Sergio interviewed by his fans.


Summary (skipping what I considered irrelevant):

European Championship: I don´t know whether I´ll be selected or not, I´m not thinking about it. I´m thinking about working and trainning.

Rumors about Sergio and the Bulls: I don´t trust rumors. I´ll talk when it´s done.

The most impressive NBA player: Lebron.

What team Sergio like to be traded to: Any team that trusts on him and allows him to keep improving.

Two questions in the same sentence, will Sergio continue in Portland and what team will win the NBA: I hope the Lakers win, but Cleveland is at a very high level (of basketball). (Note: if you still think that Sergio didn´t answer one of the two questions you probably are not a Blazer fan. Well, just kidding, Sergio is a friend of Gasol, that is.)

What does Sergio think about Iverson: he´s one of his favorite players.

How is his relationship with Nate: cordial and profesional. It has been better this year because my English has improved.

Has the team too much Roy dependency: Roy is a great player and has won many games for us. Our sin was inexperience.

How are the american players as friends? They´re different to the Spanish. I have very good relationship with all of them, especially with Frye and Aldridge.

What does Sergio think about the playoffs and did the Nuggets surprise him: he´s liking the playoffs a lot. The Nuggets didn´t surprise him. He saw them as favorites, with the Lakers permission standing on their way. He likes their playing style.

Worst moment in Portland: when he didn´t play.

About his terms with Blake: Very good. He´s a great guy.

Who is the best NBA PG: Deron Williams.

Does Sergio think that he has changed his playing style to fit into the rotation: No. You have to adapt yourself to different kinds of playing but I´ve kept my style intact.

What would be Sergio´s advice to his brother, still a young basketball player, to go soon to the NBA or to wait and play more time in Spain: Each person has its circumstances, and he´ll always want the best for his brother. And his brother´s dream is to play in the NBA.




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