Brandon's Rise to All-NBA

Brandon's being named to the 2nd team All-NBA in his 3rd season is historically noteworthy. Very few guards in the history of the league have achieved this honor so quickly.  It essentially means that you have established yourself as one of the top four guards in the league.

Roy is in elite company.  The following table shows whether a player made the first (1) or second (2), All-NBA team, or didn't make it (-) in his rookie, 2nd, or 3rd year in the league, as well as total All-NBA teams made:

Player                                 Rookie                   Year 2                    Year 3              Total

Oscar Robertson                    1                            1                            1                     11

Michael Jordan                       2                            -                             1                     11

Bob Cousy                              -                             1                            1                     12

Jerry West                              -                             1                            1                      12

Anfernee Hardaway                -                             1                            1                       3

Isiah Thomas                          -                             2                            1                       5

Kevin Johnson                        -                             2                            2                       5

Dwayne Wade                        -                             2                            2                       4*

Earl Monroe                           -                              2                            -                       1

Allen Iverson                          -                             -                              1                       7*

Walt Frazier                           -                              -                             1                       6

Chris Paul                              -                             -                              1                       2*

Magic Johnson                      -                              -                              2                     10

Tim Hardaway                       -                              -                              2                       5

Sidney Moncrief                    -                              -                              2                       5

Pete Maravich                       -                              -                              2                       4

Brandon Roy                        -                               -                              2                       1*

* = still active

What this table shows is that:

  • Only seventeen guards in NBA history made the All-NBA team as quickly as Brandon.
  • Only two players -- Big O (averaged a triple double for his first six seasons) and Jordan -- made All-NBA in their rookie years.  Big O made first team (one of best two guards in league) and MJ made second team (one of four best guards in league).
  • Three players -- Cousy, West and A Hardaway -- made first team All-NBA in their second season.
  • Four players -- Isiah, KJ, D Wade, and Earl the Pearl -- made second team All-NBA in their second season. 
  • Three players -- AI, Frazier, and CP3 -- made first team All-NBA in their third year.
  • Five players -- Magic, T Hardaway, Moncrief, Pistol Pete, and B Roy -- made second team All-NBA in their third year.
  • Noteworthy is the list of great guards that didn't make it into the top four guards in the league in their third year, including (showing all-star game appearnces): Kobe (11*, probably because he came in young), Clyde the Glide (10), Stockton (10), Kidd (9*), Payton (9), Ray Allen (9), Mitch Richmond (6), Steve Nash (6), and Reggie Miller (5),
  • Of course, at certain times there may be more great guards, making it harder to break into this list.
  • It's possible I missed a few players that should be on the list.
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