6/6/09 Junk Drawer: I'm not a nerd

Boom dah dah Boom dah dah Boom dah dah Boom

I'm just sittin here rappin like a chirpy bird
I feel quite certain – that I’m not a nerd

No I’m not a nerd
Oh…. you haven’t heard
You may think you know me - and my 3D sunglasses
Get a life dwitzle dorf - I’m not a nerd

No I’m not a nerd - how completely absurd
Can’t a guy get freaky with a rubik’s cube
Doin’ it under 10 secs without bein’ accused
"cause a nerd I’m not – I like being amused

Backoff Jack – listen – Word - don’t knock it
Noooooo - that’s not a calculator in my left shirt pocket

I got a slide-rule chiseled on my chest
So I like tattoos what’s a wrong with that
I see you girl lookin’  - at my total hot ride
It’s doughnut grease bio-diesel baby - jump inside

Night to Queen-4….will be my next move

Don’t expose your king – oops too late he’s nude

The chess has been great – and so very nice to beat ya

No I’m not a nerd – but I do have all your pieces

I like my jeans high-water - and colorful suspenders
It’s just a matter of taste – it don’t define my gender

No I’m not a nerd - you’re completely mistaken
How completely absurd - for you to think it

I like my pie 20 digits - when I’m in a pinch
If you give me 30 (3. 1415926535 8979323846 2643383279) – well we could be friends

Calculating Roy’s PER (22.61749837173829478297483) it’s super fantastic
Can’t we all be accurate - it’s not  math gymnastics

No I’m not a nerd - how completely absurd
The Posters these days – must a missed the word

I got my first abacus - when I was 2
and I hit a googolplex - by the afternoon
I like Fibonacci -  and my teachers are boring
But I get real excited - when the Blazers are scoring

Ok I’m not Will Smith or the B - I - G
But if you listen close – you can take it from me

Posters these daaaaaays – ----------they just don’t understand


And so what if - 
"Did I dooo thaaaaat" – is my favorite expression
It’s not like that - is a nerds’ confession

I get by on my terabyte - home PC
I’d rather drive a mainframe - with a lambda tree

can’t you type a little faster – and keep the beat
I gotta say what you’re doing - is entirely tragic
Oh just give me that keyboard – and I'll show you some magic

My computations are solid – and the data’s not blurred
I hope I did convince yooouuuuu –--- I’m - NOT - A - NERD  
I thought it would never happen, but I had my first comment deleted the other day.
Ok, so I over-reacted a little to a nerd comment in a post. If you had seen the first few drafts, you would know I was trying to tone it down and produce something that would remain. I guess it needed one more revision - or maybe two?

So today’s poll is,  "have you been naughty or nice."

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