Blazers PG's - Realistic Options & Expectations

The question we have all been wondering since the core of Roy, Aldridge, Oden(Now Batum) has been assembled. What is the final piece of our pentagon of starters? The Point Guard. So many types of players fit into this one position. You have the pure PG(Chris Paul), the combo guard(Devin Harris) & the defender(Kirk Hinrich). McMillan prefers taller/stronger PG's(Preferably 6'5"), with a sharp mind & great defense. He essentially wants someone with the same body type he had as a player & commitment on the defensive end, but perhaps with the scoring ability of his all-star peer, Gary "The Glove" Payton.


Currently in the NBA, the 6'5" PG is a very rare breed. Only Rodney Stuckey of the Detroit Pistons really fits that mold. But it is almost certain that if Detroit is to start rebuilding, it will be around Stuckey & his very promising first two years in the NBA. He is about as "untouchable" as you can get on Detroits roster.

The upcoming NBA draft has only one prospect talented enough to perhaps be superior in the mind of KP/McMillan over the vaunted Jerryd Bayless. That would be Tyreke Evans, from Memphis. The succesor of Derrick Rose & the two have very similar stories/backgrounds. Both mentored by their brothers, pushing them in the right direction. In an effort to keep them off the streets & in the gym. Evans as a PG in the NBA, as described by SacTown Royalty:

If Evans can play the point in the NBA -- his record at the helm of Memphis would indicate an affirmative answer there -- he will be the longest, biggest point guard in the league. Bigger than Billups, Williams. Longer than Rondo. (I think. Rondo didn't submit to measurements.) If he has or can develop the skills, he'll be able to post up any single point guard in the league. If he has the heart to devote himself to team defense, he should be one of the guards most physically ready to challenge every jumper. If he can jump and sprint, he could be deadly in transition. At both ends.

Again, he needs to develop the right skills, the right coach, the right team fit, the right attitude. But that's one helluva canvas to bring to the parlour.

He is only 19 years old, limitless potential & he is Nate's ideal PG(Size wise). I think having McMillan as someone who was a great defender in the NBA could really rub off on Tyreke.(Same theory as Bayless, but more physical advantages for Evans) Blake would help a lot too, in terms of "running the offense" & avoiding mistakes. He brings almost the same arsenal as Bayless does, but Evans has a much better chance at defending the 2 & scoring from the 2, when Roy takes over at the point. I believe someone said he models his game after Brandon Roy, it would be very beneficial for him(Evans) to have him(Roy) in practice; For obvious reasons. What would it take? We would most likely be having to move up around the 5th draft slot. That of course, is only one option.

This entire post obviously is hinging on what the front office thinks of Bayless's role in the future. From there it would be easier to see what moves we should & should not make at the 1.At this point, do you think we can get away with "bridging the gap" between Blake->Bayless. Can we get away with letting good PG's go off for 30 & still get wins? How about the playoffs? It depends how KP/MC think Bayless will develop

1. Bayless is not going to be able to defend good-great NBA PG's for 3+ years. If this is the case, then I would say Kirk Hinrich is the most likely player to acquire at the 1. He plays very good, diciplined team defense & can disturb big scorers at the 1. Bayless could learn a lot from him. Jerryd can come off the bench around 20mpg. Let him use his natural talents as a pure scorer, not forcing him into something he is not. The Hinrich|Bayless Option.

2. Bayless is going to be able to defend good-great NBA PG's in less then 3 years. The next option. Jason Kidd. Still one of the best PG's in the NBA at rebounding & passing. Better defender then Blake & could have a very positive impact on Bayless's all around game. Same situation as the previous one for Bayless in terms of scoring off the bench, but this option would allow Bayless to be starting sooner then if we did trade for Hinrich. McMillan also was raving about Kidd's defense about a year back. Kidd would bring a lot of veteran leadership. The Kidd|Bayless option.

3. McMillan is going to be super stubborn, stay with Steve "Passaphire" Blake, until he gets his ideal PG. This case, we would move up & grab Tyreke Evans(As mentioned above). Who allows McMillan to keep Blake starting, until his PG is ready to take the reigns. The Evans|Blake option.

4. McMillan is going to get over his obsession with a tall PG & realize you don't have to be tall, to survive as an NBA PG(He has seen first hand, Chris Paul/Tony Parker, both smaller guys have a lot of success at the NBA level). But thinks Bayless may be better as part of a platoon at the 1. Yes, you knew it was coming, come on, don't act like you did not expect it from a thread with the term "PG" in the title. Mike Conley Jr. He fits well with Roy, low usage rate(experience playing next to dominant ball handlers like OJ Mayo/Rudy Gay), Hits 3's at an incredible rate for the minutes he played & his age.  Also his experience playing with Oden is a big positive. Knows where he likes the ball on the pick & roll, knows where he likes it on the post + lobs. Defensively, he has the same ability to play good defense within our system like Paul/Parker, great feet & very quick hands. In this category, him & Oden's playing experience help a lot too, talking on defense, Conley knowing that a big man has his back if someone does get past him(Just like any good perimeter defender, there is a good post defender to make up for the mistakes) unlike Memphis. One last point I want to make, is Greg's long-term happiness in Portland. We heard in the indy corn rows interview that he isn't exactly an "outdoors" guy. What better way to keep him happy, then have his best friend playing by his side like its Lawrence North HS? "A happy Oden, is an Oden who wants to improve" ;) The Coney|Bayless option - Closest comparison I can come up with talent wise is Isiah Thomas|Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson, from the Bad Boys.

5. Blockbuster Trade. KP some how manages to use his silver tongue to pry away a PG who is already playing at a superstar level. Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Rajon Rondo or Deron Williams. Obviously the toughest of the bunch to do. This route likely send Bayless & possibly Blake out of town. I will not add this option on the Poll, for fear of ruining it by everyone picking #5, so instead, if you prefer this option... Please go in depth into how you would get it done.

6. Other - Please explain in your post.

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