Blazers/Odens Managements other priority over summer

The Blazers owner(s), management and Oden's agents need to help Oden get fixed up.

I would be looking for the worlds foremost authorities on physiology and see if anyone can fix his alignment issues.

"The team executive noted that "big guys always seem to have bad backs.'' But he did express concern about Oden's wrist. "The people I talked to said it was pretty serious,'' the executive said. "Sometimes the wrist never comes back.''

I've also heard an unrelated rumor -- which did not show up in the Orlando physical -- that another team is expressing concern about the long-term health of Oden's knees.

"We haven't heard anything about his knee,'' said agent Bill Duffy, who represents Oden in association with Mike Conley Sr. "One thing we are aware of is that his hip alignment is off. One of his legs is longer than the other, but he's obviously had that for a long time.''"  2007 Pre-Draft

This says a few things:

-Oden broke his shooting wrist, this could or could not be bad.
-Oden has one leg that is longer than the other, which causes known hip alignment issues.
-Oden's knees do not particularly look so good. They coud be prone to injury.


A few observations:
Oden's hook is not pretty. The touch does not seem to be there and the accuracy is not so high. Could be a bum wrist folks? Not too down on this if the rest of Oden is healthy.

When Greg is walking on the court, he walks with a hitch and does not look coordinated while playing. One side looks like it is walking down an extra step. I suppose all of us wouldnt look so coordinated trying to, bounce a basketball while running on half stairs with 7'+ Andrew Bynum draping over us. Add in other players feet and misaligned hips I would guess this could result in a few rolled ankles, especially when the body has extra weight on it.

Why Greg's knees are prone to injury and has already had microfracture surgery. When a body is misaligned it begins getting wear and tear on the joints. Oden's ankles and knees are the closest joints to the bottom of his feet, where the impact during walking/running occur.

The Ogoscue Method of realignment doesnt subscribe that one leg longer than the other is such an anomoly that its not worth considering(high % of diagnosis incorrect), I am sure it is not the only physical system or method that believes this. Most can be fixed through alternate methods. At this point not any one person should not be calling all the shots to fix Oden. This is a job for everyone to get involved in and come to a conclusion. I got a good feeling the standard method of doing microfracture/rehabbing is not the right solution to Oden or most others. Not when a fix to the cause, not the symptom is in need.

Greg has overcome quite a few things, but he is going to need more help in this field from the people around him. He used to fumble the ball quite a bit. I heard rumor it was from a Sham-Wow he was using to dry his hands. He used to get stripped a lot more. He learned to keep the ball up and dunk quicker. When he came back from his late season injury, it seemed his knee had more spring after getting that short time of rest. A whole summer will be nice.

Oden is a priz e fighter...he needs to be walking on level ground like Dwight Howard or as close as possible. Don't let politics ruin the mans chance at a proper career!

If it helps, Greg, get Brandon doing would help alot.

Hope this was easy to follow.

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