantly!  This isn't XBOX or Playstation.  You can't have all-stars at every position.  

6. 30 years old is not even close to too old.  If you even claim this as an argument you will lose all credibility.  If anybody can point out a single player who declined at the age of thirty due to his age and not injury or something else I will be impressed.  

7.  This guy will be our third, possibly fourth option.  Consequently, he will get paid ultimately the third or fourth highest on the team. Get over it.  Sounds reasonable to me.  

8.  Hedo's basketball IQ is off the charts.  Couple him with someone like Brandon Roy and Rudy Fernandez and you will see some dynamic basketball.

9.  Last and certainly not least.  In the analysis of our roster, we fail to take into account the continued improvement of individual players.  Obviously Roy is a perennial all-star.  I believe that LMA will be an all-star next season.  LMA was playing all-star basketball the second half of last season.  There were many games last year where he was the most valuable player on the court, Roy included.  LMA's defense and rebounding also showed drastic improvement.  What if Roy finally decides to become the lock-down defender he is capable of being?  What if Oden avoids foul trouble?  If Oden remains on the court he will at least be a 14 and 10 guy.  LMA will be a 20 and 8 guy.  Hedo could be a 15, 6 and 6 guy.  Roy will be a 20, 7 and 7 guy.  Blake, or whoever, will be a 12 and 5 guy.

10. All of this equals a tough, smart, and big team.  Bring on the Turk!  

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