Rudy's Blog Comments on the Sergio Situation

Hopefully this hasn't already been posted, sorry if it has. The info is a little dated, but the English translation hopefully isn't.

I was translating Rudy's blog entries for awhile, but my life got very busy and I stopped doing it. I'll try to jump back into it next season.I know someone is doing it over on Blaze of Love, but in the interest of repping BEdge appropriately I'll try to get a little more scholarly with it than they do.

I scanned some of the old posts since I stopped translating, and most of it is pretty dated. This entry is the only one I thought had a few interesting points buried in an otherwise unremarkable, "Thanks for your support," piece.

This is the translation of the May 1st blog entry. He has some interesting things to say about the Sergio situation, particularly considering his choice of words (see the Ed. note). I've put the translation that was common to a couple of dictionaries, online and off, but would add that I'm familiar with the word as colloquially used in Spain, and I'd say he's trying to say that it's a "crappy situation," and that my personal opinion probably isn't nice enough to put in reputable dictionaries. Please don't kick me off the site for it, I'm only copying Rudy's terms.

Here's the original site for the blog and the google translation site.

It's Been Great Sharing this Year with You
by Rudy

End of the season. After all that has happened to me, it's time to return home. Monday, I'll be in Mallorca.

It has been great to be close to all of you through this blog. Thanks to it you've all seen that all has not been sweetness and light. We made a lot of money, we played basketball with the best, our lives have been very good... but also you've seen that at times you feel alone, that you have bad times from being far from your country and your family and your spirit drops. From here, enter (ed: the website that hosts the blog) and see your comments that have made us feel good. I'd like to thank you all.

Although we could have done more at the end of this season, I have to say that it has been a perfect year. Perfect enough. A player never has to conform with what he feels, but I went to Portland with a lot of fear. Fear that I wouldn't fit in, that I wouldn't like the coach, that I wouldn't adapt... But it all went fantastically. I was able to be myself and play as I am.

Next season I know that it's possible that I will not be teammates with Sergio. For me, I can only define it as a real bugger (ed: word used here was 'putada' which could mean dirty trick, with intimations of prostitution or a slur referring to a part of the female anatomy). He has had a great season and he has helped me a lot on and off the court. If he leaves, it would be bad for me and for this team. The only thing I desire is that he is happy wherever he is, because he deserves it.

Now I'm returning home and I'm not going to travel anywhere. My girlfriend works, and perhaps I'll be moved to go to Menorca, Ibiza... little more. I hope to be able to keep in contact with all of you and that you continue to support me as you have until now, because I truly appreciate you all very much.

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