Anyone else catch this? (No, not swine flu)

Wow. Just when I thought that I couldn't possibly hate the L*kers any more than I already do... There comes a game like last night. I'm not sure how many of you saw it, but for those that haven't here's two "gems" from the L*kers.


In this first clip, Derek Fisher apparently just signed a contract with the Los Angeles NHL franchise, because he shoulder-checks Scola like they're in pads. Watch Fisher peek behind him, then launch himself into Scola. Luis was coming up to set a standard screen. This is one of the most flagrant Flagrant fouls I've ever seen. This isn't even a basketball play, but apparently the TNT announcer disagrees, saying that Fisher "Sent a message"

And then Fisher has the audacity to start clutching the back of his head like it Scola had hit him (Well, I guess he did, Derek... with his FACE) Fisher was ejected (thankfully) but still no word from the league on a suspension

"Sent a message" my left pancake.


Just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier... somehow it did. After already getting a Technical for taunting Shane Battier(?!?) K*be throws an elbow that gets, not him, but Ron Artest thrown out of the game! Ron is commiting an over-the-back foul, sure, but Bryant's elbow comes up above his shoulders.


Also, pay attention to the play's timing. Bryant throws the elbow and then jumps for the rebound, it's not incidental.

Here's the TNT feed.


Lastly, in his post-game interview, Artest is amazingly candid, thoughtful and calm. I've been reading a lot of people here on the BEdge who want the Blazer's to sign Ron Ron, and, while I still hesitate, an interview like this is quite insightful and makes me think that signing him could possibly work.

I can't imagine what I'd be writing right now if the Blazers and the Rocket's roles were reversed. The BEdge server would probably have crashed within ten seconds, and Darth Stern's office would be swamped with calls, letters, e-mails, and angry facebook posts from irate Blazer fans.

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