Locked and loaded is this team wcf ready?


Portland the way it is constructed right now knowing what we know can it make it to the WCF and compete for a finals appearance?  There is so much trade talk but do we really need to make a move? Portland is probably going to lose Frye and Sergio, we know Ruffin will not be back and Randolph? Whoopie.

Look at this team right now and really think about it.

PG. Blake/Bayless   That is a solid backcourt that should improve dramatically  this upcoming season.

SG. Roy/Rudy   Thats as good a tandum as any team in the league (actually maybe the best) and it will undoubtedly be better next season.

SF.  Batum/Outlaw/Webster   There is so much talk about getting a vet sf this tandum looks pretty darn good as it stands and it will be alot better next season.

PF.   LA   Aldridge is a absolute stud at the 4 but this area should be the main focus of this offseason we dont need upgrades at positions that are already stacked we need to look at addressing the one position that truely needs to be addressed some help at the backup pf.

C.  Pryz/Oden   Name a better combo in the league today at the center position sure we all wanted Oden to put up numbers like a seasoned vet would but the reality is that was Odens rookie year and it was actually a pretty good debut.

Trades! We have to make a deal! Lets upgrade this position or that one! Why?  Do we really need to do anything more then use the money we will have this summer to shore up a backup 4. LA is going to play 40 minutes a night anyways most nights.  Right now the day before the draft there are so many people wanting change just to make a change.  Portland is young!  Think about  Roy and LA entering there 4th seasons Blake is a vet Pryz is definatly a vet and as scary as it sounds this will be Outlaw entering year 7. Oh yea Martell will be entering year 5.  Just because there young does not mean we do not have veteran leadership scattered all over the team. Portland got there first taste of the playoffs last season with this current roster they got a close up view of what it is going to take to win.  Roy has willed this talented team to reach new goals every season.  I think the roster as it it stands right now is going to push for the wcf or maybe even a finals appearance. Think about if we got the lakers in the wcf are we really that far behind them?

Do we really need to break this team up for minor upgrades that we do not know how they will fit with this current roster. Please someone help me buy into the hype of making a deal or tell me we are closer then we realise to becoming the team to beat.

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