Rudy Fernandez Trade Bait??

By looking at the Chicago Bulls roster and then looking back at ours 1 thing is clear. We have too many SG/SF players and Chicago has a real hole in those positions.

Ben Gordon is most likely gone and after that they dont have much depth at all for the SG position. For the SF position they have John Salmons and Luol Deng but he is coming off an injury and who knows how he will come back and play.

Kirk Hinrich is possible for us to get if we can make a trade that Chicago cant refuse. I think if we can give up Rudy Blake and Outlaw for him then it could work. They get 3 players who can come in and contribute right away and give the team more depth. You throw in a 2011 1st rounder and it should be a deal.

I know people think we should keep Rudy but I read many articles and blogs saying that we should trade him. Im starting to believe that it might be best for us to get rid of him now. I read this on Dwight Jaynes blog.

Yeah, you can talk all you want about playing him at the point, or moving Brandon Roy to the point, but Rudy’s position is off-guard. And that’s Roy’s spot. And I’m not sure it’s fair for a player of Rudy’s caliber to have to play somewhere else. On top of that, he left a huge contract in Europe to come here and play for the rookie payscale. He is going to eventually want and need the kind of role that shows what he’ll deserve in his next contract. Besides, there will be no cap room for him here when he’s ready for that next deal.

Chicago Gets: Rudy Fernandez, Steve Blake,  Travis Outlaw

Portland Gets: Kirk Hinrich,  2011 1st round pick 

Also I like the idea of using our trade exception on Thabo Sefolosha maybe giving OKC a few picks for him possibly next years 1st round pick.  Thabo is a great defender who is a more polished scorer than Batum but not so great that he completely takes away from Batum's mins. We could also grab DJ White who is the same mold as Dejuan Blair. People think so highly of Blair but White is just as good and has played very well when given time.  

Thunder Get: 2010 1st round pick, 38th pick 2009 draft

Blazers Get: Thabo Sefolosha, DJ White

Correction NEVERMIND about Thabo. Trade exception wouldnt work. I still like DJ White in a minor trade

I have been on the Knicks blog and majority of them would be fine with trading the 8th pick for Sergio and the 24th and 55th picks. So its possible for us to target somebody like Stephen Curry.

 With our 33rd pick we should look at Dionte Christmas. He is somebody who can spread the floor if we were to get rid of Rudy. Christmas has unlimited range and looks alot like Michael Redd with his nice shooting touch. He is very smart and knows when to pass. As for the 56th pick I think we look international and go with Vladimir Dasic.

Other guys that I think we could get that are actually possible are Pops Mensah Bonsu and Adonal Foyle. Foyle is a good 3rd center who is widely known around the league as a great locker room mentor for younger players. Mensah Bonsu is a game changer who uses his energy to wear down the other team.

Our Possible Lineup

PG: Hinrich, Bayless, Curry,

SG: Roy, Webster, Christmas

SF: Sefolosha, Batum

PF: LMA, White, Mensah Bonsu,

C: Oden Przybilla, Foyle

With this unit we could play multiple diffrent lineups. It would improve our defense without losing our 3pt shooting and scoring ability

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