B.Roy approves Ronny Turiaf, Part II: Trade Drawer/Poll

Brandon Roy Approves this Trade Drawer....  (not literally)

Golden State is KP’s golden opportunity to keep his star Brandon Roy excited about what this team has going on.  Everyone knows that Brandon Roy is the leader of this franchise, and he is a damn good one so far.  Recently Brandon Roy named Golden State PF Ronny Turiaf specifically to Blazer Commentator Brian Wheeler (95.5 The Game) as a good target for the back-up PF role that needs to be filled by Portland.  Golden State also has long-time friend of Brandon Roy… 29 year old 6’5" PG Jamal Crawford.  Crawford is great scorer (19ppg, 4.4apg) and not a bad guy, but he does have a bad contract (08/09-$8.3M, 09/10-$9.4M, 10/11-$10M), ends when Jamal is 31 years old.  So Portland has an opportunity to leverage it’s $5.8Million in available cap space and help another team (in this case Golden State) realize some flexibility.   Of course, KP wants it to be a true "Win-Win" so there is something Portland will get in return… at first I thought, 2009 #7 pick… but after thinking about where the youth is on this team right now, it would be better for Portland to accept a future 1st Round Pick (top-5 protected) from Golden State for either 2010 or 2011 Draft.


If you look at Golden State’s roster you see a lot of scorers but no steady hand and no maturity at point guard… the Warriors need Steve Blake… an efficient facilitator and effective out-let scorer.  Although Portland loves Blake and coach Nate actually trusts him, Portland’s steady hand needs to be Brandon Roy, and the guard rotation won’t redefine itself if Blake is still around.  Now that the kids in Portland are growing up, Blake is the guy who needs to be sacrificed from this group, not Travis Outlaw (as he is another player who has an exceptional bond with B.Roy).   I prefer keeping Travis Outlaw, and although some will think that a deal with Golden State can’t get done without including Travis Outlaw, this "lop-sided" trade is about creating cap space and it works… +$1Million cash, that is the way we do it!


Nick Van Excellent posted this quote previously on "B.Roy approves of Ronny Turiaf as the backup power forward"… this quote is Jamal Crawford talking about his friendship with Brandon Roy "It’s always tough. Brandon Roy is one of my best friends and when he went to the playoffs (with Portland) I was just as excited as if I was playing. I told him ’I’m playing through you’ and I was up there supporting him and going to games. And this is the closest I’ve been now it’s time to win. You can do all the individual stuff but until you win you won’t get the credit you deserve."-Jamal Crawford


Jamal Crawford at the starting point guard of Portland excites me for a  number of reasons.  One, he is a proven scorer in the NBA.  Two, he is a big guard keeping Portland’s consistent size/length advantage.  Three, he has the BB-respect of B.Roy which makes me believe they will have instant chemistry. And Four, leveraging our cap space also nets the Blazers a future first round pick, giving Portland options when they need 'em more than they do now.


Ronny Turiaf is a player who is 6’10", can play both center and PF, and is a special player because of his energy in rebounding and blocking.  Turiaf definitely would fit with Portland’s culture, as B.Roy pointed out… plus he plays with the French National Team and that would be a neat fit for Nic Batum.  Ultimately, Brandon Roy thinks he is the perfect fit for both team role and culture.


First Move:  Portland uses $3.3M Trade Exception plus PG Sergio Rodriguez $1.1M to Golden State for PF Ronny Turiaf ($4.5M)


Second Move:  Portland uses its cap space $5.8M in a lop-sided trade, $5.6M in Cap Space, PG Steve Blake ($4.2M) plus 2009 Picks #38, #55 to Golden State for PG Jamal Crawford ($8.6M), SG Marco Belinelli ($1.4M) and Future 1st Round Pick.


Why Golden State Does It?  Well, I answered that question with the #7 Pick this season.  If Golden State is able to get rid of Jamal Crawford’s contract and keep their #7 now… it is a no-brainer.  Losing Turiaf could sting a bit, but with the cap space this deal would create they have available they have plenty of options.  Plus if they want more cap space and feel that their #7 pick can play PG right away, they could always cut Blake’s non-guaranteed $4.2M, allowing them to grab an even better player in Free Agency.  When Golden State has to give up that 1st Rounder in the future there will be choking on their end, but because it is a future… emotionally it hurts much less when you are pulling the trigger on deals.  The additional 2nd Round picks acquired by Portland will help Golden State to try and find more diamond in the rough players who don’t come with guaranteed contracts… its like buying the rights to bring in two extra players to camp.  They won’t miss Belinelli and wasn’t necessarily part of their plans.  Golden State could even trade the #7 to a team with 2 first rounders (Chicago or Minnesota)…. Maybe land two players (#16 C BJ Mullens and #26 PG Darren Collison).  This definitely gives them options.


Golden State: 2009 #7, #38, #55.


PG: Steve Blake/Sergio Rodriguez

SG: Monta Ellis/Stephen Jackson/

SF: Corey Maggette/ Kalenna Azubuike

PF: Anthony Randolph/Brandan Wright/Richard Hendrix

FC: Andris Biedrins/


Why Portland does it? Portland needs to evolve the guard rotation as this seasons playoffs proved that a new formula is needed.  Steve Blake is a great player, but our first unit really needs an attacker to be beside Brandon Roy, while Roy becomes the steady hand of the offense.  Jamal Crawford is a proven NBA scorer and has instant chemistry with B.Roy.  Also, Crawford isn’t too big of star to fight-off our aspirations for Jerryd Bayless.  The other need for Portland is a rebounding and defending power-forward, which Ronny Turiaf fits perfectly.  By getting Ronny Turiaf at PF, and keeping PF Travis Outlaw… Portland has unbelievable match-up options.  SG Marco Belinelli is a 6’5" Italian shooter who could blossom in a new situation, could be a darkhorse find.  Not to mention the Future 1st Rounder which give our beloved GM the flexibility he is always talking about… What can’t you do with 2 first rounders in the same draft?  Portland ALSO can use the Mid-Level Exception and the Bi-Annual Exception to add two more players, which is exciting.


Portland:  2009 #24, #32, #56, 2010 1st Rounder


PG: Jamal Crawford/ Jerryd Bayless

SG: Brandon Roy/Rudy Fernandez/ Marco Belinelli

SF: Martell Webster/ Nic Batum

PF: LaMarcus Aldridge/ Ronny Turiaf/ Travis Outlaw

FC: Greg Oden/ Joel Pryzbilla


A little more Speculation for Portland:  Portland could land a player like Ron Artest or Andre Miller with the mid-level exception and a depth player with the Bi-Annual Exception.  With Pick #24 I would like either PG Darren Collison or SF Sam Young.  Allowing KP to keep Pick #32 enables Portland to target the top talent that slipped into non-guarnateed territory, and #56 has draft-n-stash written all over it.  Getting Martell back will be huge, keeping Travis, infusing two new veterans (Artest & Crawford), adding Turiaf, getting improvement from Batum, Bayless, Oden and Fernandez.. and everyone else for that matter... this team would look good enough to challenge either of these two teams currently in the NBA Finals.  So when it is all said and done, Portland could look like:


2009/2010 Roster is this good enough for a Championship?

PG: Jamal Crawford(T)/ Jerryd Bayless/ Darren Collison(#24)

SG: Brandon Roy/Rudy Fernandez/ Marco Belinelli(T)

SF: Ron Artest(MLE)/Martell Webster/ Nic Batum

PF: LaMarcus Aldridge/ Ronny Turiaf(T)/ Travis Outlaw

FC: Greg Oden/ Joel Pryzbilla/ Robert Swift(BAE)


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