Guessing Game: Potential Homes for the "Buffet of Goodness"




As most of us Blazer fans know,  Channing Frye is a Restricted Free Agent this summer. The overwhelming consensus is the Blazers will not match any offer for Frye and he will be gone next year. Channing just doesn't fit anymore with this team. His first year here actually was not that bad. He was in Nate's 9-man rotation backing up both the 4 and 5 spots and did a competent job, he even had some stretches of very good play.

This year has been a whole different story. Hampered by an unfortunate ankle injury just as traing camp was getting started after what was reported as a great offseason for Channing, he never was able to find his rythm. He soon fellout of the rotation that he was a part of last year and now was relegated to scraps as the 11th man on the roster. The problem with this is Frye's game is not one suited for spot minutes. He's a jump shooting big man who needs consistent minutes to get in the rythm and flow of the game to be effective.


So...what are the more realistic homes for Channing?

 I came up with four (not really in order)  that I see would be very plausible and are also good opportunities for Channing to get consistent minutes in hopes to restart his career that once seemed to be very promising after a solid rookie year in NY.


1.  Atlanta Hawks

             Current Frontcourt Rotation:  PF- J. Smith/ Al Horford   C- Al Horford / Zaza Pachulia / Solomon Jones

             Marvin Williams is a RFA (Atlanta fans are not sure they'll retain him) and Zaza Puchalia is UFA, J-Smoove may be being shopped (although his contract makes it almost impossible for Atlanta to get equal value for him) so their is potential room for Frye if Atlanta thinks he fits, and I think he does. None of their bigs have reliable jumpers except Marvin who is primarily a 3 for Atlanta. He would be able to space the floor for Horford to do his work in the middle where he's most effective.


2. New Orleans Hornets

             Current Frontcourt Rotation: PF- D. West / Peja Stojakovic / S. Marks  C- Tyson Chandler / Hilton Armstrong

             New Orleans is strapped for cash and lacks frontcourt depth, especially if they find a team to dump Chandler on. Channing frye gives them a cheap replacement that can back-up both the 4 and 5 much better that Hilton 'Super Scrub" Armstrong.


3. Orlando Magic

              Current Frontcourt Rotation: PF- R. Lewis / Tony Battie  C- Dwight Howard / Tony Battie / Marcin Gortat

              Somebody is going to offer Gortat the full MLE so he is gone, which leaves only Tony Battie left to back up both Rashard and Dwight. With Tony Battie's age and injury history , that is a risky proposition for Orlando. Channing would a be an awsome fit in Orlando's system as he spaces the floor well for Dwight, as he's a better jump shooter than Battie.


4. San Antonio Spurs

               Current Frontcourt Rotation: PF- Matt Bonner / Kurt Thomas  C- Tim Duncan / Frabricio Oberto

               Age and Injury issues are a problem for the Spurs frontcourt. Timmy D.'s knees have seen their better days so I'm sure they would like to limit his minutes in the regular season. Oberto just recently had minor heart surgery and is in his last year of his current contract which is not guranteed. San Antonio didn't take to well to Drew Gooden's selfishness on offense and his defensive incompetence, so maybe Channing Frye can be a better option for them.

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