Reverse trade drawer 6/13: Players that won't come to Portland

Here is my take on which pretty often discussed players KP won't acquire. Most not because they wouldn't fit, but because he won't be able to. It's just my take, please add your own perspective.

My top 10 in no particular order:

Chris Paul

Yes it's true the Hornets are in some financial trouble and might have to send out a player for little in return to bring salaries down, a la what they tried to do with Tyson Chandler. But it won't be Paul. He is what's keeping basketball in New Orleans and people coming in franchise-record numbers into the arena (see recent article in Forbes). And even if the ownership would decide to sell the team, they can get a much better price with Paul still there. In fact I think he is the most untradable player in the league, more so than say LeBron James or Chris Bosh whose teams might still be <10% interested to trade them in some sign& trade deal (a la KG who instantly signed an extension in Boston) fearing they just go away and they end up with nothing. We will see at the next deadline. Not so with Paul, who does have a new long-term contract in place until 2012 (2013 player option).


Deron Williams

Similar to Paul, he just signed a contract extension until 2012 (2013 player option). And his team by all accounts is not in severe financial trouble. Plus they have other ways to shed payroll, e.g. by moving Andrei Kirilenko for an expiring contract, letting Boozer walk, letting Okur walk, etc.


Tony Parker

The Spurs are not yet in rebuilding mode. They just nixed attempts by the Wizards to acquire Ginobili for either the #5 pick or "a helluva player" in the words of Greg Popovich. If they are not willing to move a Ginobili with injury concerns for a good asset, why would they move their youngest star for our spare parts?


Mike Conley

I'm not completely certain here, but I think it's highly unlikely. The Blazers and Grizzlies, as dumb as it sounds, are not on good speaking terms at the moment after what happened with Darius Miles (the e-mail, $9 million coming back on our cap).

If there was ever any doubt - and there wasn't - Memphis really did only sign Darius Miles to screw Portland. His reasonably effective play notwithstanding, it was never going to be a long term solution, and there was nothing to gain in the short term either. But, if stiffing Portland was indeed their aim, it worked. Industrious? Yes. Successful? Yes. Embarassing? Definitely yes. Let's pretend it didn't happen. - ShamSports

And this is not the only guy thinking so, just maybe the most blunt. Plus, they decided that Conley was the winner of their own point guard battle, as evidenced by sending out Javaris Crittenton (to the Wizards) and Kyle Lowry (to the Rockets). 

If they don't draft Rubio (and at the moment it doesn't seem like they will draft any point guard), they will have no interest to move Conley for our lesser point guard(s). Conversely the Blazers were not interested to move Blake last year in a package with Travis for Conley, and even if they could be now it's very likely the Grizzlies say no - unless they were convinced Mayo could play point for them with Blake as an off guard. Sergio doesn't help them except in a backup role. And by all accounts the Blazers won't move Bayless for Conley. They just won't. We also can't really help them to save cap space with lopsided trades, they have cap space to the horizon and will have even more after renouncing the partially guaranteed Greg Buckner. They rather have problems filling their roster cheaply. 


Mike Bibby

He is happy in Atlanta, and Atlanta is happy with him. And Atlanta has plenty of cap space to re-sign him and then some.


Jason Kidd

While he will explore all options as an unrestricted free agent (including going to Europe and signing a one-year deal with Cleveland), last reports out of Dallas were that he was happy with the time there and Cuban and his teammates still like him. And it should not happen, he is about the last player I want for the Blazers especially if Blake stays ;-)


Steve Nash

Pretty much the only player who Steve Kerr has not put on the table at the deadline. And he still has no intention to do so. And Nash has no intention to play for Nate McMillan in a strict defensive and offense scheme at a slow pace, after he was a driving force behind the ousting of Terry Porter trying to implement a system going a little bit in this direction and involving Shaq more. Plus unless the Suns waive him he is not a free agent, so the Blazers would have to scratch together $13 million in salary and cap space to match for him. With the chance that he bolts to NY in 2010. It won't happen.


Shaquille O'Neal

He will stay in Phoenix or end up in Dallas or Cleveland in a deal for expiring contracts. My best bet. And the Blazers don't need him.


The Most Valuable Puppets

While Kobe would make some sense (remember my half-serious trade proposal), it just won't happen. They cost too much, they demand the ball when it matters, and Roy wouldn't coexist well with them.


I won't list who I think will be good candidates and who is more and most likely to come to the Blazers since that is not the focus of this post, but you can deduct that by subtraction. It's also not necessary to list all 300-something role players that probably won't get acquired. So please discuss and add your own candidates for whose destination this summer is not Portland but try to limit it to recently/regularly discussed candidates.

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