The What Would It Take To Get CP3 Contest

I like Steve Blake, but he's not the best point guard in the world, and Blazer fans expect the best. There's lots of talk about Kirk Hinrich, but the problem is that he isn't the best PG either. If he becomes a Blazer, sooner or later he will get torched for 40 by Tony Parker, or commit a turnover, or fail to get the ball into an open Blazer's hands, and when that happens the honeymoon will be over and poor Kirk will receive the type of opprobrium typically reserved for the Lakers, serial murderers, and underperforming Blazer players.

I propose therefore that we cut to the chase and do whatever it takes to get the best point guard in the game, Chris Paul, on our team. Blazer fans will hate him too soon enough, but because he is the best point guard available there will be fewer trade suggestions. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to come up with a trade proposal KP could make to New Orleans that would pry CP3 away from their greedy, hive-stained fingers. And unlike other, less-special fanposts, this one is a contest and it will have a winner, and the winner will receive bragging rights but I'm not providing a Blazer t-shirt or anything so don't get too excited.

Paul begins the first year of his four-year, $63.6 million contract extension on July 9. You can find Blazer salaries here.  Open the teams combo box on that page and select New Orleans to see Hornets salary info.

A few factoids

New Orleans is in a world of luxury tax hurt the next two seasons if they don't unload some salaries. Tyson Chandler has a chronic turf toe that aborted his trade to Oklahoma City in February. Peja Stojakovic has a chronic bad back, and James Posey has been a disappointment. Morris Petersen and Antonio Daniels create no buzz in the Hive. The Hornets need help on the wings and depth. Even if they keep Chandler, they could use another big man, too.

A few ground rules

  • Propose a serious trade that works for both sides. Blake plus Travis and our first-round pick is a nice little homer fantasy but Hornets owner George Shinn wouldn't do that deal or anything like it even if his mother was being held hostage by terrorists and that was the ransom demand. CP3 is The Franchise in New Orleans. They need a deal that will clearly make them better. At the same time, we need to have enough players left after the deal that we can justify it on our end.
  • All Blazer players are trade bait, including B-Roy. We'd love to see him and Paul together in the Blazer backcourt, but is such an outcome even possible?  
  • Make sure a trade for Paul works under the CBA. The ESPN trade machine should help:

Choosing the winner

The winner will be the most realistic, most doable proposal that gets the most recs. There's no deadline, but you might want to hold-off reccing anyone until a few proposals come in.

KP will be watching the results closely and pitching the winner to Hornets management, so give him a deal he can sell to both teams and let the chips fall where they may.

Good luck!

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