Trade Drawer 6/12

I think that with us going to resign our main core players this offseason and next summer that we shouldnt use all of our draft picks. I dont think we should make a deal to get another big name guy either. I think we give this thing one more year until we decide to blow it up.

With all the rumors about Segio going to NY im just going to assume that the deal would be for the 8th pick in this years draft. I think that if we sent them the 24th pick, 38th pick and Sergio they would give us the 8th pick.

With that I think we can put the other rumor in this and say that the Blazers made that deal in order to take Stephen Curry. I dont think Curry would take the place of Jerryd Bayless but instead take Sergio's place and share time with Bayless. Alot of people say that they are the same player basically but i would disagree. I think that while they have some qualities in their games are similar I think that they play different from each other. Clearly Bayless uses his body size to get in the lane and make dunks, layups or floaters. He can get to the line and from the contact he will make while going to the hoop. Steph Curry on the other hand wants to stay away from contact as much as possible. He relys on his jumpshot and quickness to make plays. He is an underrated passer and not because coach Knight said it on ESPN but rather by watching him play.

Alot of talk has been about the Blazers drafting Dejuan Blair but why draft him when you could find somebody in the league thats similar to his body type and stlyle of play. I think that DJ White from OKC is an exact match to Dejuan Blair and could come at a pretty cheap price.  We could use our trade Exception on him.

I like the idea of Resigning Channing Frye. He is more far along with his skill set than DJ White and if you have met him or seen any of his interviews its really hard to not like this guy. He is a great guy and hasnt really shown that he could be a star but I think given a little more time on the court he could give some great performances. Remember how good he was in NY.

I actually think we need to get more 3pt shooters in this years draft. In the Second round we should draft Dionte Christmas. He would stretch the defense and give our bigs more time to operate. Other than that i think we should go international and keep them overseas and hope they work out. Christmas is quick too so he could guard the point guard position.

Our possible Lineup

PG: Blake, Bayless, Curry

SG: Roy, Rudy, Christmas

SF: Webster,  Batum, Outlaw

PF: LMA, Frye, White

C: Oden, Przybilla,

I know people arent going to like the idea Christmas or Curry but they bring some things we need in 3pt shooting and quickness. With these picks we would have alot more options to go with in the second unit. We could put Bayless, Curry, Rudy, Christmas, Batum or Webster. Thats pretty good and we would definetly improve our team without trading away our whole team.

What do you think about this??

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