Blazers Edge Community Podcast Episode 006 (Jake, Philthy, & Cab.)


So today we are recording for the podcast. Guests scheduled to be on today include Cablinasian, jksnake99, and philthyanimal.

Instead of just recording and posting it, I thought it would be cool to have this thread open for a couple hours as a "pre-show" type of thing. Here you can post questions, comments, topic suggestions, etc. and we can address then on the show. I think this might give us a little more community interaction than just having those people on the show being the complete and ultimate dictators of what we talk about. ;-)

Anyway, if this thing works we might continue it in the future, if not we'll reconsider...

Recording will be at early-afternoon and should be posted by mid-afternoon. I'll update this post when it's ready.

Updated Post: (Show)

Alright, so we recorded! As aforementioned, we had some good looking guests (I presume) and we hit a plethora of topics today. Feel free to discuss in the comments...

  • Kirk--Will he fit? Could he work in a 3-guard system with Rudy and Roy?
  • Playoffs--What have we learned from the playoffs? How did the Magic switch point guards mid-season and still stay in contention? And later towards the end of the show, we make our Finals picks.
  • Shower Presence (well, I tried anyway. I think people were too worried about getting banned to give their thoughts)
  • Ref situation in the NBA--what is it right now? Are refs too old? Are certain refs just not made for the playoffs? What could be done to help the league?
  • Bonus topic: See what happens when you try to podcast while watching Food Network!

Direct stream found by clicking here.

We're also on iTunes--just search for "Blazer Laser" or "Blazers Edge."

Remember, if you're interested in being on a show, you can always email me (in my profile) or DM me on Twitter @prezofdeath.

Big thanks to Zach, Jake, and Phil for coming on. Give these guys a hand. Well at least to Zach and Jake. Give Phil a bar of soap.






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